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UP is a massive state with a lot of quirks and things to do. This place can be described as the kaleidoscopic collection of varied cultures, food, traditions, and religions. If you are traveling to any part of UP for any purpose ranging from religious to sightseeing then knowing about the state is vital. It may be an overwhelming experience especially for travelers from out of India. It is the land where people speak different languages, practice different religions from Hinduism to Islam and Buddhism and borders with the hill state. This state is unlike any other place you may have visited in the past due to the colorful, vibrant streets and various other quirks.

Given below are some much-needed travel tips that you mainly overlook but should keep in mind the next time for a successful holiday.

Best Time to Visit

Being situated in the northern plains and covering the Indo Gangetic region, UP experiences a very tropical type of climate. This means that the summers are very hot and humid whereas the winters are much more pleasant. The rainy season is also not favorable since the land remains susceptible to flooding situations due to the river and other water bodies overflowing. So when is it really the best time to plan a trip here? The end of monsoon to winter and spring are the best months to explore this land of promises and wonder. This includes the months of September to April when the temperature is pleasant and favorable for some incredible sightseeing opportunities that could not have been possible in the sweltering heat or monsoon days.

Book Through A Travel Agency

UP is a diverse land with amazing and memorable things to see and experience first-hand. If you are traveling by yourself then you may have the possibility of missing out on some places that you would have enjoyed. In order to avoid it make sure to travel and explore UP via a fun-filled package that a reliable and trustworthy travel agency offers. You can tell them your requirements and give them a list of places you wish to explore so that they are able to design the itinerary best suited for your visit that also includes all the places you wish to visit. Being a place of high tourist demand the packages are also very reasonably priced and take care of your expenses. So in order to ensure a memorable trip, it is advised for you to go via a well-respected travel agency.

Must Carry Essentials

Being a large state and unexpected situations almost every day there are a few things that you must carry while exploring UP or for that matter any other place. Some important things like a portable charger, a hat to shield you from the sun, good quality of sunscreen application are required before stepping out, wet wipes and tissues, etc. these are just a couple of things you may need to travel in and around UP. Wear cotton clothing if traveling in summer or spring season and also keep an umbrella since the weather here is unpredictable. Wear walking shoes and comfortable clothing that will enable you to explore more freely and comfortably. Apart from this, some essentials include hand sanitizer, vital medication like anti-diarrhea, anti-motion sickness medicine, pain killer, cough medicine, Dettol, bandages, band-aid, muscle relaxing ointment, etc.

Shopping Tips

Did you know UP is a wonderful place to shop and gives a shopaholic the perfect opportunity to shop till you drop. Make sure to buy souvenirs and locally made products and help the local businesses in any way you can. But wondering what to shop here? You can opt to buy stuff like clothes created of Chikankari, silk fabrics, and clothing materials, various forms of locally made arts and crafts like Pietra Dura, etc. if you are in Varanasi then you must make sure to buy some Banarasi silk Sarees and Kurtas whereas Kanpur is the place for you to buy leather items that too at the most unexpected cheap rates. Wherever you go you shall be presented with unique things including handicrafts items, wall hangings, showpieces, wall art, religious items, etc.

Travelling In and Around Up

UP state is lined all over with strong and smooth roadways which make traveling very easy, simple and comfortable. This enables travelers from nearby places to visit and explore UP in their cars and recently bike rides are also becoming very popular. People in Delhi visit UP during the extended weekends to visit Taj Mahal, Vrindavan, Mathura, Varanasi, etc. thy mostly choose to go around in a private car or a cab service that can be rented or hired here itself. if planning on a trip to UP from any different part of India then you can choose from a variety of options ranging from train journeys to flights and local buses as well. There are 2 international and several domestic airports to cater to the needs of travelers. There are also many railway stations here which are connected through a network of railway lines going across the subcontinent.

Food Tips For UP

You may have heard this before, UP is a heaven for food lovers. Even if you are not a food lover this place will make you fall in love with the variety of food items it has to offer. Every bite is filled with flavor and deliciousness. Make sure to dedicate a whole day for food walks that will be a wholesome experience. Due to the variety, a range of cuisines people may experience some uneasiness or face stomach troubles. One should remember to carry a digestive tablet or a powder that will help you through the journey. Make sure to always carry Pudin Hara or Eno to deal with the problem of indigestion or bloating as some people cannot handle the spices which are most common among tourists.

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