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The ancient hill town of Manali is known for its panoramic vistas and lush greenery against a peaceful backdrop of imminent spirituality. People from all over the world have always been making their way to Manali as a way of seeking peace, exploring the Himalayan wilderness, and learning more about the interesting history this place has to offer. With a story and an adventure looming in almost every corner of this quaint hill station, it is needless to say that it is a magnet for travelers and tourists from all over the world.

However, your hill travel dreams can turn into an unexpected nightmare if you don’t know when is the best time to go to Manali. The reason being, it is a hill station in a very fragile and vulnerable part of the Himalayas. It is important to know when you can go safely and when to not venture out at all. People often miss out on this important detail and end up causing unprecedented issues in their travel experiences.

To make things easier, here is the best time to visit Manali:

Manali in Summer Season

The months of March to June mark the summer season in Manali. The snow melts away and the sky clears up, makes the whole valley bloom with wildflowers and the lush greenery is accentuated. This is also the time when schools are shut for vacation and families make their way up to enjoy the cool weather and beat the scorching heat of the plains. The temperature swings between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius and is considered to be the peak tourist month of Manali. You can enjoy many fun adventures in outdoor activities, go out sightseeing without any second thought and even check out some places around the vicinity of Manali. It’s definitely the safest and the most sought-after time to visit. If you want to add some more color then you can chalk out your travel plans around some festivals in Manali. Summertime in Manali is all about fun, good weather, and relaxation.

Manali in Monsoon Season

July to September is the monsoon season in Manali and the rest of the subcontinent as well. This is not one of the most favored times to go to Manali, in fact, if possible, you should avoid planning a trip during this time altogether. Due to heavy and relentless rain, the river sometimes gets flooded, roads get blocked due to landslides, and sometimes it may make the roads too slippery to take a car which would cause unexpected damage. It is best to avoid going to any hill station during the monsoon months. This has to be the off-season for tourism in Manali and hills in general. It is not an enjoyable time even if the hotel prices drop, you won’t be able to go out or make the most of the hill station during this season.

Manali in Winter Season

October to February are the certified winter months in Manali marked with cold chilly weather conditions accompanied with some snowfall as well. As the monsoon season of September begins to fade away the temperature takes a tremendous dip from October and goes on to fall sometimes even below 0 during the peak winter season, around December or January. If you don’t have a problem with the winter chill of the Himalayas then Manali during winter is just the thing for you. The winter season in this quaint hill town shows its different and very unique side. Although the temperature turns chilly, people could still go to snow treks through the jungle, check out beautiful surrounding snow-covered places, and experience the least number of tourists. It is somewhat a tourist season but they are at a minimum level and you would be able to get the best views. Make sure to pack a lot of thermal layering and woolen clothing in order to keep yourself safe from the biting cold, especially during the night.

Best Time to Visit

It goes without saying that the best and safest time to visit Manali is during the summer months of March to early June. Other than that if the cold weather is not a problem for you, then just pack up your woolens and other winter wear, and the winter vacation of a lifetime is guaranteed. If you wish to explore the hills of Manali with your family, loved ones, and kids, then the summer months of March to June are most preferred. Always remember that the mountains have their own personality and charisma and it is always good to not underestimate the might of destruction that may be caused unexpectedly.

Safe Travel Tips for Manali

Before traveling to Manali you should keep these safety travel tips in mind:

  • Pack a raincoat and carry a small but useful umbrella in case there are sudden weather changes.
  • Make sure to carry a fully charged portable charger and an extra pair of batteries for the torch. There are cases when there are power outages for a long time then these essentials may come in handy.
  • Wear the right shoes. Manali is on the hills which means you would need a good pair of sturdy shoes that would help keep a sure footing while walking on the hills, even if it is a short distance.
  • In case you happen to travel to Manali during the monsoon season then make sure to check up the weather conditions or check the weather app to find some possible sunny day windows and travel during that time.

Just as your packed baggage and luggage is important for traveling in the same manner it is equally important to learn about when it is the best time to visit. This could make or break your entire trip!

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