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The hill station of Shimla is famous for its scenic, picturesque views and mind-boggling serenity. It goes without saying that when it comes to a soulful holiday with family and loved ones, Shimla is the first one to come to anyone’s mind. Gracing the lower Himalayas region, it is home to not only people from varied ethnic backgrounds but also to a variety of species of flora, fauns, and insects that cannot be found or thrive anywhere else in the world. Being close to several big cities and metros, Shimla attracts a lot of tourists looking for a place to chill out for an extended weekend holiday. It is also very well connected to different parts of India through roads, railway lines and flights enabling travelers and explorers from anywhere to visit Shimla and have a great time!

Being home to such a rich ethnic background and numerous tribes, everything about Shimla is a colorful and vibrant representation of their lifestyle. One of the best ways of experiencing the Pahadi way of life is to try out the local food. Wondering what the locally prepared delicacies of Shimla has to offer? Make sure to try out these delicious foods during your next trip to Shimla:

List of 8 Most Famous Food of Shimla

1. Madra

Originating from Chamba, Madra is a vegetarian, vegan, chickpeas curry dish. It is prepared using overnight soaked chickpeas which makes it an incredibly healthy dish since chickpeas contain negligible calories and are loaded with fiber, folate, and protein. The curry can also include some of your favorite veggies to amp up not only the deliciousness but also the healthy content. The finishing touch which truly makes it a wholesome Pahari meal is the use of different spice combinations which makes every bite a flavor bomb. Eat it just as it is or with some steaming hot white rice, Puri or roti along with the side of yogurt and Salad.

2. Dhaam

Dhaam is a mid-day; pick me up meal which is a very common preparation among Himachali culture. Not only is it prepared as a healthy meal almost every other day but it is also an important inclusion in most festivities and celebrations. So what exactly is Dham? Prepared by special chefs called ‘botis’ Dham can be best described as a wholesome Himachali Thali containing Rajma, Rice, Dal, Curd, Kadi, and some Jaggery or Gur for a hint of sweetness. Even during some special event or occasion in the temple, Dham has to be prepared to mark the preservation of the culture and heritage.

3. Tudkiya Bhath

Bhath in traditional or local terms translates into cooked rice. So Tudkiya Bhath can also be referred to as the traditional, veggie Pulao of Himachal Pradesh. You may think that rice is prepared in their own way everywhere so what makes this preparation special? Tudkiya Bhath is packed with the goodness of your favorite veggies, lentils, potatoes, and tomatoes, and garlic. They are also loaded with delectable spices like cinnamon, turmeric and topped off with a couple of lemon juice drops. It is mainly prepared to eat with dal as a part of nutritious healthy meals.

4. Bhey

Chances are you may or may not have tried Bhey because although it is commonly prepared in parts of Himachal Pradesh and Shimla, they are pretty uncommon when it comes to other parts of India. Bhey is basically fried lotus stem which makes it a great accompaniment with rice and veggies or a healthy evening snacking option along with a cup of tea. The preparation is quick and simple where the stems are thinly cut up into pieces and cooked to perfection in gram flour, ginger, garlic, and onion. This combination of ingredients is very unique and the resulting dish is crispy and packed with flavor in every bite.

5. Sidu

You know how most of us eat Rotis or Chapatis with any vegetarian or non-vegetarian main course? In the same manner, Sidu is a wheat flour-based bread which is used as a side dish for a majority of dishes. The preparation and creation of Sidu is complicated and time-consuming but the taste makes every effort worth it. For this yeast is utilized to make it more fluffy and light, by combining wheat flour with yeast and leaving it to activate for over 4 to5 hours. This traditional bread can be found literally in any eatery like dhabas or restaurants. Instead of Rotis or Naan just as for some delicious Siddu and you will never go back!

6. Chha Gosht

Himachal is known for some delicious iconic Pahadi Chicken Curry. If you are a non-vegetarian then try out this traditional marinated lamb curry dish. The gravy is special because it is cooked in the yummy combination of yogurt and gram flour. The taste is further enhanced through a variety of spices and herbs like turmeric, bay leaf, coriander leaf, ginger garlic paste, and Hing or Asafoetida. The whole dish is extremely filling and warm. Pair up a bowl of Chha Gosht with Siddu and you have a complete non-vegetarian and lip-smacking non-vegetarian Thali.

7. Babru

Babru is the Himachali equivalent of north Indian Kachori. Eaten as an evening snack or a popular street food with some chickpeas curry and sweet and sour chutney, this snack dish is a must-have. However, Babru is a Kachori with some twists. It is prepared using black gram flour stuffing rather than mashed spiced potatoes. The black gram also adds a hint of healthy twist along with enhancing the overall flavour and texture of the flatbread. If you are craving for a delicious and fulfilling snack in the evening or for brunch then Babru can be a delicious option.

8. Chicken Anardana

As weird as it sounds, chicken Anardana or pomegranate seeds is a uniquely delicious dish. Himachali folks are known for making tender chicken that is so soft that it just melts off the bone. The tangy flavor of the Anardana will add a tangy taste that will cut through the spiciness of the curry. If you love lemon chicken then you should keep your judgments aside and go ahead, indulge in a bowl full of chicken Anardana. Along with a garnish of Anardana which makes a world of difference to the presentation and taste of the whole dish but the generous use of aromatic and flavorful spices like Garam Masala, turmeric, Red Chilli Powder, coriander powder, and more also works in the curry’s favor.

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