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High snowcapped peaks, pleasant climate throughout the year, ancient spiritual sites of worship, and a multitude of activities for one to make a vacation memorable, Nepal has it all. Being situated amidst the rolling green hills and serving as home to the highest mountain peak in the world, this place holds a lot of spiritual value that can be felt from the moment you step into this place.

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the world for domestic as well as international travelers reaching Nepal is not an issue. There are various modes and ways of transportation available to cover the journey up to Nepal. Here is an elaborate insight about how to reach and which is the most convenient / pocket-friendly / fun option perfect for you:

By Air

If you are traveling from another country then Tribhuvan International Airport located in Nepal will serve you as it is the only international airport present here. They operate and cater to flights like Air India, Jet Airways, Indigo along with numerous other long journey flights from different parts of the world like Oman airlines, air Arabia, fly Dubai, Malaysia airlines, Qatar airlines, air China, air Asia, etc. serving to a huge influx of a plethora of international travelers you can expect easy access to taxis, cabs, cars on rent, bikes on rent, etc. from the airport itself.

Air travel is no doubt an expensive option but is perfect for people who wish to travel in luxury without wasting a lot of time commuting. If you can afford it then traveling to Nepal by a flight is the option. A different international airport is also in works at Pokhara whose deadline is 2021. Its construction will prove to be a boon for travelers and explorers.

By Rail

Train travel is one of the most budget-friendly ways of traveling not just to Nepal but anywhere in India. There are regular running passenger and cargo rains scheduled to travel to and fro Nepal. You can book your ticket via the online government website for railways i.e. IRCTC. You can either choose for a connecting train at Sirsiya in southern Nepal and Raxaul which is a part of India. Unlike flights there is no requirement for the passengers to carry VISA, an updated and latest identification card is important either way.

On de-boarding at the railway station you can expect to get to your accommodation with the help of a local bus, taxis, auto-rickshaws, etc. you can also feel free to book a cab for yourself via UBER or OLA. In a recent announcement made by the Nepal government, they have mentioned about the launch of a direct passenger train service functioning from India to Nepal without changing into any connecting train in between, hence saving the travelers from a lot of unwanted hassle. This train is proposed to run from Jayanagar in Bihar to Bil located in southeastern Nepal.

By Road

Reaching Nepal by road is by far the most convenient and budget-friendly option for a majority of the people. People hire cabs and taxi services from India to get to Nepal and even shared taxis are available that make you cross the border with a poll tax of mere rupees 120/-. A transport permit of rupees 50/- is also required in order to reach the wonderful hill station. The driver is required to collect all the receipts in case you are requested to show them at the checkpoints. There are bus services available for direct connection from Delhi to Kathmandu.

Recently there is also an increasing trend of bike riders who travel the strong and smooth roads of Nepal with ease and comfort. People also choose to reach Nepal with their private cars and have memorable road trips as well.

How to Reach Nepal from India

Reaching Nepal from anywhere in India is not a big deal as there are numerous options available from flights to trains and roads leading up to this beautiful country. Since these two countries share a border there are various ways through which one could make their way into Nepal ranging from air travel, flight journeys to roadways. Indian residents will be taken to Nepal through Bihar and the travelers are required to carry a valid and legit identification like a passport or any other such document.

Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal caters to every type of traveler from all over the world. People travel for the purpose of spirituality to places like Pashupatinath temple, Lumbini; for fun-filled adventure activities to Sagarmatha national park, check out the heritage sites of durbar square, Bhaktapur and scenic villages of Pokhara and Nagarkot. It is a wholesome Pandora box of adventure, fun, spirituality, and wonderment. Each place offers a divine experience amidst the scenic greenery and pristine untouched nature. Everywhere you go you shall be presented with some adventure just around the corner and you will leave with a lifetime worth of memories.

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