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What comes to mind when you hear Bhutan? The pristine greenery, tiger’s nest monastery, and unique culture? Bhutan is much more than what you see in postcard pictures. It was not until the 1970s that this beautiful country was made open for tourists and visitors from all over the world. Lined with deep valleys, gorges, ethnic-cultural background, and scenic panoramic vistas on all sides, Bhutan is a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are some facts about Bhutan that will help you in getting to know more about this Himalayan kingdom in a better manner:

  • The ‘high-value low impact’ style of tourism is employed in Bhutan which means making everything luxurious and beyond expensive in order to preserve the natural beauty.
  • The government of Bhutan prioritizes the National happiness more than the GDP because they believe that being richer does not mean being happier.
  • Despite being a not so well-off country, healthcare and education services are free for all citizens.
  • The country is covered 70% in forests because of which it absorbs more carbon than it gives out.

If you are thinking about making a holiday plan to Bhutan then, here is when is the best time for you to visit?

Climatic Zone of Bhutan

The southern Bhutan region experiences a more subtropical type of a climatic condition. These parts experience hot and humid climatic conditions with temperatures ranging from 15 to 30-degree Celsius. The central region is adorned with a deciduous type of forested cover and with temperate weather conditions. Seasons changing here can be felt with hot summers and cool winters. The northern Bhutan part extending up to its far reaches becomes much colder, especially during the winter months. The mountains can be seen from here being covered in snow.

Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Autumn and winter months of October to February is one of the best and most peaceful times to properly explore this wonderful country full of promises. The air is clear, the sun shines brightly and you will not feel tired or bored even for a single second. The spring months of March to May is also considered another good season to visit Bhutan but remember that it is relatively more crowded with tourists during that time. Remember to decide and plan your trip according to the weather that you will prefer.

Summer / Spring Season (March – June)

The dry summer season in Bhutan starts in march. This is the peak season. The weather is pleasant with temperatures around 16 degrees in the valleys. The mountain regions remain cold usually at 3 degrees or lower. The sky remains clear. The climate is also dry and less humid, making trekking and exploring towns on foot an adventurous experience. Springtime welcomes a beautiful bloom of flowers across the slopes and valleys, and the Jacaranda flower especially colours the surrounding with fragrant splendour. This is the perfect time to go on an exploring adventure on these pristine mountains.

Monsoon Season (July – August)

Monsoon season brings down the temperature of the whole region. It remains dwindling in between 24 to 25-degree Celsius. It is not the most preferred time to go on trekking and hiking expeditions. If you still happen to visit this Himalayan kingdom during that time then make sure to be properly prepared to deal with unfavorable situations. Due to the rains it is off-season in Bhutan during this time so you can get some good deals on travel and accommodation. Rainfall happens once every two or three days during the afternoon and evening time so you can keep morning time free to go sightseeing.

Autumn / Winter Season (September – November)

Autumn winter is another peak season of Bhutan. Tourists and travelers from all over the world travel here to check out the pure Himalayan winter vibe. Some parts get covered in snow which then gets converted into skiing slopes. After the region gets rain washed it clears the path for a much cleaner and dry season. The temperature during this time ranges from 25 to 10-degree Celsius. By the end of November and the beginning of December, the temperature drops to negative with some snowfall also covering parts of the region. The season is marked with zero rainfall and the air is filled with a cool chill. It is a great time to go on trekking and hiking adventures.

Here are some things you can do in Bhutan and create a lifetime’s worth of memories:

  • Rafting is one of the most loved activities in Bhutan. Not only is it adventures but it will also take you through some of the most lush and gorgeous valleys. Floating with the fierce river through the ruggedly gorgeous surroundings is an experience of a lifetime.
  • Trekking is something Bhutan is known all over the world for. It has several options available for different grades of trekkers. The most ideal time for trekking in Bhutan is from March to May and from September to November.
  • Monastery hopping can never go wrong in Bhutan. You can go from one monastery to another and know more about the culture of this otherwise mystical place.
  • Hills and camping go hand in hand. If you are a nature lover and want to get in touch with the unspoilt Himalayan wilderness then going camping in Bhutan will be just the thing for you.
  • Cycling is another one of the most popular activities here. Calmly cycle down the lanes and hillsides while greeting the locals and getting to know more about the place in a peaceful manner.

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