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The northeastern state of Sikkim is the epitome of scenic views, incomparable lush greenery, and humble locals who make you feel right at home. The festivals here are enigmatic and the cuisines are delicious and wholesome which makes it a wonderful place to spend some quality time with your loved one or family and groups of friends.

However, being situated at a remote part of the subcontinent reaching here can be a confusing task if you are a solo traveler or a first time northeast India explorer. Here are some essential travel tips for Sikkim that you can keep in mind if you are planning to spend your holidays there happily and tension-free:

Check The Weather

This is the golden rule of traveling and the first thing that you must go ahead and check online even while you are just planning your holiday. In the case of Sikkim since it is a hill state located on the northeastern region of India and bordered by Nepal, West Bengal, and Bhutan, this place experiences typical hilly weather conditions. This is the reason why throughout the year this place remains cool, pleasant, and comfortable welcoming tourists every month! If Sikkim is on your summer vacation travel destination then be sure to pack some woolen clothing and in case of winter vacation then you have be well-packed with good quality winter clothes like sweaters, shawls, cardigans, and jackets. Be sure to follow this piece of advice not just in Sikkim but anywhere in the world you are planning to travel.

Carry Water Purification Tablets

Sikkim, as mentioned above, is a hill state so the accessibility to clean drinking water is limited and generally not up to the mark of what some travelers are used to. Although the water here may be okay for the locals to consume some travelers have experienced stomach upset situations after drinking the water here. However there are clean water bottles available here but if you keep on buying these bottles of water you are not just irreversibly polluting the environment but as also unknowingly pushing your travel budget, just to be extra careful carry these tablets and put it in the locally available tap water there. This will not only ensure that you get the best and impurities free drinking water while traveling.

Carry Cash

Traveling to Sikkim will require you to make plans just like you travel to Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand. The set of problems these hill states share are more or less similar in some ways. You can choose to carry cash in some concealed places and keep it carefully in your luggage and take them out according to your need and requirement. Although there is zero problems related to theft and robbery of any travelers or even the locals but it is better than losing our card which will cause you more harm. Another reason is the less availability of working / functional ATMs. Being a famous hill state destination the problem of enough ATMs here still persists and a lot of people staying there for a longer duration of time may even face challenges.

Plan A Doable Itinerary

North east India is home to some magnificent remote villages, incredible waterfalls, and scenic locations spread across this part of India. One would want to plan to see everything and go everywhere which is where most travelers go wrong. After checking the weather and deciding upon the dates the next step would be for you to plan an itinerary that suits the number of days you are there and the experiences that you cannot miss out in any case. Don’t just go there to flaunt to your peers, go there for the real, ethnic, and organic experiences. One of the best ways of planning your itinerary would be to plan your holiday during some fair or festival in Sikkim. Make sure to plan the holiday in such a way that would cover the popular places and also give you some time to relax and have some leisurely fun on your own. Do not exhaust yourself by planning too many things in one day.

Indulge In Cultural Experiences

Sikkim is one of the most unique destinations in northeast India offering not only scenic and charming views but also enables the travelers to explore more than what meets the eyes. From the delicious locally prepared food and delectable cuisines to the local folk musical and dance performances, theatrical acts, and of course the lifestyle. Every aspect of this incredible hill town is filled with surprises and adventure. The culture of Sikkim is also extremely different and varied from the rest of the Indian continent. These cultural activities will also enable you to get the best of this place and understand it better and enjoy it in the best possible way in all with your family friends and loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are some famous, must-visit places in Sikkim?

There are so many fun, interesting and beautiful places to visit in Sikkim but some of the most popular ones are Tsomgo Lake, Gurudongmar Lake, Rumtek Dharma Chakra center and Yumthang Lake. These places are family-friendly, easy to visit, and full of fun and memorable moments. You can also choose to go for adventure activities in and around Sikkim and explore the remote regions as well.

Is travelling to Sikkim a safe option?

Sikkim is one of the safest places to explore for groups of people and solo travelers alike. The visitors here can feel safe with their belongings and cash around here. But being on the move also means for one to be extremely careful and safe regarding their belongings.

How many days are enough to explore Sikkim?

4 days to a week of travel is enough to explore this hill state with numerous sightseeing destinations that are scattered in and around the state. You can easily visit the famous places here without exhausting yourself.

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