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Medical facilities in certain countries are extremely expensive and many people do not end up getting the treatment they need and that could have been done for a lot less money in India. India produces some of the finest and skilled doctors in the world. Over time India is evolving into one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism from people living overseas.

When it comes to getting medical treatment in India, Goa has quickly become a rising star in this spectrum. The health tourism industry in Goa is currently thriving owing to skilled and experienced medical health professionals. The calmly swaying palm trees in the breezy surroundings make the healing process and recovery a lot quicker.

If you are looking to travel to Goa for medical tourism then remember that you will be going to one of the most well-managed and properly organized medical holidays in India. Check out these benefits of visiting Goa for medical tourism purposes:

Medical Treatment in Goa

  • The doctors and many other healthcare professionals here are almost fluent in speaking and conveying in English. This means that language will not be a barrier while getting your treatment done in Goa. The patients will also be able to get their word across about the kind of problems they are dealing with.
  • The doctors in Goa are very well versed in treating patients from different aspects and backgrounds of life. They are popular for treating many high-end patients like socialites, celebrities, singers, and Bollywood stars. It is understandable that the plastic surgery department here is super skilled, affordable, and efficient with their profession.
  • The beachy shorelines of the Goan state are lined with dental clinics. This line of dentists goes on from Candolim, Calangute, and Baga. All these clinics offer impeccable medical services and the perfect atmosphere for any patient from anywhere to have a successful medical procedure of your choice.
  • The perfect medical services are owed to the awesome, neat, and tidy staff. Other than the doctors, the nurses service, package inclusions, and other such perks will make your medical treatment in India all the better.
  • All the treatment machines, devices, and other resources are of very good and high quality that ensure proper and accurate results. Machines like X-rays, dental equipment, and other such machines that are important in determining the root cause of any disease can be found here.
  • The reviews of any past patient that have gone through some procedure or the other in Goa only have wonderful things to say about the way the services were done and also about the quality of doctors. Some of the most popularly used medical services here include knee replacement, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, and other complicated procedures that are done at much lower rates.
  • Unlike other big cities with equally great medical facilities and services, the hospitals, dispensaries, or the doctor’s clinic does not remain clogged with patients every day. This ensures that your procedure will be done on time and if you’re lucky it can be done as soon as possible. The short waiting time also ensures that every patient gets medical attention very quickly.
  • The cost of surgery, doctor and hospital expenses, medicine charges, and other related services are much lower than other European countries in the world. This affordable aspect of medical and hospital treatment has made Goa rank among one of the top places for getting your procedures done.
  • Although the development of medical tourism is rather new, it has a very promising future so the moment to invest in it is now more than ever. There are many travel companies that offer to make packages to suit your medical needs like they will set you up in hospitals close to the hospital, offer to pick up and drop off services as required, and many more such perks.
  • There are some other things that these companies offering medical tourism have to offer. These medical tourism packages include healthcare quotation, setting up doctor’s appointments, personal pick up and drop off to and from the hotel to hospital and vice versa, and of course, additional sightseeing if needed after the whole procedure is done to end the holiday on a refreshing note.
  • Some of the most popular medical services that Goa has to offer include – thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgeries, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery, gastroenterology and oncology surgery, neurosurgery, cosmetic surgery, ENT, urology, nephrology, dermatology, ophthalmology, dental work, and so on.
  • Other than the western medication and surgeries Goa is also world-renowned for offering Ayurvedic services that have proven to show beneficial changes in patients with several different types of ailments that seemed like a distant dream in the past.

The fact of the matter remains that no matter how many steps and reforms the government of Goa undertakes, it will always be unsuccessful if the people are not involved. Currently, numerous hospitals and health care centers in Goa are regularly receiving queries about their facilities and amenities seeking medical attention.

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