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Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat holds a great religious and historical significance. The city boasts a large number of ancient architectural wonders including monuments, temples, etc. Ahmedabad is also reckoned for being one of the most developed textiles and industrial city. Are you also thinking of exploring this city but confused in selecting the best time? If yes, then scroll down the page to check that what is the best time to visit Ahmedabad?

This modern city offers its tourists with different charms in different seasons. However, the city makes you witness a great traveling experience altogether. Although the city can be explored throughout the year summer season is not much preferred by the tourists.

Visiting Ahmedabad in the Summer Season

To be very frank, planning Ahmedabad trip in the summer season is not a good idea. The temperature reaches up to 50 degree Celsius and the average temperature falls in the 40s only which makes the weather so humid. There is a recorded history of 50-degree temperature in Ahmedabad. If you are visiting the city in the summer months then be ready to face the scorching heat. Also, it will be pretty difficult to explore the tourist destinations in such hot weather especially the strong heat waves are definitely going to make your journey difficult.

Visiting Ahmedabad during the Monsoon Season

Rainfall level ranges from moderate to heavy level in the city. Definitely, rainfall leads to downfall in the temperature level but it rises up the humidity level in the city. The days are quite pleasing and favorable during the monsoon months. Also, the temperature ranges between 19 and 30 degree Celsius in this season. The best thing about planning your Ahmedabad trip in the monsoon months is that you can participate in the celebration of various enchanting festivals. So go ahead with your plan and attain an enjoyable and vibrant traveling experience in the city. Although, I would recommend you to stay updated with the climatic conditions of the city as there is a huge chance of flood occurrence.

Visiting Ahmedabad during the Winter Season

The most ideal time to visit this industrial city in Ahmedabad. If you are visiting the shrine during the winter months then cool climate is going to make your journey one of the most memorable journeys in your life. The climate is quite favorable and you can enjoy all the outdoor activities and can also enjoy visiting the popular tourist destinations in the city. The temperature of the city generally ranges between 12 and 35 degree Celsius during the daytime. Do not forget to carry heavy woolens in your luggage as the nights are quite chilly and can make you fall ill. Also, if you are exploring the city in the month of January then witnessing Kite Festival is going to be a complimentary experience. This is the time when the city seems the most beautiful and you can learn about the lifestyle of the city.