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Kashmir – the place where unreal natural beauty unfolds itself from the moment you set foot here. The Kashmiri folks are welcoming and warm towards the visitors and travelers which works towards making your whole travel experience a memorable one. Everything about this place exudes unparalleled serenity and a pure pristine environment.

As a result of pure and unadulterated environment, the fruits and vegetables grown in Kashmir are clean and delicious. The locals utilize organic soil to grow them and some even get exported to countries outside India or sell at high prices (owing to their organic nature) in domestic market places as well.

If you happen to visit Kashmir or are just a foodie then these are some famous fruits of Kashmir that you must try:


Known commonly as ‘Shahtoot’ mulberries are a commonly occurring wild fruit in tall trees which can be seen bearing fruits mostly during the summer season. However, the mulberries grown in Kashmir valley are different. They are much sweeter in taste, larger in size, and delicious in every bite. The mulberries are consumed locally as they are loved by everyone here. It is known as ‘Tuell’ in local places where these trees are grown in large quantities. You will find them easily available in various market places and small shops.

Health Benefits – improves digestive health, consists of anti-ageing properties, boosts the immune system, maintains heart health.


When it comes to Kashmir your trip of the whole Kashmiri experience remains incomplete if you don’t try the worldwide famous Kashmiri apples in one of the many glistening apple orchards. The valley is famous for producing a plethora of types of apples and is also exported in large quantities to not only in India but across the borders as well. They are known for their crunchy texture, beautiful color, and every bite containing sweet juiciness. It is truly unlike any other apples you may have had in the past and there will be several different types to choose from as well.

Health Benefits – reduces the risk of diabetes, helps in weight loss, fights asthma, contains probiotic effects and promotes good bacterias.

Centros Plum:

Found mainly in the higher reaches of the Himalayas and in cool valleys, Kashmir is the perfect place to grow and harvest delicious sweet and savoury plums. Rawalpora in Srinagar is home to some of the most stunning, beautiful, and delicious plum orchards. Not just in Srinagar many other districts in Kashmir grow and trade these deliciously fulfilling sweet and savoury fruits. Other types of plums grown in small scale include Chogandhra and silver plums. These farmlands should definitely be visited if you wish to gorge on some freshly harvested plums straight from the trees.

Health Benefits – promotes bone health, lowers blood sugar levels, relieves constipation, and minimizes the risk of heart health, a good source of vitamins A / K and C.


Locally known as ‘Dane’ Kashmiri pomegranates are, again, very different from the types of pomegranates grown in different parts of India. These fruits are majorly grown to cater to the requirement of the local people in Kashmir valley. Consisting of pretty looking reddish-pink exterior cover and inside containing pearly, glistening, ruby-like seeds minus the overwhelmingly acidic taste this fruit is a must-try here. One can find pomegranate trees scattered all over the landscape and further adding beauty to everything. It is so popular that even scientists are studying its genetics which contains disease-resistant goodness.

Health Benefits – protects the body from free radicals, prevents arthritis, fights heart disease and risk of prostate cancer, and thins blood.


When it comes to producing pear, Jammu and Kashmir is one of the largest producers in the world. Primarily this nutrients rich fruit is grown in regions of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh with orchards present in almost every district with Budgam topping the list. The popularity of pears in Kashmir is so much that it stands just next to apples in the list of famous fruits in Kashmir. One can find these green, juicy, sweet fruits easily anywhere, from the marketplaces to makeshift shops. The packages of pears here, before being delivered to the market places both within and outside India are checked one by one manually ensuring you receive the best ones in the lot.

Health Benefits – rich in antioxidants, free of cholesterol, reduces the risk of cancer, reduces heart-related issues, consumed as an apart of a balanced diet.


Cherry is grown in Kashmir and other such higher regions of the hills since they require cool weather conditions to grow well and healthy. The valley of Kashmir presents the perfect situation for one to grow and cultivate the best varieties of cherries found anywhere in India. More than 2,700 hectares of land is under cherry cultivation all over Jammu and Kashmir making up for a large chunk of cherry production in India. They can be seen growing largely in places like Baramulla, Shopian, and Srinagar. These little nutritious fruits are grown in large-scale and then transferred all over the nation.

Health Benefits – relieves insomnia, helps in weight loss, anti-ageing properties maintains the body’s PH balance, prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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