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The northern most state of Himachal Pradesh is home of the Himalayas and presents you with some of the most grand representations of natural beauty. Although some may consider this as a yearlong holiday destination perfect to get away from the summer of the plains and a winter wonderland treat for your winter vacation holidays with your family. However, knowing the best time would be an added advantage to your holidays on the hills as you will eliminate all possibilities of any unexpected weather change. Find out here when is the best time for you to visit Himachal and plan your future trips accordingly:

Himachal in Summer

Summer season in Himachal is marked by the months of April to June. This is the peak tourism season as it is the perfect time for people to beat the heat of the plains and find some relief on the hills. Himachal is also ranked as one of the best summer holiday destinations in India as the influx of visitors especially during this time remains high. The days are cool and the nights get cold with the temperature ranging in between 5 to 24 degree Celsius. Favourable climate conditions on the hills enables explorers and visitors to venture out and have the best holiday experience. It is also the best time for people who are enthusiasts of outdoor sports like trekking, camping and hiking as most of these options remain open and remote regions become accessible. Although the lower regions of Himachal experience pleasant climatic conditions but some far northern reaches of the state remains snow covered and inaccessible throughout the year.

Pro Tip – Do not underestimate the cold evenings and nights during the summer season so make sure to carry some woollens even during your summer visit.

Himachal in Monsoon

The months of July to September is considered to be the peal monsoon and rainy season in Himachal. The season begins in July with heavy rainfall and goes on till September with varied types of rainfall. As a tourist it is advised for you to not make any plans for your holiday in Himachal during the monsoon season as you will not be able to make the most out of the trip and at the end it will feel like a waste. Still you have the option of visiting here during the onset of monsoon season when the state receives very limited rainfall, just enough to make the whole greenery surrounding you very refreshing. the temperature remains in between 14 to 21 degree Celsius but as the months of monsoon set in, the downpours become heavier accompanied with thunder storms and flooding. However the higher reaches and cold desert regions of Lahaul and Spiti barely receive any rainfall even during the peak monsoon months.

Pro Tip – Avoid making plans around this time of the year and avoid any unexpected hazard

Himachal in Winter

This northern most state of India turns into a beautiful winter wonderland during the months of November to march. It seems like a treat for everyone who wishes to see the snowy fields and snowfall in real time. People from neighboring plan regions and southern parts of India also make their way to this part of India where almost everything gets immersed in snowfall that occurs on an almost daily basis during the peak winter months. The temperature gets extremely cold and unbearable without a heater in some parts. It ranges in between 0 to 13 degrees and even dips to sub zero levels during the night time. Places like Kullu, Manali, Kalpa, Narkanda, Kasauli and even the cold desert of Lahaul and Spiti experience some to high snow fall. To cater to the people who wish to experience snow at its best then some skiing slopes, ice skating rinks, winter festivals take place. Being a high altitude destination it does not keep away the outdoor adventure enthusiasts who check out the place as a part of their winter trekking destinations to places like Hampta Pass, Kunzum Pass, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass etc.

Pro Tip – Wearing a fleece layering underneath your jacket will be a good idea. Also wear caps and gloves when needed since they help in trapping the heat of the body from escaping.

Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

According to the information provided above, it is clear that the best time for you to visit would be during the spring – summer months of February to June. However if the cold and the winter chill doesn’t bother you then the winter months between October to February is also the perfect time to explore as the region turns into a gorgeous winter wonderland and the tourist presence is also minimal. Places like Kufri, Shimla, Manali etc are much preferred destinations to visit during the winter season.

Month Wise Temperature Ranges of Himachal Pradesh

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
4 to 18 Degree Celsius 7 to 23 Degree Celsius 9 to 27 Degree Celsius 15 to 35 Degree Celsius 17 to 36 Degree Celsius 10 to 37 Degree Celsius 23 to 32 Degree Celsius 21 to 31 Degree Celsius 20 to 32 Degree Celsius 12 to 30 Degree Celsius 7 to 26 Degree Celsius 4 to 21 Degree Celsius

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