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This is a no-brainer. When it comes to the list of things that you can do in Goa, it could go on and on. From going on jungle hikes and having some relaxing beachy and mud therapy to going for water-based adventure sports or just spending your days lazing by the beach, enjoying the thumping nightlife, and having some fun in the sun. The plethora of things that one can do in Goa covers all age groups making sure that everyone making their way to Goa has the time of their lives. If there is one place guaranteed to make you feel the adrenaline pump in your body and the thrill that you feel like you were missing in your life, then Goa is the place to be.

Wondering what all you can do in Goa?  Check out these must-have experiences that will make you keep coming back to Goa for more.

Best Things to Do in Goa with Family

Water Sports in Baga Beach

Goa tops the list for being one of the best destinations for indulging in adrenaline-pumping water sports activities. Some of the most water sports activities in Goa include Parasailing, bumper rides, jet ski, boat rides, and banana rides to name a few. A typical Goan holiday will never give you a chance to get bored at any moment. These watersports activities are carried out by legit companies and expert, experienced and skilled crew members who guarantee your safety. It’s time to put those fears behind and get your fair share of adventure in the water.

Scuba Diving in Grande Island

Everybody is familiar with the wildlife on land but what about the thriving underwater life? Swimming in peace below the surface, amidst colorful fish and life-giving corals, scuba diving in the Grande Island of Goa seems like a real treat for underwater enthusiasts. Even if you are a non-swimmer, Grande Island is the perfect choice because the water here is shallow and you will be accompanied by a skilled and legit instructor who will guide you through the entire process. The island is just a couple of kilometers of long-tail boat ride from the edge of north Goa.

Explore the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Ranking among one of the tallest waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar Waterfall is a unique 4 tiered waterfall that is located on top of the Mandovi River near Panaji. This gushing waterfall graces the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park amidst the ancient Western Ghats. The milky white gushing waterfalls make their way through the thick covering of lush green deciduous forests which is home to some of the richest biodiversity collections in India. The best time to experience the waterfall in full flow is to go there during the rainy season when the falls are fed by storm rain.

Explore The Nightlife at Tito’s Lane

The Tito’s lane is an iconic part of Goa’s thumping past. Deemed for being one of the most happening nightspots in Goa, Tito’s lane is all about good food, delicious drinks, and of course the foot-tapping music that goes on till wee hours. The lane is lined with high-end, expensive clubs, bars, and restaurants to budget-friendly options as well. If you are confused about where to go for the night, put your confusion to rest by simply heading to Tito’s lane and allow the night to unfold itself in the most magnificent manner to you.

Go Paragliding in Anjuna

Goa is all about having the time of your life which can be done in a variety of ways here ranging from hikes and treks to exciting and thrilling water sports activities. These options are super budget-friendly and a fun, memorable way of spending your holidays. If you are tired of having just one perspective then maybe it is time for you to soar high and get a bird’s eye view by going paragliding in Anjuna. Watch the world from 1000 feet above in a motorized paragliding kit and feel the adrenaline pumping in your veins.

Go Bungee Jumping in Mayem Lake

The fun never seems to stop in Goa. With scores of things to do, bungee jumping is an unmissable option. You may have seen people jumping from high mountain tops but jumping on top of a scenic river surrounded by bountiful greenery is an experience of a lifetime. It costs upwards of 4,000 rupees but every second of this experience will be worth every penny. The best thing about this activity is the fact that it goes on 365 days a year with it peaking from October to May.

Visit the Fort Where the Movie Dil Chahta Hai Was Shot

The iconic Hindi movie starring Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, and Aamir Khan, directed by Farhan Akhtar, Dil Chahta Hai propelled Goa’s popularity to another level. A major part of the movie was shot in Goa including hotels, shacks, beaches, and the famous Chapora Fort. Located next to Vagator Beach in North Goa, other than the movie, this place is historically significant as well. Although named as a fort, it is mostly for ornamentation purposes and a display of Goan power during Portuguese rule. From the top of the fort, you can get some astounding views of the beach and the wide-open ocean.

Visit a Spice Plantation

Done with all the adventure and water sports activities? Wish to feel closer to nature? A visit to the spice plantation is the perfect way of getting in touch with the natural surroundings of Goa. Walking through these plantations is an ideal experience for people looking to indulge in nature walks or bird watching. A tourist guide will take you through the entire experience where you can even spot endangered birds and get to learn more about the whole area. The best way to experience it is the famous tropical spice plantation.

Goa is home to not just experiences and activities but a lot of incredible and interesting history. Going there is like seeing the two worlds collide and creating an atmosphere of utter fun, adventure, and peace, all at the same time.

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