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It is quite obvious to have some queries related to your next planned journey. This is the time to buckle up Yourself for the pious Amarnath Yatra 2024. We have compiled up some of the most common and valid questions running in the mind of a pilgrim.

Q 1. Why There Is A Need To Register For Amarnath Yatra?

Ans. Due to the limited carrying capacity of the mountainous tracks of Amarnath, the government has limited the number of tourists to 15,000 per day by looking after their safety and security. Each of the routes is limited to 7500 pilgrims per day and this is why registration is mandatory for Amarnath Yatra.

Q 2. Is There Any Criterion To Get Qualified For Covering This Divine Yatra?

Ans. Yes, children under 13 years of age, senior citizens who are above 75 years of age are not qualified for this Yatra. Ladies who are more than 6 weeks pregnant are also not qualified for this pious journey.

Q 3. Where Can We Go For The Registration And How Much Registration Fee Is Charged?

Ans. The registration procedures are done at the designated bank branches established all over the country. There are more than 400 bank branches where registration for Amarnath Yatra is done.  If everything is in order then to get the Yatra Permit you need to pay 50 per person.

Q 4. What Are The Essential Documents Required For The Registration?

Ans. You need to submit the Compulsory Health Certificate along with the registration form. If you are failed to submit CHC then you won’t be permitted to visit the holy cave of Baba Barfani.

Q 5. From Where Can I Get The Registration Form For Amarnath Yatra 2024? Is It Available Online?

Ans. Yes, it is available online as Shri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board (SASB) has made it available for the pilgrims to download the form online. You can also get the same from any of the designated bank branches which are authorized for the registration.

Q 6. Can We Apply Online Or Only Offline Registration Is Being Done?

Ans. Yes, SASB has started the online registration process this year after a few years. From last Years online procedure was not allowed due to certain fraud cases done witnessed in the online procedure.

Q 7. Do We Need To Follow The Same Procedure For Individual And Group Registration?

Ans. You can check the guidelines for the group registration at the official website of SASB under the group registration process.

Q 8. What Is CHC And From Where Can I Get It?

Ans. CHC stands for Compulsory Health Certificates which shows your fitness level for this difficult Yatra. The Yatra to this holy cave includes your exposure to insane climatic conditions including reduced air level, low humidity, extreme cold climate, increased UV Rays, etc. and this is why only physically fit people are allowed to cover this Yatra. One can easily obtain this certificate from the authorized institutions and doctors.

Q 9. I Am From Bangalore And Want To Know That From Where Do I Get The Details Of The Authorized Institutions And Doctors For Issuing CHC?

Ans. You can check it on the official website of SASB which gets updated regularly. Devotees can check the list as per their state.

Q 10. Which Is The Best Route To Reach The Holy Cave Of Amarnath?

Ans. There are two routes to reach Amarnath cave i.e. Jammu-Pahalgam and the other one is Jammu-Baltal. Jammu-Baltal is the shorter route to reach the cave and it takes 14 km trekking distance to be covered only and if you go via Jammu-Pahalgam route then you need to cover 30 km trekking distance to reach Amarnath cave. Despite being a longer route, Jammu-Pahalgam is the most convenient route to reach the cave as it facilitates all the essentials of a trip like food stalls, camps, etc.

If you are left with any more Query then do ask us in the comment box. We will surely try to help you out with your queries.

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