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Goa is a tourist magnet for travellers and explorers from all over the world. From solo travelers and adventure seekers to couples on their honeymoon and a holiday with their buddies, Goa is a wholesome place for everyone looking to have a fun and memorable time. Steeped in a rich past, Goa has always been the center of attention for not just tourists and travelers but also for trading and shipbuilding. From the hippie vibes of North Goa to the tranquil and serene white beaches of South Goa, everything about this smallest Indian state is super mesmerizing. However, to enjoy Goa in the utmost manner, proper planning needs to take place. Goa is a lot more than just beaches. If you plan your trip to Goa smartly and wisely, you will be able to experience this coastal city in a much better manner.

Avoid Carrying Cash

Goa is a fun place for tourists however it may go all wrong if you carry a lot of cash with you. Goa is notoriously famous for pick-pocketing especially in crowded marketplaces and flea markets. Now with the digital age taking over the world, it would be best to make payments through your card or UPI, if there is an option. There are also several ATMs all over the state so you won’t have to carry huge sums of money all the time with you. Also, remember to never keep all your cash and valuable belongings inside your hotel rooms. Being a holiday destination it’s best to not attract a lot of attention by spending huge sums of money and any other valuables.

Be Sure Of Which Part of Goa You Are Looking To Explore

Even before booking a ticket to Goa, it is best to learn that there is a huge difference between north and south Goa, and booking your accommodation or travel plans randomly can cost you money to get around or pose to be a huge problem. Both north and south Goa are unique in their own way. North Goa is all about thumping nightlife, shopping, parties on beachside cafes, and liveliness. South Goa is a quieter version of north Goa. It is all about untouched white sandy beaches, chill vibes, a tranquil environment, and scenic drives. Make sure to keep in mind the places you want to check out before booking your hotels as well.

Photography Is Not Allowed Everywhere

Goa is one of the most preferred destinations for destination weddings or pre-wedding photoshoots. It has multiplied tenfold over the years. However, in an attempt to preserve the legacy and beauty of this timeless place, there are many spots where photography is strictly prohibited and not allowed. So before going ahead and taking a picture of anywhere you like make sure to look out for a sign that makes it clear if taking pictures is allowed there or not. There are many places like temples, churches, caves, and various forts where you should look out for a sign before taking a picture. Also, there are sites where flash photography is not allowed.

Be Respectful Of Local Cultures and Traditions

The Goan culture dates back centuries. From being a center of Hindu worship and learnings to being a colonized Portuguese trading center that invited interfaith and inter-religious mingling, Goa has been through a lot. The amalgamation and a heterogeneous mix of various cultures have prompted a feeling of oneness and brotherhood among the Goan population. The mark of this togetherness is the presence of numerous temples and churches which grace the entire state. Proper etiquette and dressing need to be followed while visiting these important places of worship in order to not offend the locals and show them due respect, the least you could do is wear non-skin showy clothes and at least cover your head.

Pack Essentials

A bag of essentials is very important for a fun-packed Goa trip without any hassle. The most important thing is to pack up all your essential documents like copies of ID and other important documents. Flip flops will be your best friend during the entirety of the trip so make sure to carry one or buy a pair of flip flops during your holiday in Goa. If you are looking forward to swimming out, then make sure to get yourself a proper set of beachwear. Pack good quality sunscreen, a scarf, and/or an umbrella if you wish to be extra careful with the sun.

Be Aware During Night Parties

Goa is known all over the world for its thumping nightlife and pumping music. It is understandable that if you experience the nightlife here once, you will be hooked. As night falls the entire Goan state turns into a party hub where you can enjoy all you want but with a little bit of extra caution. To ensure safety remember to be extra vigilant and never to get drinks from strangers. Also avoid walking alone back to your hotel, especially in remote parts.

If Possible Rent a Scooter

Renting a scooter to get around in Goa is highly recommended especially because local commuting within Goa like in a cab or a taxi is very expensive. Getting around in a scooter will ensure that you get to travel at your own will and time and cover places that you actually wish to explore. After all, what is exploring Goa without your own scooter?

These travel tips for Goa will make your holiday extra special and make sure that your Goan adventure is memorable as ever.

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