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Rajasthan is the land of heritage, history, and culture represented through its impeccable palaces, magnificent forts, and delicious food. It is every traveler’s dream to go for a backpacking tour of Rajasthan across the desert land, riding a camel, staying in tents at moonlit deserts, and indulging in various cultural activities. However, all this majestic vibe will be not memorable if you don’t plan your holiday in a proper manner. Although a wonderful holiday destination of India one must follow some important travel tips in order to truly feel the vibe of this place and not make it an overwhelming experience rather a joyful one.

Here are some important travel tips for you to follow in order to make your trip a memorable one:

Choose The Right Time To Go – Rajasthan experiences extreme climatic conditions since it is the land of desert. Make sure not to make travel plans during the summer months of May to July. These are the months when sightseeing will be impossible due to the scorching heat as a result of which you will remain bound in your hotel room wasting your vacation days away. The best time to explore would be during the months of August to April i.e. autumn, winter, and spring season. It makes for an ideal winter vacation holiday destination.

Plan Out Itinerary Accordingly – The state of Rajasthan is the largest state of India and exploring every popular tourist destination here is not entirely possible and economical if you have a limited number of vacation days. Be really sure of what kind of sightseeing you wish to see and plan your itinerary out according to that. You can choose to check out a couple of places in one go and the remainder of the places for a visit later on in life. It is vital for you to plan your trip to Rajasthan keeping this factor in mind and avoid disappointment.

Wear Comfortable Clothing – Investing in comfortable clothing and footwear is one of the most important things to keep in mind and gets regularly overlooked by travelers. Make sure to wear cotton clothing attire and a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers since you will be walking a lot no matter where you go. Being a big state exploring it may take a lot of your time and energy so make sure to be at your comfortable best while doing so. This travel tip is not just limited to traveling in Rajasthan but is also recommended for traveling anywhere else.

Indulge In Cultural Experience – There is so much more to Rajasthan than just palaces, forts, and the royalty. For a wholesome and proper holiday experience, you should indulge in various cultural activities that are found in large numbers here. This will not only give you an insight into the deeply rooted culture of the city but will also make your holiday extremely memorable. Try out the local delicacies, visit Chokhi Dhani, explore Bagore Ki Haveli in Udaipur, and take village tours and more to truly grasp the gist of this wonderful place!

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are planning a visit to Rajasthan or if you wish to experience the best of this incredibly promising state then here are some popular frequently asked questions that we have answered with the utmost care and knowledge:

What Is The Most Economical Way Of Travelling To Rajasthan?

If you have a private car or vehicle then you will be able to cover a number of places as compared to if you are relying on other modes of transportation. Mostly people from Delhi, Punjab, and Chandigarh, Haryana, or others make it a point to visit Rajasthan by car as a part of their extended holiday weekend. The car also enables you to go anywhere you like without any extra / hyped payment in case of cabs or taxis.

How Many Days Are Required To Explore Rajasthan?

Being a massive state with numerous activities and sightseeing options one will get very confused as to where to go or what to explore. However, if you wish to get the best and the most authentic Rajasthani experience then you can visit places like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. You can choose to spend 2 nights in each of these places making the whole itinerary for a minimum of 10 days.

How Can I Get From One Place To Another Within Rajasthan?

Being one of the most famous tourist destinations in India, tourists have a lot of convenient options to get from one place to another. Some options include Tuk-Tuk, Auto-rickshaws, local buses, Uber, etc. in case you are traveling via a tour package then you will be provided with a private vehicle to travel around. You may even rent a car from here which will be a little expensive but totally worth it and very convenient.

What Kind Of Accommodation Should I Expect In Rajasthan?

Being a famous tourist hotspot in India this place has numerous accommodation and stay options from which one can choose depending on your budget. You can choose from luxury resorts, stay in palace turned hotels, small Havelis or from cheap lodges, traditional homestays (which are increasingly becoming popular) and of course the hostels which are a relatively new but a thriving concept. Accommodation and lodging in Rajasthan will be least of your concerns.

What Are Some Shopping Options In Rajasthan?

This is one place in India where you will have all the options to shop till you drop? From handicrafts, shoes, chunky ethnic jewelry, Dupattas, Artefacts, and more. The best part is that you should not go looking around for shops as there are numerous colorful and vibrant market places everywhere. however, here are some shopping places that have set the bar really high in case of shopping – Johari / Bapu Bazaar in Jaipur, Clock Tower / Nayi Sarak Market Place in Jodhpur, Sadar Bazaar In Jaisalmer, Bada Bazaar in Udaipur and the list goes on and on. Remember to bargain and haggle to at least 40% of the said price as most of them are big-time rip-offs.

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