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When someone mentioned Rajasthan, the words royalty, opulence and palaces immediately come to mind. People from all over the world make their way to this state to be a part of the real and true version of the colorful and highly vibrant culture of India. Some popular places here offer delightful things to do and experience ranging from spending a night in the tent, dune bashing and more along with sightseeing of the opulent palaces, massive forts and of course the lakes which make this place truly one of a kind. This will be a great way for you to come in contact with the rich heritage and traditions of India.

Rajasthan is located on the plains of India consisting of vast arid regions which experience sparse rainfall even during the peak rainy season. One must plan their trip to this land of rajas and palaces very carefully and after calculating several aspects. One of the primary things to keep in mind is to keep a check on the weather conditions before even booking the tickets. According to the local residents and travelers, experts are given below is a detailed information guide on the season-wise weather condition of Rajasthan and which the best time to visit is:

Rajasthan in Summer

The months of April to July make up for the summer months of Rajasthan. These months are marked by the mercury rising to as high as 24 to 45 degree Celsius. Travelling and sightseeing are extremely difficult during this time owing to the hot and humid temperature conditions. the sun is scorching hot making exploring this rich town filled with heritage very uncomfortable and difficult. People normally prefer to spend their summer days. You must bear in mind that Rajasthan, a place that is filled with deserts is not a very popular or even a remotely favorable destination to explore as a part of your summer holiday destination in India. Summer should be avoided at all costs.

Rajasthan in Monsoon

This season is marked by the months of July to September when the temperature drops substantially and some cool breeze takes over the whole state. Due to the rain, the dry landscape turns a lot more bearable. But due to the uncertain nature of the rain travel is not recommended, but if you can then go on a road trip in your car. Rajasthan is monsoon is actually very underrated because this is also the time that invites honeymoon goers to spend some time bonding here like royalty. Due to the presence of several lakes and other such water bodies when it rains the beauty here is further amplified making it all the more beautiful. During this time the temperature ranges in between 21 to 35 degree Celsius which has given it its nickname – Venice of the east.

Rajasthan in Winter

The months of October to March make up for the winter months in Rajasthan. This is the perfect time to plan your holiday. The temperature is favorable for sightseeing and even going on excursions. You shall experience clear skies and the scenic beauty of Rajasthan stretching as far as your eyes can see. The temperature ranges to as low as 0 degrees Celsius. These months also mark the peak winter months in this state. Some popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, especially during wintertime, includes Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and of course Jaipur. Some offbeat places also experience a number of tourists from not just in India but also from across the globe like – Mandawa, Bundi, Rohet, etc. if lucky you can plan your holiday around the time of the unique Pushkar Mela which is held annually in November in the town of Pushkar.

Best Time to Visit Rajasthan

As mentioned above the winter months in Rajasthan comprising of October to April make for the peak tourist season in Rajasthan. This is also the time when the temperatures drop substantially making travel, transfer, and exploration more comfortable. The cool climate does not let you feel irritated or lazy and in fact, enables you to travel more and go on fun excursions. The desert does not seem to scorch or burn you and the sun feels like a blessing during this time. Many travelers and families choose this beautiful place to spend their winter vacation holiday.

Month Wise Weather Condition of Rajasthan

Here is the month-wise temperature variation as experienced in Rajasthan

  • January to March – 10 – 20 Degree Celsius
  • April to June – 25 – 45 Degree Celsius
  • July to September – 21 – 35 Degree Celsius
  • October to December – 13 – 25 Degree Celsius

We hope that this detailed and highly informative facts about the weather condition in Rajasthan which will help you better in planning your holiday. Make your bookings accordingly and have a memorable holiday in this land f deserts, wonderment and unending charm creating memories of a lifetime.

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