Gandhi Smriti, Delhi

Gandhi Smriti Delhi

In the heart of New Delhi, tucked away on Tees January Marg, stands a place of profound significance: Gandhi Smriti. Since the site where Gandhiji spent his final weeks, this revered spot became the destination of his last footsteps on the Earth which was on the 30th of January 1948.

History of Gandhi Smriti

In 1928 a renowned Industrialist Ghanshyam Das Birla built Gandhi Smriti in Birla Bhawan. The building of Gandhi Smriti is visually appealing with 12 lavish bedrooms. It is said that dignitaries like Mahatma Gandhi, and Sardar Patel used to visit Birla House as they had good relations with the Birlas. Mahatma Gandhi also stayed there for 144 days between 9th September 1947 to 30th January 1948. After Gandhi ji’s assassination, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote to the Birlas to convert some part of their house into Gandhi’s memorial. Birlas never wanted to sell the house as they were attached to it but later KK Birla sold the house in 1971 to the Government of India.

What to see

The entrance to Gandhi Smriti is more like going into a different era. Within these walls, the museum has incredible relics that create a magnificent image of Mahatma Gandhi life during the time he stayed here. Through photographs, sculptures, paintings, and relics we can get a small glimpse of the world of the Mahatma. These objects serve to maintain the essence of his greatness in our hearts.

The rooms inside Gandhi Smriti have been converted into the place that he occupied during his last minutes on earth. What remains are his belongings, consisting of the glasses, walking stick, and the stone he used to clean himself are held in the highest regard. The arrangement of his rudimentary bed, with just a mattress on the floor, and the worn-out copy of the Gita by its side provide a view of his straightforward lifestyle and enigmatic commitment to his principles.

Nevertheless, the entrance gate, which was the site of Jawaharlal Nehru emotional speech on the death of Gandhi, also carries a weighty history, in which he sadly announced, the light has gone out of our lives and the darkness is everywhere.

A commanding statue of Gandhi, designed by the creative hands of sculptor Sri Ram Sutar, hovers above the entrance arch, accompanied by an adolescent holding a pigeon, the symbol of Gandhi unchanging love for the suffering and the oppressed. The inscription at its base echoes his timeless message: My life is my message

The last thematic section in the museum is devoted to Gandhi global legacy, documenting how artists and various minds across the world have brought honor to his memory. Visitors are qualified to soak in a multi-media experience only replaying the great Gandhi’s final journey with an apt presentation of this voyage by the famous classical vocalist Kumar Gandharva.

Gandhi Smriti is not a mere museum; rather, it is proof of the fact that a man who sacrificed his life for the betterment of humankind can never die. Each tiny square, each exhibit tells a story of a noble person, the idea of whose lives still enlighten millions.

Quick Information

Location of Gandhi Smriti Tees January Road near Birla House, Delhi 110011
Type Memorial
Nearest Metro Station ITO Metro Station and Udyog Bhawan Metro Station
Opening Time Tuesday to Sunday
Timings 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Entry Fee Free
Best Time to Visit October to March (Cooler Months0
Dress Code Casual
Time Required 3-4 hrs (Depends on Individual)

Gandhi Smriti Special Highlights

  • Sacred memorial: Gandhi Smriti at Old Birla House
  • Treasures memories of Mahatma Gandhi last 144 days
  • Includes Gandhi living room and prayer ground
  • The museum displays photographs, sculptures, and personal effects
  • Buy original Khadi Stuff as a remembrance of Gandhi Ji.

Things to do near Gandhi Smriti

  • Think about Gandhi legacy again at Gandhi Smriti, which is a devotional memorial place where he had spent his last moments.
  • A visit to India Gate, a well-known war memorial is an ideal place with a serene setup, for a walk or an afternoon picnic.
  • Have a chance to watch a breathtaking sports game or event at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, which will satisfy sports fans.
  • Get lost in historical moments in the picturesque atmosphere of Purana Qila (Old Fort) where you can study the architecture of the Mughal period and various other historical events.

How to Reach Gandhi Smriti - Ways to Reach

Gandhi Smriti Transportation Details
Flight Indira Gandhi International Airport
Train New Delhi Railway Station and Old Delhi Railway Station
Road DTC Buses, Car, and Cabs like Uber, and Ola within Delhi
Nearest Metro Route Udyog Bhawan Metro Station and ITO Metro station