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Somnath is a popular spiritual heritage destination not just in Gujarat, but in India. Famous for the legendary and grand temple of Somnath, and spread out over a massive area, the temple receives thousands of devotees everyday throughout the year. The grandiose of the temple as a holy pious destination spreads across the globe.

What makes visiting Somnath even more memorable is the shopping spree you can indulge in. no travel is complete without buying souvenirs and presents for yourself and your loved ones back home. Wondering where you can buy the best stuff symbolizing Somnath? Check out these places and shop till you drop!

Street Market of Somnath Beach

Somnath beach is situated just next to the temple of Somnath where people go after a fun-filled day at the temple to relax for a while before heading back. Somnath beach gives you the opportunity to not just sit back, relax, and spend some time in peace but it is also a paradise for anyone who loves to shop, no matter the place. If it is traditional, religious, and devotional shopping items you are looking for, then you can take a walk in this street market. The markets are bustling with color, vibrancy, and life where you can find the right thing that signifies Somnath at its best!

What to Buy: Toys, Seashells, Traditional Clothes, Accessories, Bangles, Handmade Artefacts

Prabhas Patan Shopping Centre

Don’t wish to go for street market shopping? You can also have a gala time shopping at one of the most incredible shopping centres in Somnath. Considered to be one of the most amazing shopping centres in Gujarat, this shopping centre is a one-stop shop for all your needs ranging from clothing, foods, electronics to home decor, utensils, shoes and so much more. The highlight of this shopping center are the street food collection, apparel shops, and devotional items. It is a great way to spend time with your family and loved ones since you will find everything here for everyone.

What to Buy: Clothes, Taxi Services, Eating Items, Clothes of All Types, Electronic Items.

Monika Shopping Centre

While traveling in Somnath remember that it is not one of the most high-end, exotic locations in Gujarat. Rather, it is a wholesome, traditional, and vibrant shopping place for everyone. Monika shopping center is a mediocre, small and a traditional little shop that sells a variety of quirky items. Considered to be one of the basic shops you can buy a plethora of eatables here. From delicious seafood eatables to delicious packaged edibles and other sea-related quirky gifts. Remember that the prices of every item here is fixed so always buy it at that rate and support small business owners.

What to Buy: A variety of edible items

Sabri Store And Bakery Shop

If sweets and baked goods are your weakness then this shop in Somnath is a must-visit. Give your sweet tooth cravings a rest by visiting this shop and Gorgeing in delicious, local, and wholesome sweet treats. Situated in Prabhas Patan this bakery shop is located in the main bazaar area and it is hard not to get a hold of it. It has every type, flavor, and quantity of pastries, cakes, cookies, and a range of different local sweet delicacies. It also offers the convenient option of delivering sweet goods to your hotel or any accommodation in or around Somnath.

What to Buy: Cake, Biscuits, Cookies, Biscuit.

Gurukrupa Silk

Did you really visit Somnath or Gujarat if you didn’t go shopping at Gurukrupa Silk? The Gujarati culture is defined by its colorful clothing which has made it world-famous. Be it chaniya choli or any other traditional clothing that defines the heritage and culture of Gujarat, you will find it readily in this place. This amazing store is stocked with the latest traditional silk clothes and items which not only you will enjoy but will also make for the perfect gift for your family and loved ones back home. If it is a sari or some traditional clothing you wish to shop for then this silk store in Prabhas Patan is a must.

What to Buy: Traditional Silk Sarees

New Choice Fashion

Done with your traditional clothes shopping? Looking for newer, more fashionable options? The new choice fashion centre is exactly the place for you to be! This fashion store sells the latest, trending and brand-new clothing apparels. Although this store is newly opened, it has grabbed the attention of a lot of people, especially the younger generation. If you are traveling with young people then you can even shop till you drop here. If you want to take something back home for people of the said age group, then this place will not fail you.

What to Buy: Trendy clothes for all ages

Shopping is also one of the most important activities for travelers to indulge in, for a wholesome and a fun-filled holiday experience.