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Placed gracefully amidst the scenic towns of Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet, the least populated hamlet of Sikkim is on almost every traveler’s bucket list. Adorned with bountiful greenery, unmatched scenic beauty a rich selection of biodiversity, Humble Folks, and the ever-present vibe of peace, everything about this hamlet hill station is picture-perfect. All these factors together make for one of the most fun-filled, exciting and memorable holidays with your family, friends and loved ones.

When here you will definitely feel compelled to take back a souvenir or a locally made memorabilia which will regularly remind you of that place, so here is a complete list of shopping in Sikkim for souvenirs and memorabilia:

Prayer Flags

These yellow, red, green, blue and white-colored flags with Tibetan chant written on them with black holds a special place of significance in the life of the local Sikkimese or in general the Tibetan people. Everyone in India in fact knows the value of these prayer flags. One can see them tied on people’s bikes, entrance doorways, high up on the mountains and monasteries since they believe that the wind blowing through and fluttering these flags shower blessings, protective vibe, and goodwill among the people residing there. As difficult and expensive it is to get a hold of a good prayer flag in Mumbai or Delhi, it is found in abundance here and that too in different sizes. Remember to respect the sanctity of the flag and not tie it indoors as it is considered a bad omen. You won’t even have to look for them around as they are widely present in various markets, shops, roadside make shift marketplaces, etc. A prayer flag also makes for a very good gift to give someone back home.

Thangkas (Religious Scrolls)

If you have ever travelled to a Tibetan population dominated region like the northeastern part of India or the further northern region of the Himalayas like Ladakh, Leh and some other parts of Himachal and Uttarakhand, you will come across some interesting, colorful and traditionally made scrolls holding religious significance. These scrolls can be seen hung around in different parts of the monasteries, cafes, shops, and homes of the believers here. These souvenirs can be found anywhere in Sikkim without you having to look for it hard. What defines a good Thangka traditional painting is the richly colored and finely embroidered piece of work that s then fabricated before it is set up as a decorative item on the walls. Although a bit pricey in nature these Thangkas make for a really nice gift for someone special back home like your family, friends or loved ones.

Woollen Carpets

Sikkim is geographically located on a hill station where the temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius and below in extreme conditions. Whatever the case is Sikkim remains cool and pleasant throughout the year. There is an abundance of woolen clothing and warm items available here which will make you feel very warm and cozy even during the winter season back at home. These blankets makes for the perfect winter collection t your home and you will feel comfortable since these carpets are made out of heavy sheep wool item that preserves all the heat and is widely utilized by everyone in Sikkim from the cities to the villages. What’s better is that these woolen carpets are designed to fit most of your household items like Dewans, sofas, car seats and even beds which the locals use to keep their furnishings and yourself warm as well. In a general sense, a typical woolen carpet here would cost you anywhere around above Rs. 4,000/- so it would be only wise of you to buy it if you are traveling in your private car.

Sikkim Tea

All tea lovers rejoice! Sikkim is one state of India that is thoroughly dedicated towards providing everyone with the most delicious and full tasting pristine quality of tea for the masses. Due to the presence of the perfect and the correct weather conditions required to grow good quality of tea leaves, Sikkim tops the charts for supplying the best and the most premium quality of tea leaves not only in India but also abroad. This tea can be obtained from the Temi tea gardens which ensure an exotic and a wholesome taste making each sip of your tea drinking experience totally worth it. You can get one of this special delicious Tea anywhere in the local stores and tea estates who grow their own brand of tea. This place is sure a haven for tea lovers or the best place to take some souvenirs back home to someone who loves drinking tea as it is available at the most reasonable rates.

Alpine Cheese

You may have heard of various different types of cheese from across the globe, but alpine cheese is something of a uniquely prepared cheese available largely in Gangtok – Sikkim. Every step of your shopping expedition in Sikkim will surely delight you and will also serve as a treat for food lovers and unique things buyers. This makes for one of the most unique and interesting souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones back home. This Sikkimese delicacy is created interestingly out of a combination of indo and Swiss Flavours which makes for flavor-filled deliciousness in every bite. This particular type of cheese is made up of yellow punchy flavored Gouda cheese that melts gently and deliciously in your mouth. Many people come to Sikkim seeking for this particular type of cheese and cannot be found everywhere. It is found easily anywhere and is also utilized as a traditional cooking element for adding a punch of flavors in any dish you make.

Sikkim is not only an oasis for travelers and explorers but offers many opportunities for shopping lovers to have a guaranteed memorable time while also taking away memories and souvenirs of a lifetime.

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