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The commercial hub of Gujarat and the seventh-largest city in the country, Ahmedabad is a cultural melting point. This business city of West India has attracted several business tycoons and trendsetters from the highly competitive sector that makes the city immensely investing, innovative, and evolving. The city is bedecked with several alluring tourist destinations like Sabarmati Ashram, Kankaria Lake, Hathee Singh Temple, Sarkhej Roza, etc.


This ancient city lies beautifully on the western side of River Sabarmati and is encircled by a 10 km long wall. The exquisitely carved temples, crowded market areas, gigantic monuments, huge gates, and sub-terrain stepwell are some of the super alluring things that take Ahmedabad tourism a notch higher.


The history of the state owes its foundation to Sultan Ahmed Shah. There is an interesting legend stating that once while hunting the ruler encountered a warren of rabbits on the bank of River Sabarmati. Surprisingly, the rabbits turned aggressively on his hounds and protected their territory. Sultan Ahmed Shah considered this as an auspicious sign, so he decided to build this area as his new capital and named it Ahmedabad in his honor.

Ahmedabad has witnessed the kingdom of several rulers, starting with the ruler of the Sultanate in 1487. Later on, a military cantonment was established in the city under British rule and at the same time, the infrastructure of the city was expanded and modernized. The city emerged itself as a home of the booming textile industry and later earned the title ‘Manchester of India’.

What makes this city more significant and popular?

Gujarat is quite popular among travelers as the land of legends and Ahmedabad is no exception to this. Sabarmati Ashram, a wonderful ground established on the western bank of River Sabarmati had served as the second home to Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary leader and the father of the nation. Many of his personal belongings like spinning wheel, spectacles, etc. are well preserved in this ashram.

Sabarmati Ashram was considered to be the nerve center of several freedom movements of India such as non-violence, Swadeshi, and civil disobedience that laid the foundation of British Swaraj. The city has a sheer wealth of treasures in terms of both medieval castles and art collections. Calico Museum of textiles, Kite Museum, Vechaar Utensils Museum, Auto World Vintage Car Museum, and Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum are the places that surprise anyone with their beauty and historical significance.

Travel Tips for Ahmedabad

For those who are planning to explore the city of wonderful museums, imperial temples, and gorgeous lakes, we have enlisted some relevant and necessary tips. We truly believe that traveling to a new place is always hectic and unsafe and one needs to be very attentive and vigilant throughout the journey. Check out the below enlisted that will help you to ensure your safety and security at this new place.  The tips and tricks listed below don’t only take care of your belongings but also ensure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Things to Keep In Mind

  • The very first thing that you need to take care of is your bookings because you might not get the booking after reaching the city. Therefore, be wise and complete your ticket as well as hotel booking in advance especially if you are traveling to the city during the peak season.
  • Ahmedabad is a cultural city hence, you are strictly advised to respect the traditions and customs of the city. People of this city are known for their humble and kind nature and they expect their guests to be the same. Try not to use any vulgar or abusive words as it doesn’t sound good and can even put you in some trouble. This is why we advise you to obey the code of conduct defined by the locals and don’t perform any bad deeds.
  • No matter which place you are going to, you are always going to face forgery and you need to beware of them and ensure your safety and security from the crooks. Additionally, everyone in the city right from the porters to the rickshaw-pullers tries befooling you by extracting extra money from your pocket. They sometimes even misguide you to earn extra commission.
  • Maintain the decorum and ethnicity of the city, so don’t indulge yourself in any sort of unethical actions like disturbing the heritage buildings or monuments. Also, if you dare to do such acts then be ready to face the consequences as it is a punishable offense.
  • Take proper care of your health and select a genuine place to treat your taste buds with delectable delicacies. Try avoiding unhygienic food and other stuff and also avoid eating raw, processed, and uncooked food as this might disturb your stomach and hamper your trip.
  • Although there is no restriction on dressing style in Ahmedabad we would recommend you not to put on revealing clothes.
  • You are also advised to walk with a group rather than preferring to walk isolated. This is a very important thing to keep in mind from the safety aspects.
  • No matter which city you are traveling to in the country you are always going to face the problem of pickpockets. Hence, it is very important for you to take care of your belongings and cash and we also advise you not to carry a large amount of cash with you while traveling on public transport.
  • The city is home to several historical monuments and tourist places and many of them ask for an entry ticket. Don’t forget to play with the authority and you must buy the ticket or else if you are found exploring the site without a ticket then you are surely going to get severely punished.
  • Don’t hesitate to pay extra bugs for the safety of your belongings when you are visiting any tourist site as it is not safe to keep your valuables with you because pickpockets will always be having an eye on them. Also, do not keep the cash amount unevenly rather than keeping it in one place.

Best Time to Visit Ahmedabad

The Winter season is the most ideal time to plan your holiday in Ahmedabad as the weather is pretty pleasing and favorable at this time. So, you can enjoy indulging in outdoor activities and have glimpses of the mesmerizing sights of the city. If possible, try not to plan your vacation in Ahmedabad in the summer months as the city witnesses unfavorable climatic conditions and the scorching heat won’t let you enjoy the outdoor activities.