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Sikkim is famous for being one of the most scenic and charming little hamlet perfect for a getaway with family and loved ones. With beautiful green hills stretching to as far as your eyes can see and with numerous sightseeing options, it has also emerged as one of the most sought after holiday destinations for people on their honeymoon, individuals looking to get away from the crowd and spend their holiday away from the chaos of the city life and also for people who wish to know more about the culture of Sikkimese people.

However, your trip remains incomplete if you don’t try out some of these given famous fruits of Sikkim:


Not to be confused with the easily available orange, mandarin is a different fruit belonging to the same tangerine family. This is widely available in Sikkim as it is grown in China and exported here. You can easily see the difference between the two as a mandarin has a thinner skin, smaller in size, a bit flattened and way juicier than a normal orange. This type of mandarin bears an astounding resemblance to the mandarin produced in Nepal, Assam, and Darjeeling. People utilize this fruit for a variety of reasons like making jams, marmalades, jelly, squash, and much more. Being a native fruit of Sikkim it has been here since a very long time and can also be found easily in the Kolkata market places.

Health Benefits: Contains a high level of vitamin C, prevents infection, a powerful source of antioxidant, helps in neutralizing free radicals.


Needless to say banana is one of the oldest fruit that continues to be cultivated in a full-fledged manner in the sub-continent. This particular fruit holds a lot of significance not only as a commercially produced fruit but also as a major part of the cultural heritage. This staple consists of various types of minerals and goodness that is extremely good for your health. People in Sikkim not only use banana as a fruit but also utilize plantains for vegetable preparations. This is the 4th most important fruit that is cultivated in Sikkim and the entire state is filled with numerous orchards. Filled with easily Digestible carbs and several minerals, this fruit is one of the most loved and easily available fruits of Sikkim.

Health Benefits: Skin beneficial manganese, aids with gastrointestinal problems, provides a boost of energy, a huge source of vitamin C.


Deemed by researchers for being the healthiest fruit on the planet, guava is another one of the most commonly occurring tropical fruit in Sikkim. Available for a major part of the year easily and yielded for its incredible commercial significance, guavas in Sikkim are available in various types and forms. Apart from Sikkim, there are several other states and regions in India that are growing guava on a massive basis like Kerala, Orissa, UP, Madhya Pradesh, etc. this hardy, juicy, fleshy and sometimes with reddish interiors, guavas are one delicious fruit that is grown and cultivated with a lot of care. Being one of the most significant fruit crops of Sikkim one can see and buy it from anywhere in the market places here.

Health Benefits: Improves skin conditions, boosts heart health, lowers high blood sugar levels, boosts immunity, holds anti-cancer properties.


Papaya or locally known as Pawpaw is another one of the most easily available staple fruit available in Sikkim. The best part about this fruit is the fact that it can be easily and quickly grown in the given environment of Sikkim. Another thing that makes it extremely valuable as a fruit is a fact that it can be grown for a long duration time (up to 20 years). Apart from this place it is widely cultivated and grown in the regions of South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. basically where tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions are easily available. This small evergreen fruit plant can be used for multiple eating purposes ranging from sweet fruits to savoury dishes.

Health Benefits: Improves blood glucose levels, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and improves the speed of wound healing.

Apart from the fruits mentioned above, one can find numerous other lesser-known and unique fruit in Sikkim. Various different villages and as you ascend up the altitude you will be savoring some delectable fruits as well.

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