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Marking the point of emergence of the holy river of Bhagirathi Gangotri Dham is perched peacefully by its rivers and dates back to as old as 300 years back. The weather here remains extremely cold and chilly throughout the year and no matter when you decide to visit. The stunning white temple of Gangotri is made by utilizing the white granite and was constructed by the Gorkha commander Amar Singh Thapa. Visiting Gangotri should definitely be on your bucket list even if you are not going on your Char Dham Yatra Package because of its sheer beauty and unmatched pure charm. Located within the district of Uttarkashi Gangotri Dham is one of those rare shrines which is replete with incredible mythological accounts and historical events.

Month Wise Weather Conditions

But when should you make this holy journey and when is the appropriate time? Given below is an updated list of the weather condition that is experienced in Gangotri:

January – Being located at a whopping elevation this winter month experiences extremely cold, freezing and chilly weather conditions where the temperature can also dip to zero and even subzero.

February – The temperature does not see any major difference than the prior month. The over climate still remains extremely cold and freezing especially during the night when it dips below zero.

March – During this month the temperature seems to rise a little, especially during the day time when the average temperature stays till 3 to5 degree Celsius and all the snow melts away.

April – This month marks the commencement of the summer season and the overall temperature witnesses a drastic change. The average temperature during this time stays till 10 degree Celsius.

May – By this time the summer months are completely commenced and the kapat of Gangotri dham is also opened for darshan. This is the time when the pilgrims also throng here to witness the opening ceremony as well.

June – This is the time when the entire Gangotri region is filled with pilgrims and devotees. This is considered to be the peak time to go on char dham yatra.

July – The end of July marks the beginning of the monsoon months when the entire region gest covered in torrential rains and unexpected landslides. With the onset of the monsoon months helicopter services are suspended completely keeping in mind the safety of the pilgrims.

August – The char dham portals remain shut down for darshan for this month due to heavy rains and landslides. Travelling to the hills during this time is not advised and is considered to be a bad idea for people who are looking to go on char dham yatra.

September – The beginning of this month is the time when the rainy season comes to an end and the yatra of the pilgrims continue. All the services a restarted in full swing and this is also one of the best time times to visit Gangotri Dham.

October – This is the month which marks the beginning of winter in Gangotri Dham. The temperature here during this time drops drastically and Gangotri can also be visited.

November – Some snowfall takes place during this month and the temperature also drops dramatically. The temple kapat closes for darshan and the idol of the presiding deity is shifted to her winter home in Mukhba.

December – The entire region remains closed off for darshan or even pilgrim visit. The temple gets buried in a thick layer of snow and accessibility is completely closed off for 6 months before re opening during the summer months.

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