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Assam is the gateway to northeast India. It is a place where the air sings of spirituality and the entire region is submerged in divine natural beauty. Home to numerous national parks, temples, and historical sightseeing places, Assam should definitely be an important part of your travel bucket list. Exploring the untouched nature in its true form and learning about their heritage and age-old traditional practices coupled with eating wholesome, lip-smacking, and delicious local cuisines is what will make your holiday in Assam worth every second here.

A major part of making your travel plans in Assam successful is knowing when to go. Knowing when to visit Assam is one of the most crucial parts of making your holiday memorable. If you are wondering when is the best time to visit Assam, then here is everything you need to know about the weather conditions that will help plan your holiday in a much better manner.

Best Time to Visit Assam

Assam is a hill station so the first thing that comes to mind in general terms, is that it will always be severely cold. That is not the case with Assam, in fact, November to May are the best months to visit and explore this promising land of wonderment. During this time the weather is perfect to go out and explore the sightseeing places, take a trip through the forests and even watch the animals sunbathing. If you love bird watching then this time is ideal to get your binoculars out and go bird watching.

Being situated on the foothills of the Himalayas, you can expect low humidity and calming cool air to embrace the environment. Another thing you should keep in mind is that during this time, especially around March and May, the orchids are in full bloom so you can see valley after valley and garden after garden covered in colorful flowers and other types of wildflowers. It is also ideal if you are looking to experience the festivals and fairs of northeast India because during these months the iconic festival of Bihu, the harvest festival takes place.

Assam in Summer

Summer time in Assam turns this idyllic hill station into a tourist hub spot. Lasting from the months of April to June, which is also the time for summer vacation for a lot of Indians; Assam is a great place to spend your holidays with your family and loved ones. Everything aside, the weather remains clear with a cool climate and sunny days allowing you to go out on awesome day sightseeing and trekking expeditions. The elevation of Assam is not much so you can expect the weather to range from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius which is pleasant enough to go out for shopping, sightseeing, doing adventure sports, and just casually strolling and walking too! Doing anything out in the sun on the hills will be an experience to remember.

Assam in Winter

If you are a fan of the Himalayan winter or are looking for a place where you barely get to see any tourists then Assam in winter can easily become your next favorite destination for spending your winter vacation. October to March is the months when the winter season is at its peak. Don’t get us wrong, winter in hill stations have a vibe of their own. Although cold, you will still get to enjoy the beauty and will get to witness a different side of winter. It goes without saying that since Assam is very close to the Himalayas, the nights could get quite chilly even if the daytime is sunny and bright. So pack smartly and make sure you have every warm piece of clothing article and accessories to help you through these cold months.

Assam in Monsoon

Monsoon time on the hills is never pleasant. The months of July to September are the monsoon months in Assam when tourism is at its lowest. The main reason being that during the monsoon season the hills become susceptible to random landslides and even unexpected flooding situations that may cause unprecedented and sometimes even irreversible damage to life and property. It is extremely important for you to steer clear of these hill stations in order to keep yourself safe. Plan your holidays for a different time of the year.

Tips on How to Plan Your Holiday in Assam during the Right Time

  • Keep travel of the weather conditions of not only Assam but also of nearby surrounding regions.
  • Ask the locals. There is no better source of information (even better than the internet) than asking the locals. Make some calls and ask the hotels there about the weather conditions.
  • If you wish to travel during the monsoon season make sure that you research beforehand about the window of sunny days you get in order to travel peacefully and without any worries. Plus you’ve gotta be prepared with carrying raincoats, waterproof shoes, and waterproof bag covers to keep your belongings safe and dry in the event of any random rain spell.

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