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Uttar Pradesh is one state of India which offers a plethora of activities for every type of traveler. From being one of the most religiously active places to offering a range of backpacking options this place will surely be a surprise. apart from a very dynamic historical account that has left behind a number of interesting architectural marvel and the delicious variety of food availability, UP is also about interesting and fun-filled shopping expeditions. These vibrant and colorful market places give you a closer look into the life of the local and ethnic people of UP.

This wonderfully dynamic state is especially famous for marble inlay work items, Banarsi Saree, handicrafts items, Chikankari clothing items and so much more. take back with you a range of souvenirs and gifts for your family, friends and loved ones back home from these awesome market places in UP:

Marble Inlay Artifacts – This state has always been the center for some of the most incredible and awe-inspiring range of artifacts that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. This item is mainly available and can be bought in Agra – home of the 7th wonder of the world Taj mahal. Also referred to as the Pietra Dura work in local language and primarily available in Sadar Bazaar regions, old town parts, and in and around Taj. If you are looking for this you may even feel free to buy artifacts made out of cheaper materials like soapstone and alabaster rather than original marble. The colored inlaid stones look very beautiful and flattering and in fact amplifies the beauty of the place where you keep it making for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Banarsi Silk Sarees – Varanasi is undoubtedly one of the holiest and the oldest living cities in the world. This is due to the fact that the holy River of Ganga makes her way through this ancient town. One of the most famous shopping items in Varanasi is the iconic Banarasi silk sarees which consists of brocades that are hand woven with the help of gold or silver threads. This is a very heavy saree which also displays impeccably fine works of art and blends in vibrant colors with the help of various weaving communities. some of the most famous communities dedicated towards producing this much talked about and loved sarees are – Godowlia, Lalpura, Madanpura, etc to name a few. Test the genuine nature of the saree through the ring test which requires you to pull the whole saree through a small ring. Impossible? but this is the test to verify.

Chikankari Items – Chikankari is a patent and the most legendary style of embroidery in UP which is predominantly and easily available in Lucknow. People say that your visit to UP remains incomplete if you miss out on buying some Chikankari items like sarees, kurtas, tops, etc. available only in pastel shades and white they can be seen largely available in the markets of Aminabad and Hazratganj. To create this interesting work of art, 36 different types of stitches are used on a very light and breathable muslin or cotton cloth. Nowadays different fabrics are also utilized for this creation. People and travelers can easily make their way to one of the many old-style market places available all over the state.

Attar – Attar or more commonly called ‘attar’ is one of the most famous things to shop for in this wonderfully promising state. Produced mainly in the region of Kannauj, this fragrant perfume is available in tiny bottles in a concentrated form. It is so concocted that people only need to apply a drop or two on their clothes which will easily last for a number of days without re-applying. This is another one of the main things people buy for in UP. If you go for shopping attar in UP then the perfumer’s chowk is the place for you to be since this is one of the oldest and traditional places to buy this unique item. You may buy them for yourself or for gifting it to your loved ones which will also make for the perfect gift.

Khurja Pottery – As the name suggests this is one form of pottery which is mainly found in the region of Khurja in large scale. Present in the district of Bulandshahr in UP this is a traditional Indian pottery style which is not only popular but is also protected under the geographical indication of intellectual property rights. Pottery and clay items produced in Khurja cater to both domestic as well as international market. This includes items like crockery ware, tiles, household items, electrical goods, and more. You can feel free to buy a lot of these things at the best process and at a wholesale amount. You may buy things here for yourself as well as your friends and close ones back home.

Sweets And Handicrafts In Mathura – Mathura is undoubtedly one of the most famous holy places in India mainly due to history depicting that it was the place where Lord Krishna had spent a major part of his life growing up. Because of this reason, one can easily find religious and spiritual items like various idols, artifacts, paintings, and pictures. Mathura and even Agra are famous all over the world for sweets like petha which is produced here in large scale amounts. You will be greeted with scores of shops and sweet shops offering these delicious sweet treats and can be easily preserved as well. This means you may easily take them back to your home town without any problem.

Apart from the above-mentioned items of shopping in Uttar Pradesh you can even shop for things like brassware, Metalware, cane / wooden furniture, leather items, carpets, sweets, bangles, glassware, kebabs, stoneware and so much more that the shopaholic in you may get tired but the shopping avenues will keep on expanding.

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