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The scenic and charming northeastern hamlet of Sikkim which also makes for one of the 8 sisters here boasts of bountiful natural beauty, expansive rolling green meadows dotted with colorful wildflowers and humble welcoming folks who are deeply rooted to their culture and traditions and of course a sense of adventure for a traveler in every corner. Although underrated this place deserves a much-needed recognition for a variety of reasons ranging from being a peace seeker’s paradise to being a haven for outdoor adventure seekers.

If you are planning a holiday to Sikkim with your bunch of friends, or are going solo or even with your family and loved ones, here is an informative and thorough guide showcasing how to reach Sikkim easily and in the most fair and convenient manner suiting your requirement and travel needs:

How to Reach Sikkim

By Air

Air travel should be chosen if you are able to afford it or if you have some urgent work to get done in Sikkim. However if it fits your travel budget then there is no better way of traveling than taking flights everywhere since it saves on a lot of your holiday time giving you more opportunities to explore a place. Located at a distance of 35 kms from the capital city of Gangtok is the Pakyong airport. However one major drawback here is the fact that this airport has only recently been inaugurated it is not very well connected to a lot of different cities in India. Do check before if there are flights catering to your city to Sikkim. Bagdogra airport is another airport which is situated at a distance of 124 kms from Gangtok in West Bengal which caters to a number of different flights and has better connectivity.

People who strictly want to travel in ease and luxury can choose to travel up to Bagdogra airport and avail a helicopter service (operated by Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation) connecting to Gangtok airport and it only takes 20 minutes of flight journey. Keep in mind that these airports cater to only domestic flights. People who cannot afford these exorbitant services can choose from numerous services ranging from Cabs, taxis and even buses to reach Gangtok from Bagdogra. Sikkim being one of the best places to visit in northeast India offers several travel options according to the requirement of the traveler.

By Train

Travelling anywhere by train is a much-preferred option for traveling, especially if you are traveling with a large group of people on a tight budget. The train connectivity is also much denser and caters to a larger crowd of people to and fro remote regions making a lot of places accessible to travel. If you wish to also see the natural beauty surrounding Sikkim then travel to Sikkim via a railway trip. Sadly there is no major or big scale railways station in Sikkim but, there is one option of taking a train to Gangtok railway station. There are some major work being undertaken by the government to develop a fully functioning large scale railway station in the city of Sikkim but it may take some time. Apart from the railway station in Gangtok you can also take trains to Jalpaiguri, Siliguri both of which are located in West Bengal. Generally people looking to check out some amazing places in Cherrapunji choose this option for travel.

Siliguri railway station is located at a distance of around 145 kms from the main town of Gangtok while Jalpaiguri is situated at a distance of 188 kms from this city. Siliguri and Jalpaiguri are 2 of the most well-connected railway stations to make Sikkim accessible. This is also the most preferred ways for a majority of the public to travel around especially Siliguri to Gangtok that takes 4 to5 hours to cover the journey where on the other hand it takes 5 to 6 hours to cover the distance from Jalpaiguri to Gangtok. Mahananda express and Kanchankanya Express are 2 of the most widely and well-connected railway lines leading up to Sikkim.

Remember to know where and which are the best places to visit in Sikkim so that you are able to book your tickets to the desired destination accordingly.

By Road

Sikkim being one of the most popular holiday destinations in northeast India is made hugely and widely accessible even to the remotest corners of the Indian sub-continent is through the National highway of 31A. This national highway is also extremely popular for its scenic drives, beautiful lush surroundings throughout the way. You can easily take your own choice of the vehicle like a bike or a car and reach Sikkim by following the route given on Google maps which are accurate. If you wish to and if you want to have a comfortable journey with your family and not get involved in driving then there are several cabs and taxi options in order to reach Sikkim by road.

These are some of the easiest and the most viable options for travelling to Sikkim which can easily be available as well. Exploring Sikkim by road especially has a whole different meaning and vibe to it whose memory will remain etched in your hearts forever. Sikkim can also serve as a gateway to the northeast region of India which remains less explored but is worth every second you spend here.

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