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Nepal is a gorgeous and charming Himalayan hill country famous for its natural beauty, adventure sports, and spirituality. It is a prominent pilgrimage destination due to the presence of holy shrines like Pashupatinath and Muktinath Dham Temple, as well as, a major part of the Nepal economy relies on adventure activities which mainly consists of mountaineering expeditions on Mount Everest and various trekking activities.

No matter what your reason for visiting this charming hill kingdom is or if you are going there for the first time or not, these travel tips for Nepal will help in enhancing your travel experience to the core.

Visa Requirement

First and foremost, Indian nationals do not require a visa to enter Nepal. However, in case of international visitors, Nepal tourist visas are available easily on arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. If you want to be well prepared then it is wise to apply for your visa online preferably 15 days prior to your date of arrival in Nepal. The visa will be applicable for tourism within 6 months of visa approval. While applying for a visa remember to only use the official government website and avoid scam sites that charge a large amount for the same procedure.

Nepalese Currency

The currency used in Nepal is called Nepalese rupee and 1 Nepalese rupee is 0.62 Indian rupees and 0.0082 United States Dollar. Some Indian notes are accepted here whereas others not. Ever since the demonetization introduced in India during 2016 and with the changing currency by 2018 the government of Nepal has asked their citizens to refrain from using the Indian notes for Rs. 2,000/-; 500/- and of 200/- denominations.

Do Not Trek Solo

Nepal witnesses a huge throng of people looking for adventure activities to indulge in like mountaineering, trekking, and camping activities with trekking topping the list. There are several trekking circuits lining all over the country of varying grades and difficulty levels however, do not plan on a solo trekking expedition solely keeping in mind your safety. Make sure to make this journey accompanied by a guide as there have been cases of trekkers going missing in the past years. If traveling solo then look for a companion to accompany you or if traveling with a group of people then hire a trusted guide.

Nightclub Timings

Before hitting the club the timings are something you have to keep in mind. Know that the nightclubs and pubs in Nepal shut down by 10 PM as per government orders. It is not a country that has a thumping nightlife but the time allotted ensures that you have the most fun in limited time. You can choose the hit the nightclubs as early as 7 PM in the evening in order to get the most of the Nepali club life. Avoid bars that seem shady in nature and if possible go there along with a local to avid overpricing or go with a group of people.

Currency Exchange

Apart from a couple of denominations of Indian rupees, other country’s currencies is not exchanged or accepted in Nepal. Be sure to exchange your cash into Nepalese rupees which can be easily done at any money exchange center. Before departing from the country remember to exchange your money back to its original currency which is done not only as a measure to reduce your loss on your own money but it is also against the law which may land you in some legal issues.

Adventure Activities Tips

Given the unique terrain of Nepal, it does not come as a surprise that it is one of the world’s best places for adventure activities. As mentioned above, your rule of thumb should be not to venture out solo as it may prove to be fatal. Pack warm woolen clothing to avoid frostbite and make sure to consult your doctor and pack medications that will be helpful in case of mountain sickness. Other than hiking and trekking people can also choose to go for canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, etc. or even take an adrenaline-pumping jump from the world’s 2nd highest bungee jumping point over Bhote Koshi River.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get visa on arrival in Nepal?

You can get your visa on arrival at the international airport at Kathmandu. Be sure to carry a passport size photo for this purpose or you may also have your picture taken at the photo both available in the airport.

What kind of electrical outlets is available in Nepal hotels?

It cannot be pointed out for sure the kinds of outlets are available for your charging purposes but just in case remember to carry universal charger for your laptop, camera batter, portable charger, and phone.

What kind of food should I expect?

The most commonly available food in Nepal is Daal, Bhaat, and Tarkaari which can be found in different flavours anywhere. You will find food that has Tibetan taste influences and flavoring. You will find food made from potatoes, pizzas, pasta, tandoori meats, and noodles. These are some of the most common cuisines that can be found anywhere in Nepal. Do not forget to try the delicious local cuisines.

What can i buy in Nepal?

The number of things that you will find gift-worthy or to keep as a souvenir is numerous in Nepal. The market places remain jam-packed with innumerable things to purchase ranging from thangkas, singing bowl, eatables, large traditional masks, clothes, home décor items, gold and silver jewelery, and things you may require to take for some mountaineering expedition like jumpers, waterproof items, etc.

How much do things cost in Nepal?

A holiday in Nepal will prove to be extremely cheap and value for money while being extremely memorable for several reasons. An average hotel with good amenities and clean interiors will cost you anywhere between rupees 1,000 to 1,500/-. The price will keep rising as you look for better places to stay. The food is cheap if you go to a pocket-friendly place i.e. you will end up spending less than 500 rupees per meal. Alcohol in Nepal is overpriced and kind of expensive but found anywhere easily.

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