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The auspicious Amarnath Yatra is a cherished journey to the holy Amarnath cave which has been named after the Mount Amarnath nestled in Jammu and Kashmir. The revered Yatra commences annually due to its critical zone location and extreme climatic conditions. Being located on a high altitude the pilgrimage is covered with snow for the most part of the year. Being an annual pilgrimage it is required to do the advance registration booking to visit the cave and the naturally formed ice lingam. There are almost 400 branches of the bank are available which are approved for the registration of the Yatra.

Amarnath Yatra Registration Will Start From 2nd of April 2024

This year Amarnath Yatra will start from 1st of July and will end on the 15th of August 2024 i.e. it would continue for 46 days which is more than last year (40 days). The registration procedure is starting from 2nd of April 2024 at all the authorized bank branches established all over the country. This year the registration is done via both online and offline mode which is good news for the pilgrims as the online registration process was closed due to some fraudulent cases found in the online registration process.

Note: It is to be noted by all the devotees that the issuance of the permit cards and the registration is based on First Come, First Serve basis.

Documents Required During the Registration Procedure

Below enlisted are some of the essential documents which you need to submit during the Amarnath Yatra registration.

  • 4 photographs of passport size.
  • Correctly filled up registration form which you can download online and can get it offline too.
  • The health certificate is mandatory to be submitted which must be obtained with an authorized doctor and it must be obtained after the 1st of March.

How to Do the Registration for Amarnath Yatra 2024?

  • The very first thing to register yourself for the Yatra is to download the form and then take out their print outs. Both the forms need to be duly filled up and must be checked before the final submission.
  • If you are unaware of the bank branches which are authorized to do the registration then you can click the website of SASB (Sri Amarnath Ji Shrine Board) and then further select the nearest branch to you.
  • The photographs affixed on the registration form need to be self-attested by the devotees. Along with the registration form you also need to submit your health certificate at the nearest authorized bank branch for the completion of your registration for the sacred Yatra to ice-stalagmite.
  • You are required to pay Rs 50 along with the registration form which is charged as a registration fee.
  • After the successful completion of your registration, you will be issued with a proper Yatra Permit for 2024.
  • The devotees are provided with different colour permit cards which are classified on a day basis and on a route basis.
Day Pahalgam Route Baltal Route
Monday Lavender Lemon Chiffon
Tuesday Pink Lace Blue
Wednesday Beige Honeydew
Thursday Peach Lavender
Friday Lemon Chiffon Pink Lace
Saturday Blue Beige
Sunday Honeydew Peach


Points To Be Noted Down

  1. As mentioned above, the registration would be done on first come, first serve basis and so with the issuance of Yatra Permit.
  2. The registration of the Yatris is done at all the designated bank branches on the prescribed date.
  3. It should be clear to everyone that one registration is valid for one devotee only. So, do the registrations as per your group.
  4. Each branch is authorized with a certain number of registration quotas per day and the registration branch ensures it well that the limit of the quota should not be exceeded up.
  5. Pregnant ladies of more than 6 weeks, children below 13 years of age, and old-aged people who are of more than 75 years are not allowed to cover this divine holy cave Yatra.

Terms and Conditions

  • Pilgrims without Yatra Permit are not allowed to take part in Yatra.
  • If you are covering this divine Yatra by helicopter then you don’t need to register yourself but you are required to submit your health certificate.
  • People suffering from certain health conditions like high blood pressure, any sort of heart disease or asthma are not advised to take part in this Yatra.

NRI Registration Procedure for Amarnath Yatra

Procedure for Providing Registration to NRI / ex-India Pilgrims

To Register for Shri Amarnathji Yatra 2024, an NRI/ ex-India pilgrim has to send scanned copies of the following documents via email to Shri Rohit Raina, Chief Manager, IT, Department, Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Jammu, at the email address: (contact no. 0191-2470105).

  • Filled-in Application Form.
  • Compulsory Health Certificate.
  • Scanned photograph
  • Identity Proof/Copy of Passport
  • Registration fee of Rs 1520/– per Yatri (to be deposited in the Punjab National Bank: Swift Code: PUNBINBBJTS, Account Number 0794000101212056)
  • Compulsory Health Certificate should have been issued by the National Health Services of the country concerned after 16th April 2024.
  1. Formats Application Form and Compulsory Health Certificate are available at the Board’s website:
  2. For Yatra 2024, the YPFs shall be based on real-time punching of data in the portal and shall be System Generated.
  3. The intending pilgrim will have the choice of collecting the Yatra Permit from the designated branch of Punjab National Bank located at Jammu or Srinagar. This choice shall be indicated by the pilgrim in her/ his forwarding e-mail.
  4. Registration of NRI/ ex-India Pilgrims shall be subject to the availability of the Registration quota for the preferred day and route.
  5. Shri Rohit Raina, Chief Manager, IT Department, Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, Jammu will inform the Pilgrim via e-mail, whether she/he has been Registered for the Yatra and the location of the Bank Branch at Jammu/ Srinagar from where the Yatri would be required to collect the Yatra Permit.

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