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One of the most popular shopping paradises in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is reckoned for its world heritage sites, sightseeing destinations, ancient temples, and for its textile industries. Right from the moment, one enters this beautiful city starts witnessing and experiencing the charm of this land. No matter you visit any of the markets in this rapidly developing city you are never going to get disheartened as these markets are always found overflowing with the finest qualities of fabrics, amazing handicrafts, Fascinating Hospitality, Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry, and also some of the exquisite collections of the souvenirs which depict modernity. Also called “Manchester of India” Ahmedabad is a place where you can show your haggling talent.

Let’s have a look at this comprehensive list of shopping destinations in Ahmedabad:

01. Lal Darwaja

One of the most popular and crowded shopping hubs in Ahmedabad, Lal Darwaza is a destination where tourists can shop out some of the best areas of the city. One can come to know about its popularity by witnessing the huge crowd standing and shopping things in the narrow lanes of this market area. If you are also fond of eating junk foods then this shopping is going to be a double bonanza for you where you can enjoy shopping along with treating your taste buds with delectable Gujarati Cuisines. I would advise if you are visiting this spot then beware of pickpockets and keep your eyes on your belongings means do not get so indulged in shopping and bargaining that you feel regret.

  • Things You Can Buy From Here: Embroidered as well as simple Dupattas, colorful skirts, embroidered Chaniya Choli, Dress Materials, Fancy Shoes, Saree, belts at cheap price, and also second-hand books, and garments for all age people.
  • Opened On: All days of the week from morning 11 till 11 pm.

02. Dhalgarwad

One of the oldest and the most visited fabric markets in the city, Dhalgarwad is situated in the old region of the city. Also called as treasure delight for Amdavadi, this popular market is known for selling the amazing quality of fabrics at low prices and this makes this spot crowded with tourists and locals.  Although it is not much recommended to plan you’re shopping alone here as you may get trapped in vendors words and get the worst quality of fabrics.

  • Things One Can Buy From Here: Chaniya Cholis, Silk Patola Sarees, Salwar Suits, Jaipuri Cotton Fabrics, chunky pieces of jewelry, etc.
  • Opened On: Throughout the week and it gets opened at 11 in the morning and gets closed at 11 in the night.

03. Sindhi Market

Also called as Revdi Bazar, Sindhi Market looks a bit similar to Lal Darwaza but has its vibrant charm. Although the entire city is studded with beautiful markets if you are looking for grocery items traditional household artifacts, and the other household items. However, the market is not so popular for clothing items but still, you can get some decent collections of footwear, ladies wear including dress materials and also the Sarees but for that, you need to go very deep inside the market. I swear this is going to be one of the best places where you can haggle to get your favorite item at your price.

  • Things One Can Buy From Here: Handicrafts, Dress Materials, Pillow Covers, Bed Sheets, Footwear, Curtains, Decorative Items, and many more household things.
  • Opened On: Throughout the week and the market continues from 11 am to 11 pm.

04. Manek Chowk

Located in the old city of Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk is one of the most attractive, crowded, multilayered, and alarming markets that unfolds the treasure of Ahmedabad shopping items. The history of this market states that the spot has been named after Baba Maneknath one of the great philosophers of Sultan Ahmad Shah. You will be surprised to know that this is the second-largest markets in the country holding an overall turnover of INR 3 million. Manek Chowk is however always filled with the crowd but as soon as the wedding bell rings the market gets a heavy influx of crowd for buying jewelry, clothes, and other items. If you are done with shopping early then move towards Rani Nu Hajiro to get some different experience.

  • Things One Can Buy From Here: Bandini, traditional Gujarati material, block print fabric, gold, and Garba costumes.
  • Opened On: From 11 in the morning to 1:30 at night and throughout the week.

05. Law Garden Bazaar

The place which gets transformed completely in the evening. When you come across this place in the morning then you can witness the law college and then in the evening the lanes get studded with various vendors and several stalls selling varied items including clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. you can get both traditional as well as western dresses here like you can get Salwar Suits, Saree, and Even Jeans, skirts, etc. What I liked about this shopping destination is that here you can enjoy shopping along with gorging upon some delectable Gujarati cuisines and my favorites are Chole Bhature and Pav Bhaji of this place.

  • Things One Can Buy From Here: decorative items like wall hangings, Dress Materials, Bed Sheets, Costume Jewelry, Western Wear, Cholis, Chaniyas, Footwear, Bags, and western wear.
  • Opened On: All days from 17:30 to 11: 30 at night.

06. CG Road

Named after one of the most leading and famous businessman Chimanlal Girdharlal, CG Road market is not a street market only as here you can find some good shopping arcades and malls like CG Square Mall, Super Mall, ISCON Mall, etc. and here you can get some of the best-branded clothes like Arrow, Blackberry, Jade Blue, Reebok, etc. However, one needs to come with a good budget here as the market is a little costly but don’t think about the qualities of the clothes as you are going to get the finest fabrics here.

  • Things One Can Buy From Here: Branded Clothes, Footwear, and various things in the mall.
  • Opened On: All days in a week from 11 in the morning to 11 at night.