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When it comes to Manali we only think about the scenic vistas, lush greenery, the colorful culture, and a sense of peace that washes us over. However, if you are not having the local food in Manali then you are definitely missing out. The locally prepared food using local, organic produce and good quality herbs and spices have flavor-packed punches that cannot be replicated in a theme restaurant anywhere else.

In recent years there are many restaurants and cafes popping up that offer delicious local cuisines that capture the real taste of Manali. According to us, the food specialty of any place clearly adds a wholesome taste to your whole holiday experience. If you are wondering what you should eat definitely and not miss out on, then here are some must-have foods in Manali:

List of Most Delicious Food of Manali You Must Try


Sidu is a very common Himachali accompaniment made out of wheat flour and yeast. This bread is often accompanied by a filling of mutton masala or some other veggies masala. It is a very popular side dish and much loved by the locals who make this bread to mark a special occasion. It takes around 4-5 hours to prepare, the wait is mainly because of the yeast waiting to raise the wheat flour to make the dough more fluffy. The dough kind of tastes like a pate filled with a mix of your favorite veggies and spices. Easy to make, this bread does need a few hours as a notice in order to create the perfect Sidu. The next time you are in Manali make sure to have this bread along with your favorite curry main.


Babru is a traditional breakfast dish that can be clubbed together within the family of a combo of Pooris and Kachoris. This dish has originated from the northern hills of Himachal Pradesh and continues to be a favorite among the locals and tourists as well. It is made using the paste of soaked black gram and kneaded into the dough just like a Kachori. It is then deep-fried in vegetable oil to make it crispy and delicious at the same time. What makes it, even more, Himachali is the presence of specific spices that can be found in Manali and nowhere else? Definitely, another must-have!


This one goes out to all the sweet tooth! Patande, which is famed for being the pancake or the crepe of India. This Himachali pancake is made using more or less the same ingredients as a regular pancake which is a batter of milk, butter, and sugar and wheat flour. It is easily available and found in Manali as a very popular and healthy breakfast option or sometimes even as a dessert. It is a very filling dish which can also be topped with fresh fruits and other syrups of your choice. In Manali, almost every bistro, cafe or restaurant readily serves this delicious Sweet Delicacy.

Kullu Trout

Trout is a type of fish which is found easily in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and is eaten as a part of a delicious fish dish among the locals. If you are a seafood lover then this may come as a complete surprise to you since delicious seafood is something you least expect to have on the hills. But Kullu Trout is a must-have. The dish requires a delicious piece of trout fish which is lightly seasoned and very slowly cooked to perfection. Some people prefer to steam it and have it with fish which lowers the calorie count for the day and is fulfilling wholesome at the same time as well. It is a quick hassle-free dish where the real flavours of the fish is retained and not masked over by many spices.

Tudkiya Bhath

Rice is one of the most common staples eaten by almost every household across India, in their own way and flavor profile. Tudkiya Bhath originated in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh is a rice dish where the rice is very slowly cooked along with soaked masoor dal and yogurt complete with an array of aromatic spices, so it is a complete delight for all your senses. It can be a good and delicious break from the regular Pulao or Tehri dish that you may be used to. This lunch main also contains all the locally produced, flavor and nutrients packed vegetables which further goes on to add a whole world of flavors.


The star or the main component of this dish is pretty unique, which is the lotus stem! This traditional Himachali dish which can be literally translated into ‘the lap of Himalayas’ is a very popular dish across Himachali households. To make it, the lotus stem is cut up round and thin and then cooked with Ginger, Garlic, Chillies, Gram Flour, onion, and a handful of other aromatic spices that add that special traditional touch to the dish. Cooked till it’s crispy, Bhey is one of the best and the most popular Manali street food. Highly nutritious and bursting with flavor in every bite, Bhey have to be on your must-eat list in Manali.

Chana Madra

Chana and other legumes are some of the most widely and organically grown staples in Himachali and other hill towns. This dish is originally rooted in the Chamba District of Himachali but gained popularity for its easy preparation and delicious spicy flavor. The tangy taste is owed to the tamarind, ginger, garlic, onions, and many spices. It is a delectable treat for your taste buds because not only is it tangy but it is also super healthy and makes for a great midday snack or an evening tea time snack. Wholesome, healthy, and brimming with flavors, Chana Madra delivers exactly what it promises.

Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, food in Manali is wholesome, delicious, healthy, and packed with aromatic and delicious spices. The use of locally sourced ingredients adds rich and real flavor to the dish.

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