Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Delhi

Bangla Sahib Delhi

In the center of Connaught Place, a marketplace that receives huge footfall beats a hectical heart but amidst all the hustle and bustle is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, a place of peace. Its huge golden cupola is seen from afar and glitters as the sun rays spread their wings, under maximum effort. Venturing onto the sacred site, a serene ambiance envelops you, taking away the multitude of distractions from the outside.

History of Bangla Sahib

Legends recount the history of Gurudwara and go back through the pomp of Jaisinghpura Palace, which was once the residence of Raja Jai Singh of Amber. It is said that in 1664, the eighth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Har Krishan Sahib, visited the palace and engraved his spiritual appearance upon the palace memory. He also gave fresh water from wells to people suffering from smallpox. The waters had healing powers. In 1783, Sardar Baghel Singh, a Sikh general built a small shrine and a tank over the well 1783. Today, it is one of the most prominent spiritual places for Sikh Devotees.

What to see

The sanctuary, with its sacred text, invites visitors to come in and pay their respects, while at the same time, wandering around the pond gives you a chance to sit back and have a moment. The Gurudwara is not just confined to the main prayer hall. Visitors are also attracted to other exciting areas such as the busy kitchen, the large art center, and the place where Sikhs gather to learn.

However, indeed the Bangla Sahib Langar, arguably the most popular offering, is where devotees are welcomed with open arms to eat the sacred food. It is the emblem of love and equality that establishes the true essence or core of Sikhism.

Quick Information

Location of Bangla Sahib Central Connaught Place, Delhi
Type Gurudwara, Spiritual Place
Nearest Metro Station Patel Chowk Metro Station
Opening Time All days of the Week
Timings Open for 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free Entry
Best Time to Visit October to March (Cooler Months)
Dress Code Decent Dress is a spiritual place.
Time Required 2-4 Hours( Depends on Individual)

Bangla Sahib Special Highlights

  • A tranquil oasis in Connaught Place: Gurudwara Bangla Sahib
  • Iconic golden dome visible from afar
  • Sanctum with holy book, serene pond for reflection
  • Features include a cooking area, art gallery, and school
  • Experience Langar (holy food) and embrace the peaceful atmosphere

Things to do near Bangla Sahib

  • Get closer to the Jantar Mantar antique astronomical instruments founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II, which is located near the Bangla Saheb.
  • Let us behold a round round-shaped Sansad Bhavan that bears similarity to the Chausath Yogini temple.
  • Delve into the serene Mughal Gardens within the Rashtrapati Bhavan Complex, which are famous for the beauty of their rare flowers and their historical importance.
  • Take time off to pay tribute to the soldiers at India Gate, a gigantic war memorial for the British Indian soldiers who sacrificed their lives.
  • Admire the grandiosity of Safdarjung Tomb, a mausoleum that blends sandstone and marble, and is characterized by elaborate domes and arches.

How to Reach Bangla Sahib - Ways to Reach

Bangla Sahib Transportation Details
Flight Indira Gandhi International Airport
Train New Delhi Railway Station and Old Delhi Railway Station
Road DTC Buses, Car, and Cabs within Delhi
Nearest Metro Route Patel Chowk Metro Station and Rajiv Chowk Metro Station