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Gujarat is an oasis for travelers and seekers of all ages willing to explore this Pandora box of surprises. It is truly a treat for travelers due to the presence of several interesting sites and places to visit ranging from the birthplace of civilization to the rich selection of colorful and age-old heritage. Along with these come the food, dressing, and beliefs which work together in creating a very thriving environment for everyone. IRCTC recognizes the importance of tourism in Gujarat and has introduced an ideal package at cost-effective prices which commences from Ahmedabad and concludes at Vadodara.

Gujarat IRCTC Tour Package
Tour Duration: 11 Nights / 12 Days
Destination: Ahmedabad - Modhera - Dasada - Bhuj
Tour Price: On Request/-

Day 01: Arrival in Ahmedabad

Upon arriving in Ahmedabad you shall be welcomed by our tour representative and you shall be checked in to your allotted hotel here. On reaching the hotel you shall have the time to relax and freshen up and spend the night.

Day 02: Ahmedabad – Modhera – Dasada

After a healthy morning breakfast meal taken on a road trip to your next destination of Dasada which will overall be a journey of around 2.5 to 3 hours. In between, you will be taken for a visit to the famous and ancient Sun Temple of Modhera which also serves as the site for the unique Modhera Dance Festival of Gujarat. The temple not only looks like an architectural and design masterpiece but the aura here also makes a visit here very soul-stirring and memorable. Every square inch of the temple right from its entrance is carved in intricate and fine designs and carvings which is unique to the Gujarati way of life.

On reaching Dasada you shall be checked in to your hotel for an overnight stay. After freshening up and lunch meal you will be taken for a fun evening visit to the little ran of Kutch which is one of the greatest and largest salt deserts in the world and is located at a comfortable road distance of just a few hours. Here you can check out the wide, expansive views of the majestic sunset and take amazing pictures.

After this you shall be made to head back to your hotel in Dasada for staying the night.

Day 03: Dasada – Bhuj

Early in the morning, post breakfast, your trip to Bhuj which will begin that will be a road journey of around 5 hours. Bhuj is one of the most visited destinations in Gujarat and is famous for its heritage buildings and architectural marvels which had withstood the test of time and manage to awe inspire everyone visiting it. This will be a road journey of around 5 hours and on reaching you will immediately be taken on a sightseeing tour of this amazing state.

You will be assisted for a guided tour of places like Aina Mahal and Prag Mahal which are the iconic landmarks of Gujarat ever since the 18th and 19th century. These places will not fail to charm you and everything from the ornate walls to the opulent paintings and gilded mirrors will be something that you don’t normally see.

Your day will end in a very rejuvenating note where you will be taken to Bhujia hills which are another one of the most attractive places to go here. Take lifelong memorable photographs and here you can be a part of one of the most glorious sunset, and this will also freshen you up after a hectic day of sightseeing.

Once your Bhuj sightseeing is over you shall be made to head back to your hotel.

Day 04: Bhuj – Banni Village – Bhuj

Once you are done with a delicious breakfast meal in the morning your heritage and cultural tour of Gujarat will commence.

You will be taken on a complete and assisted tour of Banni village which is the face of cultural heritage and authentic ethnicity of Gujarat. Here you can witness the local and traditional way of functioning of the life of people and how they also earn their living.

People belonging to the Banni tribe earn their living by making hand-made quilts, wall hangings, and decorative items and selling them at the market places. Show your support to the people here by buying some souvenirs.

Finally after a day of fun at the village you will be taken back to Bhuj where you shall be spending the night.

Day 05: Bhuj – Rajkot

After a delicious breakfast, your road trip journey for Rajkot will begin. This will be a journey of 5 hours or more depending on the traffic.

On your way you shall be made to stop over at Wankaner, a place where you arrive you shall feel like you have stepped back in time due to its architecturally brilliant palaces and structures. Every place is as opulent and beautiful as the other.

On reaching Rajkot, which will be by late evening, you will be immediately checked in to your hotel.

Day 06: Rajkot – Sasan Gir

Your exciting and fun road trip to Sasan Gir will start early in the morning immediately after the completion of your breakfast. All in all, this will be a journey of almost 4.5 to 5 hours.

En route you will be taken for a visit to the famous Balaram Bapa Temple which was adorned at this place in 1978 and as the name suggests it is dedicated to one of the most highly revered saints called Jalaram Bapa.

After a soulful visit to the Jalaram Bapa Temple you shall be headed for Uperkot fort which is located in the district of Junagadh. This legendary fort is situated on the foothills of Girnar hills and dates back to the Mauryan Empire.

Finally upon your arrival in Sasan Gir you shall be headed straight to your hotels where upon your arrival you will be transferred to hotel for the night.

Day 07: Sasan Gir – Somnath – Diu

Early in the morning, you shall be taken on a complete and fun-filled thrilling adventurous jeep wildlife safari tour of the amazing Gir national park which is the final abode of the Asiatic lions in the world. Remember to carry your binoculars for observing the animals and birds more closely.

After completing your jeep safari tour you shall be taken for your final destination to Diu. En route you shall even be made to visit the famous, extremely holy and sacred Jyotirlinga of Somnath which is located right next to the bellowing sea.

Upon reaching Diu you shall be checked in to your hotel here for an overnight stay.

Day 08: Diu Sightseeing

Post breakfast your full day of exciting and fun-packed sightseeing exploration will begin.

Your sightseeing of Diu will begin from Diu fort which was built in the year 1535 by the Portuguese invaders. This is a massive fort which consists of a range of cellars, rooms, lighthouses, etc.

The next sightseeing stop would be the famous former prison called Pani Kotha which consists of cell blocks and a small chapel as well. This is a very haunting site which will definitely leave you spellbound. Although a prison in the past is situated in a very beautiful location i.e. right next to the Arabian Sea from where one can easily see the expansive and never-ending sea.

Your day will end on a very relaxing note where you shall be headed for a visit to the famous Nagoa Beach which is extremely clean and scenic.

After a peaceful and a beautiful day of sightseeing you shall be made to head back to your hotel here in Diu for an overnight stay.

Day 09: Diu – Bhavnagar

This day will only be for travel and relaxation where you will be headed for Bhavnagar from Diu. This will be traveling the journey of around 6 to 7 hours. By sundown, you will reach Bhavnagar where you will be immediately checked in to your hotel for spending the night and relaxing so that you wake up freshened up for your next memorable adventure.

Day 10: Bhavnagar – Vadodara

your next destination of Vadodara which will be a road journey of around 5 to 6 hours and will begin early in the morning.

On your way you will be assisted for a visit to the extremely religious and sacred pilgrimage site of Palitana group of temples in Shatrunjaya Hills. This place is especially held at a very high accord by the people of Jain community.

Finally after you are done with your holy visit you shall be headed back to Vadodara for an overnight stay here.

Day 11: Vadodara Sightseeing

Your sightseeing in Vadodara will begin early in the morning after the completion of your breakfast. This means that you shall be taken on visits to some of the most legendary sights of tourist visit which makes this place special.

Sightseeing will include visit to places like Sayaji Baug – one of the largest gardens in western region of India which also consists of a zoo, planetarium, toy train etc. Nazarbaug Palace – a 17th-century opulent palace for ceremonial purposes of the Gaekwads. Here you can even take a trip to the past by visiting its museum.

Finally after this fun-filled day out in the city of Vadodara you shall be headed back to your hotel here for spending the night.

Day 12: Vadodara Departure

After breakfast, you shall be assisted in your place of departure. On dropping off at the point of departure will mark the end of a very wholesome IRCTC Tour Package of Gujarat.

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