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Somnath Mahadev is a spiritual epicenter of religion and spirituality. It is a place where pilgrims and devotees have been making their way over the years as a part of their pilgrimage. The temple draws huge attention from devotees since it is dedicated to lord shiva and is built on the spot where the first jyotirlinga had appeared on its own. The temple is famous for a variety of reasons, one of them being that it is an architectural masterpiece.

Located on the banks of the crashing waves of the Grand Arabian sea, the temple is a fascinating holy shrine whose history dates back to ages ago. To get the best experience it is important to know the right time to go. Planning beforehand will allow you to have a holiday filled with memorable moments.

Here is the complete info on the weather conditions and the best time to visit Somnath:

Best Time to Visit

Somnath is situated in the westernmost part of India. The weather here remains predominantly warm and cool. It never gets freezing cold. It is best to avoid travel plans to Somnath during the scorching summer months of April to August. The best time to visit Somnath has to be during the autumn-winter months that last from September to march. The weather remains cool, not too hot in the afternoon that makes you travel to a number of different tourist sightseeing places. It Would be fun to travel with the family during this time of the year.

Prot Tip: Plan a trip to the Rann Utsav during the full moon time. You will see the white salt desert gimmer like diamonds in the moonlit night.

Now let’s take a look at the general weather conditions of Somnath to give more insight into the climate conditions:

Somnath In Summer

The months of April to June mark the months of summer in Somnath. This is also the time when a lot of people plan a summer vacation. Going to Somnath in summer will meet you with a huge throng of travelers, devotees, and pilgrims from all over the globe. It is not an ideal time to visit Somnath because the weather will seem like too much. However, if you still want to visit it then be well prepared beforehand and keep yourself hydrated throughout. If you wish to relax after a tiring day then this would also be the perfect time to spend a fun evening at Kankaria Lake. The temperature stays between 24 to 42-degree Celsius so be mentally prepared.

Somnath In Winter

September to March marks the winter months in Somnath. This is also one of the best times of the year to go out exploring in places other than Somnath. With the temperature ranging between 10 to 24-degree Celsius these months are the best time to visit Somnath as well. Apart from the spiritual aspect, you can also get the right dose of adventure by going on nature hikes and treks to the nearby trails and mountain destinations. This is also one of the peak times for visitors to flock to Somnath. These are also the months when most festivals also take place. February is the time when Somnath Mahadev Mandir sparkles up to life during the Maha Shivratri celebrations which is also another one of the major attractions of this spiritual holiday to Somnath.

Somnath In Monsoon

July and August are the 2 monsoon months in Somnath. This region defines the monsoon season at its best because of the torrential heavy rains. Just like the extreme summer, monsoon is equally extreme. During these months Somnath receives heavy rainfall throughout making it extremely difficult to go out, explore and check out the beautiful Somnath Mandir. In Fact, the entire Indian landmass gets engulfed in monsoon rains but monsoon in Somnath is a whole different story in a matter of viciousness. The entire region also remains doused in lots of humidity making traveling extremely uncomfortable. On bad monsoon days, these vicious rainfall winds can even turn into destructive cyclones. This is not the right time to visit Somnath with your family and loved ones if you are looking for a tension-free memorable experience.

Travel Tips for Safe Travels in Somnath

If travelling during the summer months then make sure to wear comfortable clothing made preferably out of cotton material. Also, remember to wear good sneakers as you will be walking around a lot in Somnath. Also keep a bottle of water, sunscreen, and a cap for extra protection against the strong and blazing sun.

Make your booking beforehand in order to avoid any delay or inconvenience. Somnath is one of the most popular pilgrimages and spiritual holiday destinations. During the peak tourism months, the bookings are all sold out so you need to complete your bookings way beforehand if you want to have a hassle-free holiday.

Know the opening and closing time of Somnath Temple for a more enriching experience. The temple opens at 6 am and shuts down at 9:30 pm. The sound and light show is a must-have experience that takes place in the evening and it also tells you about the amazing and very enigmatic history of Somnath.

Do not miss out on visiting some nearby sightseeing tourist places like Triveni Sangam, Gita Mandir, Gir National Park, and Lakshmi Narayan Mandir. To relax you can head on to the nearby Somnath Beach to freshen up.