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Goa is all about the sun, sand, seafood, and shopping! Shopping in Goa is a treat for travelers. From high-end boutiques to flea markets, Goa offers a wide range of shopping options that enables tourists and visitors to take back home a piece of Goa with them not just for themselves but also for their family, friends, and loved ones. Many streets of Goa and beach sides are lined with colorful market places of handmade products, handicrafts, decorative items, and edible stuff that will remind you of Goa every time.

Here Are Some Must Visit Shopping Places in Goa

Anjuna Flea Market

Considered to be one of the most popular flea markets in Goa, Anjuna Beach becomes the center stage of this marketplace every Wednesday of the week. If you love to shop then you can buy almost anything and everything ranging from home decor items to clothes and bags. Some of the most sold items are surprisingly Indian musical instruments and spices. It is extremely colorful and shopping by the beach at reasonable rates is never a bad idea.

Arpora Night Market

Goa is one thumping destination in India where the party never seems to stop. Keeping in mind this, the Arpora night market is a great shopping experience. This night market bustles with life even during the wee hours. You can eat local and international delicacies at the numerous food stalls here, or go clothes and knick-knack shopping. The market is set up for the weekend and you can find some really quirky stuff here like interesting helmets and even telescopes. The market opens up at 7 pm and stays open till 3 am in the morning.

Tibetan Market Baga Road

There are many different Tibetan markets across the subcontinent and each market is more distinct and interesting than the other which makes this Goan Tibetan market a must-visit. It is a part of the marketplace that pans from Calangute and goes on till Baga and displays awesome and intricate stuff. Leather goods, Silver Jewellery, antique decorative pieces, precious and semi-precious stone jewels, and many different and interesting products can be found here which will make your Goa trip a memory of a lifetime.

Mapusa Fish Market

Since the olden times, Mapusa fish and vegetable market has been the iconic heritage center for shopping as well as trading so this is not just a shopping place but it is also a historically significant place. The market remains open from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm. It is a great place to go, take pictures, interact with the locals, and have an immersive Goan experience. You will be treated with fresh Goan seafood like dried fish, pickles, Goan chorizo, spiced Goan sausages, and even a variety of desserts like the famous Bebinca Cake. Other than food items people can also shop for pottery items, Ashtrays, Candle Stands, Cashew Nuts, Tamarind, Woven Sarees, antique items, and many more.

Baga-Calangute Marketplace

The Baga Calangute market square is the ultimate shopping place for tourists looking to buy souvenirs or just check out the vibrant life and color that thrives in these marketplaces. Known as the queen of beach markets, the area has been the center of the development of the hippie culture in Goa during the 60s and 70s. The beach lines are about 4 miles long and are lined with shacks selling locally made products like textiles, trinkets, pottery items, foodstuff, Jewellery, and many more. The Tibetan market (mentioned earlier) is also a major highlight of the entire beach market line.

Panjim Market

Panjim is also known as Panaji which is the administrative capital of Goa, along with being one of the best places to shop till you drop! Some of the popular and must-visit places to shop in Panjim are Khadi India, Municipal Market, Caculo Mall, Sosa’s, barefoot, white brick wall, Marcou artifacts, and many more! The narrow streets of this marketplace remain lined with small shops and stalls selling a variety of products like seafood, spices, cashew nuts, and other edible stuff that not only can you have there but also take back home. The Khadi store displays some of the best selections of handmade soaps, wooden products, coconut shell statues, and more. If it is high-end and branded shops that you are looking for, then this marketplace also has a mall.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Saturday night is the time of the week when the Baga streets are turned into a night bazaar that caters to visitors and shoppers all night long. If you want to skip the day marketing at Anjuna market then Mackie’s night market is perfect for you. The price of everything here is very reasonable and the cool environment makes the whole experience even better. To keep you going there are food stalls set up everywhere along with living music in some places making it definitely one of the most unique shopping experiences in India. The market kick starts at 6 pm in the evening and goes on till 2 am or even more if there are more crowds.

Beach Candy

Beach candy is a pop-up shop located in Morjim, Goa which is an incredibly refreshing high-end shopping destination in Goa. The colorful and vibrant facade will immediately invite you into the shop and make you buy some interesting and colorful stuff. This boutique offers quirky beachwear, comfortable weather-friendly clothes, shorts, sheer tops, and more! This place aims at creating allies with the local NGOs and presenting locally made Apparels and other products to the tourists depicting the best of Goa. Open all day of the week, beach candy is a must visit place to shop in Goa.

Goa has always been the center of fun in the sand and exciting activities. Shopping has also gained a huge fan following throughout the world. It goes without saying that a typical Goan holiday can only be experienced if you check these awesome places to shop.

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