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Somnath mandir is every devout Hindu’s dream destination. Gracing majestically the banks of Arabian Sea, Somnath Mahadev temple is an architectural marvel. People from all over the world make time to pay a visit to this temple that has been through a very rough and turbulent past. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva and was made by the moon god or Somnath, after whom the temple is named. It is believed that the temple is built on the very first of the 12 jyotirlingas found across India.

The temple is host to numerous festivals, fairs, gatherings and spiritual events throughout the year. If you are planning a visit to Gujarat or just looking for places to visit in Gujarat, then Somnath Mahadev should be on your travel list.

Wondering how to get to Somnath? Here is a complete guide from railway, roadway and flight.

By Road

Road trips are the best way to travel. If you have a private vehicle and wish to have a unique and memorable holiday? Then pack up and head on to Gujarat. The temple of Somnath is connected through a network of roadways. If road travel is your plan, then you can even choose to travel by buses or shared transportation that connect various big and small towns. If you are travelling from outside Gujarat, you will easily be able to reach Somnath Mahadev Temple just by following google maps.

If you are planning to travel by bus then that won’t be an issue either. In fact, it would prove to be more pocket friendly than renting a taxi minus the comfort. Somnath is connected to various bus services from all the nearby towns like Ahmedabad, Rajkot or Porbandar. There are Ac, non-AC and luxury buses available from anywhere in Gujarat and Diu to Somnath. The roads are all well-made and in good condition.

By Train

Travelling anywhere in India by train is a very cheap bargain. India has one of the longest and complicated train networks in the world. The tickets are cheap although it does take time but if you are travelling on a budget and time is not a constraint then train journeys is a great mode to opt for. Gujarat, being one of the most developed states in India, is connected to almost all the major and minor cities, towns and states all around. You can easily find trains to Gujarat from Delhi, Punjab or Uttar Pradesh. The railway stations of Surat, Vadodara, Veraval, Porbandar and Vadodara are some of the busiest railway stations of Gujarat.

Veraval Railway station is the nearest station to Somnath. This station is also very well connected to places like Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Loathed at a distance of just 5 kms from Somnath this station also caters to daily trains going to and fro various major and minor cities of India.

By Flight

If budget is not a problem for you, air travel can be your best friend. If you have limited time for holiday in Gujarat and if you are travelling with family, then going there by flight is the most convenient way of getting there. Being a huge state with top-notch facilities, Gujarat has a number of flights connecting various parts of India and some parts of the world as well. Somnath doesn’t have an airport itself. But is well connected to multiple big and small cities with the help of aerodromes at Diu, the union territory of Daman and Diu. however, there is just 1 flight operated by Air India Regional. As mentioned earlier Somnath is connected via multiple big and small airports. Porbandar airport is 120 kms away while the Rajkot civil airport is 160 kms away. You can get a cab or a taxi service from any of these airports leading up to Somnath.

Travel Tips for Somnath

  • There are several places in Gujarat that have to be visited on foot and with minimal shade. If you are planning on going to some historic site then be sure to pack the right shoes, carry good sunscreen and wear a cap for extra protection from the sun.
  • Make sure you travel during the autumn-winter months of September to March, rather than the scorching hot summer months of April to July.
  • The temple darshan of Somnath starts from 6 am in the morning and after a very eventful day of light and sound show and aartis it shuts down its doors for visitors at 9:30 pm.
  • When travelling to Somnath, be sure to reserve a whole day to check out the entire temple complex properly.
  • Just one day will not be enough for you to explore Somnath and all its nearby places. Be sure you have at least 2 days to visit the temple.
  • Make sure that you are carrying a portable charger with extra batteries and always wear comfortable and respectable clothing.
  • Since Somnath is a holy temple and that too a highly revered one be sure to follow all the rules and regulations that are set in place for the pilgrims, devotees and visitors.
  • There are several hotels and accommodation options available in and around the holy town of Somnath so make sure to complete your bookings beforehand.