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Kashmir is one of those rare places in the world which stays incredibly pleasant for a major part of the year. Blessed with climatic conditions that tourists can enjoy all year long, Kashmir is truly one of a kind. This real heaven on earth which is filled with lush greenery, clear babbling brooks, and impeccable serenity offers a safe haven from the pollution, harsh weather conditions, and extreme weather conditions. The fact that the Kashmir valley remains approachable throughout the year is mainly because of the fact that it is situated in somewhat a rain shadow part of the Himalayas. This enables growth of thick green cover and large green open fields as well.

Surrounded by incredible natural and scenic beauty, Kashmir has always attracted travelers, sages, philosophers, and explorers from all over the world. However, going there when the time is not right may result in your entire trip being ruined. Here is everything you need to learn about the best time to visit Kashmir:

Best Time to See Kashmir

Let’s get straight to it, the best time to visit Kashmir is during the months of March to August and if you are someone who loves spending time on the snow-clad hills, then September and October are also good for you. During the said months tourists literally throng the Kashmiri valley because the flowers remain in full bloom, trees grow out glimmering new leaves that form a thick forest cover and the air is clearer. The weather is cool and perfect to get away from the harsh scorching heat of the plains. If rigorous sightseeing and exploration is in your agenda, then spending your summer season on the lush hills of Kashmir should be on your agenda. Confused about where to go for your vacation with your family? Live in luxury? Yet have a wholesome transitional experience? Fret not! Take this as a sign and book your package or tickets to Kashmir right now!

Summer Season in Kashmir

The summer season in the valley begins from March and officially goes on till June. This has to be one of the most tourist-packed times in Kashmir. Not only because the people have their summer vacation going on but also because many people come here looking to escape and getaway from the dreadful summer heat of the plains. Sure it is cold but not too cold to keep you cooped up in one place. The temperature around this time ranges from 15 to 30 degree Celsius. The snow-covered landscape melts away and gives way to gorgeous greenery and colorful plants to thrive which also amplifies the natural beauty. It is also the perfect time to go on long walks, stroll through the city lanes, and go on trekking or hiking adventures without worrying about weather changes. However, no matter how great the weather is, it can be unpredictable at times so it always helps you to be prepared for this beforehand.

Winter Season in Kashmir

October to February officially marks the cold, chilled winter season in Kashmir. It is defined by thick snow cover, regular snowfalls and crispy cold climate. In November and December, the temperature can go to as low as zero degrees Celsius. If you have seen pictures of Kashmir covered in snow and looking like Lapland, Finland, then you should definitely make a trip to Kashmir during its peak winter months. The thick blanket of snow accompanied with clear air and immense peace all around makes Kashmir in winter just the place to be. The average temperature throughout the winter season in Kashmir ranges from -2 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius. This is the time when people come to Kashmir and enjoy winter adventure sports like skiing, snowboarding and skating as well. The best thing to do which should not be missed out in any form is the epic ropeway ride that allows you to see miles and miles of the snow-covered valley from the bird’s eye view.

Monsoon Season in Kashmir

July marks the onset of Monsoon in Kashmir which officially goes on till September. Normally people are advised against travelling on the hills during the monsoon or rainy seasons mainly because of unpredictable landslides and random flooding scare. Remember one thing that Kashmir in this case is very different from the rest of the hill stations. Most part of the valley is located in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas meaning that even the monsoon seasons here are not much so you can even have a quiet and peaceful monsoon vacation in Kashmir. The valley looks incredible because of the rain-washed trees and meadows. Just sitting by the window with nothing but the sound of the peacefully pattering rain sounds like the ultimate antidote for stress and anxiety. There are many travelers who visit Kashmir during these months mainly due to low prices in hotels and flights as well as experience the awesome peace and serenity here. It would also be a wise decision to pack rainproof stuff for your bag and yourself as well, just to be on the safer side.


In conclusion, the location of Kashmir is very beneficial for them as well as the tourists looking for a safe haven away from the bustle of the city. It can be visited any time of the year but being a politically charged up place you should always stick to the safe areas and not venture out into offbeat or unknown paths. When it comes to accommodation there are many places you can stay for a wonderful experience that fits anyone’s budgetary requirement ranging from high-end resorts to cheap hotel rooms as well.

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