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It doesn’t matter where you are traveling to; a holiday remains incomplete without going on a shopping expedition. Mussoorie is all about good vibes, natural beauty, and a sense of peace in the air, however, the whole Mussoorie experience just pulls together when you shop for some of the famous things this place steeped in interesting history and legends has to offer. These souvenirs will be a regular reminder of your memorable trip to the hills of Mussoorie. But what should you buy and where? If you are looking for the perfect gift to give to yourself or to your loved ones back home then this would help you out immensely:

What to Buy

Woolen Garments

Mussoorie is a hill station so woolen garments are one of the most highly available and in-demand products in the market. From sweaters, beanies, woolen socks, and gloves to a variety of jackets, warm inners, and other warming accessories, you can come to Mussoorie without any woolen clothes and leave here with a bag full of them! These garments are mostly produced locally which means that they are affordable, stylish, and warm as well. The best part is that these woolen garments are available in various sizes and for different age groups as well.

Brass Items

Mussoorie locals are extremely talented and take extra care in protecting their roots and traditional artsy side. If you take a walk in these marketplaces of Mussoorie one thing you will find recurring is the cute and very elegant little brass items and products. Unique sculptures, fine designing skills, and the perfect execution of technique, these brass items will definitely beautify the place wherever you may put it. These also make for a great gift to give to someone back home. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes brass items should definitely be included in your souvenir shopping list.

Trinkets and Jewellery

When it comes to Jewellery items, Mussoorie is a quirky little escape from the regular commercial types of Jewellery. Most of the Jewellery and trinkets like small nose pins, bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and anklets are primarily made locally by the people that wonderfully capture the culture and the real spirit of Mussoorie. Buying these trinkets is a good idea since in this way you will also support the small-scale trinket industry in the area which is almost in shambles. They use as much of the local resources as possible for creating cute little Jewellery pieces.

Interesting Souvenir

If you are someone who loves collecting souvenirs like coffee mugs, Keychains, or refrigerator magnets then you will be able to find numerous such souvenir items. Collectibles are a reminder of your holiday to Mussoorie so these timeless pieces of the travel are treasured by many. There are tiny little shops selling these typical travel souvenir pieces that people buy in bulk and give to others or keep them for themselves in order to keep something that reminds them of Mussoorie.

Wooden Items

Other than brass items, wooden items are also very popular among tourists. Wood is easily available in and around Mussoorie which the locals use to create interesting decorative items and wooden toys. From elaborate designs to the simplest items, wooden products have a huge customer base. People of Mussoorie or Uttarakhand Devbhoomi, in general, have some expert artisans that carve out the doors, chairs, and other wooden materials in fine design patterns. This makes it clear that Mussoorie is home to a very creative and imaginative set of artisanal groups.

Where to Buy

The Mall Road Market

The mall road in Mussoorie is one of the most popular places to shop till you drop. Either side of the entire length of the mall road in Mussoorie is lined with small shops selling souvenirs, delicious local food, and other interesting items like ceramic vases, Tibetan prayer wheels and handicrafts, and antique items. This has to be one of the most vibrant and crowded places in Mussoorie due to its popularity. This super busy area offers a range of products from a variety of vendors ranging from electronics to clothes and shoes.

Tibetan Market

As you make your way down the Mussoorie road, you will be led effortlessly to one of the most popular types of the market called Tibetan market that sells Tibetan products. One thing is assured that the Tibetan market sells some of the best warm clothes like Tibetan shawls along with an assortment of other stuff ranging from more interesting electronic goods to cute non-descript knick-knacks. Even if you don’t feel like buying anything for yourself then also you can buy a couple of things that you find quirky in one of the many different stalls there.

Classic Emporium

When it comes to checking out and getting to know more about the Pahadi Culture and traditions then classic emporium is a must-visit. Classic emporium at Mussoorie offers an exquisite collection of handmade items like colorful quirky lampshades, porcelain figurines, British furniture, and other interesting decorative items. This place truly and beautifully displays the culture and traditional handicrafts of Mussoorie locals. These products that get sold finally benefit the makers and artisans of Mussoorie.

Kulri Bazaar

After mall road, if you ask around, Kulri Bazaar is the most popular among shopping places in Mussoorie. This is one of the most vibrant markets in Uttarakhand since it goes on till 10 pm at night. Located on the southern end of the mall road, you will spot a couple of restaurants and shops selling warm woolen clothing items. Handicrafts are sold at extremely reasonable rates here which can be bought as a gift for someone or yourself. This can be described as the more posh part of Mussoorie with fine dining restaurants and classy hotels. If you want a change of scene from the regular old mall road then visit this market place.

Shopping in Mussoorie is a blissful, fun, and exciting experience because the range of things that are available truly capture the real spirit of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand.

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