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Mussoorie is the ultimate travel destination for peace seekers, explorers, weekend-goers, and nature lovers. This old-timey town which is a living and well-preserved reminder of its colonial past graces the lap of the Garhwal Himalayas and is dotted with numerous British architectural style cottages, churches, and buildings. Even though it’s a cute little small town, some level of planning is definitely involved due to its location on the hills. This green paradise which is a kaleidoscopic representation of its culture, heritage, and beliefs, is an experience and a world of its own. Famous for being one of the best places to relax your time away amidst the pure and unadulterated environment and being surrounded by extreme scenic beauty, a trip to Mussoorie is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many. Even if it is not, then here are some important tips that you should not ignore while planning a fun-filled holiday to Mussoorie:

Mussoorie Travel Tips – Traveling Guide

Adventure Activities

Mussoorie is known for its lovely nature but not much for its fun-filled adventure activities. If you are an adrenaline junkie then Mussoorie is a paradise for you. You can indulge in activities like rock climbing, Hiking, Trekking, Camping, Rappelling, zip lining and so much more. Nature walks and bird watching are two utterly popular activities in this hill town. So you can imagine that other than sightseeing and temple hopping, Mussoorie has much more to offer. There is always something for everyone in this queen of hills.

Best Way to Reach

No matter which part of India you are traveling from, it is also a good option to first make your way to Delhi or some other nearby town and then book your train, cab, or bus service to Mussoorie from here. Other than that you can check out the train schedule for the trains running between different places in India to Dehradun railway station. Another way of reaching Mussoorie is through a flight journey to Dehradun airport. They cater to only a couple of flights from different parts of India. From the railway station or airport, you can book a cab service or catch a bus from here to your destination in Mussoorie.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mussoorie is during the summer, early monsoon months from March to early July. This would be the best time for you to experience the multi-faceted experiences this quaint hill town has to offer. During these months, the sky remains clear, the trees, greenery, and flowers are in full bloom and the temperature during these months remains stable which means not too hot and not too cold. This makes Mussoorie one of the most visited hill destinations, especially during the peak tourism season.

Major Tourist Attractions

Mussoorie is a paradise for tourists. From viewpoints and waterfalls to the mall road shopping and excursions to nearby places, tourists won’t get bored in Mussoorie on any single day. Some of the major and must-visit tourist attractions in Mussoorie are – Gun Hill, Kempty Waterfall, Camelback, George Everest House, Char Dukaan, Jharipani Falls, and more. If you have more time then you can also check out places like – Laal Tibba, cloud’s end, Jwala Devi Temple, Company Garden, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, k-Devbhoomi wax museum, landour, Dehradun Mussoorie ropeway ride, and more.

The Perfect Mussoorie Itinerary

Mussoorie is a place where you will be spoiled for choices especially if you are looking to go sightseeing or explore new places. However, if you wish to experience it all then this is probably the perfect itinerary that you have been looking for: Delhi – Mussoorie – Dhanaulti – Surkanda Devi – back to Delhi. If you want then you can also indulge in some fun adventure activities since they are very fun and totally safe.

Book Smartly

When it comes to booking hotel rooms in a popular tourist destination, you have got to be smart or you will end up paying more money than required. Book your hotel, taxi, or any other service at least 90 days prior to your date of travel. You will end up paying a lot less as compared to if you book these services just a couple of days before. Always remember to book your hotels closer to the places you are planning on exploring. The closer you are to your sightseeing destinations the more you will be saving on unnecessary transportation costs.

Pack Right

No matter what time of the year you plan a Mussoorie tour, it is important to be extra careful while packing. If traveling during the summertime is sure to pack at least one or two woolen clothing. Even if it is sunny, bright, and warm during the day, the temperature dips drastically as the sun goes down. In wintertime, it goes without saying to pack warm layers, thermal inners, woolen clothing, socks, gloves, and other warm winter clothes. During the peak winter months, Mussoorie tends to experience some amount of snowfall.

Respect the Locals

Always remember that if you are visiting somewhere, respect the locals. It would not be a good idea to offend the locals in any way. Be sure to follow the rules given out by the residents of Mussoorie and not create a ruckus. Also, be extra mindful of not littering garbage all over this beautiful hill town. Just doing these small little things won’t take much and just being a mindful traveler would make your experience and even interaction with the locals here extremely memorable.

These are just a couple of things that you need to remember prior to going to Mussoorie. These tips and tricks for traveling to Mussoorie will end up being extremely important.

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