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Being located on a flank of mountain on the Garhwal Himalayas and on a whopping elevation Yamunotri Dham is one of the remotest Char Dham destinations in Uttarakhand. The temple can be reached after covering an almost 5 km long and almost 2 metres long paved road with strong railing, which seems like its hanging from the mountains side that commences from Janki Chatti. It is vital for you to plan your trip to Yamunotri Dham accordingly and keeping in mind the appropriate time to visit.

Given below is a detailed and month wise description of the current weather conditions in Yamunotri with temperature:

Month Wise Weather Condition of Yamunotri

January – The entire region remains covered in a thick and heavy covering of snow and the regions also experience heavy snowfall on a daily basis. Travelling to Yamunotri is shut down for the season and the temperature goes to as low as -4 to -5 degree Celsius.

February – The temperature during this month still remains zero to subzero levels and the overall weather condition here remains freezing cold and chilled and travelling to Yamunotri during this time remains a bad idea.

March – The temperature gradually rises during this time and the average temperature during this month remains between 3 to 4 degree Celsius. This is the time when the cleaning work for the opening of the temple is undertaken and the snow also gradually melts away during this time.

April – With the temperature ranging between 7 to 8 degree Celsius on an average, this month has to be one of the best time to pay a visit to the Dham. The weather clears and makes way for spring to arrive and by the end of this month, even the gates are opened for darshan to the pilgrim.

May – The average temperature during this month is 11 to 12 degree Celsius and the overall weather condition during this time is extremely pleasant and comfortable to travel. The pilgrims throng the temple during this time and the temple experiences a huge rush of devotees.

June – This is the peak of the summer month in Yamunotri and the average temperature during this time rises up to 13 degree Celsius. Most people make it a point to not only visit the temple during this time but they also explore some nearby tourist attractions.

July – The summer months continue till the mid of July when the temperature touches till 14 degree Celsius. But the weather changes to monsoon and rainy by the end of July which causes the pilgrims count to decrease.

August – This is the months when a full-fledged monsoon season takes over and the entire region remains prone to heavy rains and unexpected landslides. The average temperature experienced during this time goes till 13 to 12 degree Celsius but the travel journey is also briefly paused for some time.

October – The temperature falls drastically during this month with the average temperature going to as low as 7 degree Celsius. This is considered to be another month where people can also easily visit during this time.

November – The temperature drops to as low as 3 degree Celsius with freezing and chilly weather conditions. The Dham portal also shuts down for darshan by the end of this month in some cases.

December – The entire region is completely shut down for darshan and the idol of the presiding deity is shifted to her winter home in Kharsali for Winter Char Dham Yatra. Yamunotri temple in the meanwhile gets buried in a thick layer of snow and accessibility is completely shut off.

Trip Essentials for Yamunotri

  • Remember not to travel during the monsoon months in order to keep yourself safe and secure during the travel journey.
  • The last motorable road is at Janki Chatti from where you will be trekking for 5 km on a 2 metre wide paved road. So make sure that you are physically fit and sound.
  • You can also avail the services of a palki carried, pony service or a Doli service to make your walking journey even easier since the entire route can get extremely testing and difficult to some people.
  • Don’t forget to carry along some essentials like an extra set of dry clothes and towels since you will be taking a ritualistic dip in the holy waters of Surya Kund before entering the temple premises.

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