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As the sun goes down, the nightlife of Bhutan springs to life with color, vibrancy, and thumping music. Contradicting the otherwise quiet, pleasant, and spiritually active daytime, nighttime in Bhutan, especially for tourists, is an experience of a lifetime. Located in the lap of the Himalayas and famous for its impeccable greenery and untouched pure, serene natural beauty, Bhutan, or the land of thunderbolt, is a Pandora box of experiences. This Himalayan kingdom is overshadowed by the monasteries that dot the entire region, far and wide. However, if you are looking for a twist in your holiday experience, then head out at night time and check out a different, new, and intriguing new face of Bhutan.

For the best nightlife experiences, these are some of the must-visit cafes, pubs, and restaurants:

Mojo Park

When it comes to experiencing a fun night out with your friends after a day of exploring, then Mojo Park is just the place for you. It is the most recommended place for tourists and locals to chill out after a long day. Situated in Thimpu, and serving delicious food and beverages, Mojo Park is kind of like the IT spot for everyone looking for a good time. After 7 PM the bar is further brought to life by live band performances that go on till late at night. If you are a foodie then the collection of Bhutanese, Nepalese and other delicacies will definitely be just the thing you need.

Club Ace

Famous as a popular hangout place for the young crowd and located a little bit off the city center of Thimpu, club ace is the palace for you to chill out with your group of friends. Considered to be one of the most happening pubs in Paro. Club ace has a mirrored dance floor, fun lighting arrangement and is complete with pumping electro music that will make you feel like dancing through the night. With a mere entry fee of just a bit over 200 rupees, you can have a fun night out with your buddies where the atmosphere is filled with energetic music.

Space 34

The space hub is called the dance hub of Bhutan. If you love to dance your night away with your friends then this nightclub in the center of Thimpu should not be missed. Famous for Bhutanese, Korean, English, and other types of musical styles play through the night and will keep you on your feet. Space 34 is all about karaoke nights, fun singing sessions with your buddies, and dancing your night away to live band performances! With no fixed timings and free entry for the ladies every Friday night, you should most certainly hit this pub!


Vivacity represents the best nightlife in Bhutan. What sets this pub apart from the rest is the impeccable range of great food, delicious drinks, and everything that comes together with the thumping and happening music selection. Dancing to the latest tunes of hip hop, RnB, reggae music, and more while mingling with the locals and getting to know them better. The highlight of vivacity is the presence of a large, comfortable couch and a seating area that enables long conversations. With a minimal entry fee for everyone and Wednesday night free for ladies entry, vivacity is a great place to let loose, relax and have a great time overall.

Millennium Club

Situated in the tourist hub of Paro which is also the main town, Millennium club is the perfect solution to ditch your travel blues. With the entry fees of just a bit about 200 rupees and with a very happening and lively atmosphere, the millennium club is a must-visit for every night owl looking for a good time. You will find an amazing selection of domestic and international drinks, cocktails, and delectable foods. It would be the perfect way to unwind and chill out to some Bhutanese tunes, live dance, and musical performances. The best part? This exclusive club is only open on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays every week.

Club K

Club K is an unexpectedly delightful clubbing place in Paro, Bhutan. The club is located inside the classy and posh Trophel hotel’s basement so you can imagine that the service here is immaculate. You can find most people here on Wednesday when an entry for women is free along with one complimentary drink. As the sun goes down and if you stay long enough you will get to experience one of the best party times in Bhutan since here partying begins late at night and goes on till early morning.  This is one of the best clubs for a well-behaved and proper crowd.

Tashi Tagay Drayang

Situated in Thimpu, Drayangs are a secret and less talked about in the world of entertainment in Bhutan. From the outside, the building may seem like a regular old white building but once you step inside you will be exposed to a world of traditional female entertainers that perform Bhutanese dance and music celebrations in their own language. They even dress up in their traditional attire while doing this which makes the entire experience totally worth it. Being a secret, Drayangs are hard to find, but once you reach there you can sit back, relax and have a couple of drinks while enjoying the local performances.

Uma Paro Bar

If you wish to spend your night having your favorite drinks like in your hometown, then Uma is just the place for you. The bar is packed with a range of different types of liqueur-like Kahlua, espresso, baileys, and even tequila. They even serve a huge range of detoxifying snacks that are healthy and fulfilling as well. The environment is relaxing, the staff is friendly and the ambiance is very chill which allows you to chill out. The venue is very beautifully, stylishly, and comfortably designed and is frequented by locals and tourists as well.

Although a bit underrated, the nightlife in Bhutan is an experience of a lifetime. These bars offer a glimpse into the lesser-known and much more interesting part of this wonderful Himalayan hill kingdom.

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