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Kashmir is the place where pure scenic untouched natural beauty combines seamlessly with the rich cultural heritage. Kashmir valley has always attracted philosophers, thinkers, adventurers, and curiosity seekers from all over the world ever since it was discovered. The rolling green hills and snowcapped peaks are set amidst the incredible backdrop of thick green forests, fruit-bearing trees, and an incredible selection of flora and fauna which further adds beauty to this place.

Centuries ago, Hinduism was the religion that had flourished there. Followed by Buddhism and Islam, Kashmir valley became the melting pot of various beliefs, traditions, and cultures. Visiting Kashmir will make you feel closest to heaven and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Wondering how you can reach Kashmir in the best possible way? Here’s how!

By Air

If you are planning on taking the shorter and more convenient route, then a flight journey will be the best way for you to get to Kashmir. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks and reach Kashmir in complete luxury and within just a couple of hours, then air travel is just the thing for you. Srinagar airport is located at a distance of around 15 kms away from the main city. It is very well connected to different Indian states through domestic flights like go air, indigo, jet airways, and air India. You can easily get to Kashmir from places like Goa, Delhi, Jammu, Mumbai, Leh, etc. Once you reach Srinagar airport you can book a taxi service which will get you to your accommodation easily. The flight journey will definitely play to your benefit because air travel will save you a lot of time and energy which you can choose to spend in the best possible manner in Kashmir.

By Road

The best part about planning a trip to Kashmir is that you can travel easily any time of the year since it falls within the rain shadow area of the Himalayan mountain ranges. You can plan a road trip easily at any time. You have to just get your car and get going! There are very well-connected roads leading up to Kashmir from various different parts of India. State and private run buses are a common sight to see. You can choose to get to Kashmir and then get a bus leading up to your destination. If you are traveling on a limited budget, then road tripping on buses or hitchhiking would be the perfect option to get around. The roads are well maintained and intensely interconnected through roads leading to neighboring cities, towns, and villages. This has drastically improved the connectivity among the people of Kashmir and has also been a boon for travelers and visitors. National Highway 1-A connects Srinagar to Jammu, along with the excitingly iconic Jawahar Tunnel which further goes on to connect Srinagar to the Jammu valley.

By Train

If you want to take it easy and have some extra time in hand to sit back, travel, and relax your time away, then train travel is the best option for you. The tickets are very cheaply available and make for a great way to spend some extra time with your family and loved ones. However, the nearest railway station reaching to Kashmir is situated about 330 kms away from the main city of Kashmir and caters to a massive range of trains from different corners of India. Regular trains include New Delhi – Jammu Tawi Rajdhani Express, Jammu Tawi Express, and Jammu mail are a couple of common trains operating from Delhi. Just like in the case of the airport, it will be easy for you to get yourself a cab or a taxi service. The roads leading up to the main city of Kashmir are very well connected and in good shape enabling smooth transportation for not just travelers and tourists but also for locals as well.

Inter-State and Inter City Transportation

Let’s just get this right off the bat, the most common and dependable mode of transportation within Kashmir is primarily on taxi and cab services. When it comes to cab service for hire, Ola and Uber are still not available in Kashmir but will soon be once the administration approves of its running. For the convenience of the travelers and tourists, Innova and Tavera SUVs are available for hire that come with a driver at the price of rupees 2,000 or 2,200 rupees. These cabs and taxi services will take you to all the top places to see in Kashmir. One thing that you should remember is that the cab you book in Srinagar, will not be allowed to enter Pahalgam. You will need to look for a local cab in Pahalgam to continue with the sightseeing. This is an initiative taken up by the government to not only create employment opportunities for the locals in Pahalgam but also to preserve the natural beauty here.

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