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What better place to shop till you drop than the land of the maharajas and queens! The market places of Rajasthan still hold a very colorful charm that draws travelers and shoppers towards them. The best part about them is the showcase of the incredible heritage and cultural past of the people residing in this wonderful state. the various tribes and sub-tribes residing in these parts earned their livelihood by selling these colorful and aesthetically pleasing pieces of handicrafts, art, etc. some interesting things that one could buy in this land of palaces include beautiful trinkets, leather items, and goods, delicious aromatic spices, Jewellery that makes you feel like a royal and more. Shopping is probably one of the most fun things to do in Rajasthan and here are some places where you can get the best dose of shopping:

01. Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

Johar literally translates into a jeweler or someone who deals in jewelry so this marketplace is a haven for jewelry lovers and someone who loves shopping for traditional trinkets and jewels. if you wish to buy some nice souvenirs for your family and friends then this is the place to be. Jaipur displays the best collection of jewellery that you can find anywhere in India and from the moment you step in you will immediately be bedazzled. It displays some of the most colorful collection of precious and semi-precious gemstones jewelry which are mostly handmade. The best part is that all these items are fairly priced and available at the cheapest rates.

02. Sadar Bazaar, Pushkar

Sadar bazaar may sound like a familiar name since it refers to a local market in any city or town. Pushkar is a town in itself is very quirky and spiritual at the same time. It is another underrated haven for shopaholics from around the world. One can get the best selection of authentic locally made traditional jewelry made primarily out of beads and silver. Apart from this, you can easily show for a lot of quirky things that define Rajasthan as a whole including traditional puppets, various accessories, idols of Hindu gods and goddesses, leather-ware, textiles along with many other artifacts. You should remember that in order to get the best price make sure you can haggle well otherwise the sellers will charge exorbitant prices.

03. Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bikaner

This has to be probably one of the most famous and extremely well-stocked market places in Bikaner, Rajasthan. These shops display and sell the best quality and design of traditional Rajasthani articles like leather Juttis and Mojris which mark a typical style of shoes here. If you venture deeper into the market you will come across shops selling the iconic Kundan style of jewelry that Bikaner is famous for. Apart from that Bikaner Bhujia, a delicious snack famous all over India is a signature of this place and can be found at station road which is very close and is, in fact, a part of this market. Apart from that one can also indulge in shopping for various handicrafts and various textiles among others.

04. Kote Gate Market, Bikaner

Kote gate marks the entrance point for the main city of Bikaner especially if you are traveling by road. This gate offers a bustling and extremely happening scenario that seems to light up the whole city. This market is very local and traditional which makes it one of the most authentic shopping experiences. Exhibiting here are some of the most unique pieces of local arts and handicrafts items. The market thrives against the old architecture which makes you feel like you have gone back in time and sets the perfect vibe for shopping. Other interesting items on sale include – interesting miniature painting, Khadi items, wooden crafts, various accessories, and of course some utensils. You can also cater to your sweet tooth and the foodie in you as well by shopping for the traditional Bikaneri sweets and Namkeens.

05. Sadar Bazaar Wholesale Market Place, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a wholesome town where you don’t have to go looking for things to buy or market places since the entire town is lined with various vibrant and colorful markets offering traditional Jaisalmer and Rajasthani items alike. However, if you are still not satisfied with the things you are looking for then you should make your way to the Sadar Bazaar which is extremely popular. You can get a number of things here of varying designs and prices and that too in large quantities at the most reasonably fair prices. it doesn’t matter what you came in looking for but you will be leaving with a lot of stuff ranging from shawls, jewelry, wooden artifacts, different souvenirs, paintings, decorative items and so much more.

06. Bada Bazar, Udaipur

Literally translating into the ‘big marketplace’, this shopping stop is truly a heaven for everyone who loves to shop till they drop. The name itself marks the fact that this place is extremely charming and colorful and of course filled with numerous items representing different traditional styles and patterns. Here you will find everything from cheap small makeshift vendors to big showrooms as well. Here one can shop for various items like Bandhani clothes, antique items, food joints to cater to the shopping munchies, and much more. You need a whole day to spend here since you will be checking out a lot of stuff. All you have to do is get your shopping bags out and shop till your heart’s content for you and your loved ones back home.

Shopping in Rajasthan, it is actually not that difficult as you will find numerous shops, big and small selling a lot of things that will definitely cater to your interests. One thing is certain that you will not be bored even for a single day during your trip to Rajasthan and you will leave with a definite promise of coming back for some more unique experiences.

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