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When it comes to traveling and exploring the hills of India, Manali has to be one of the most recommended places. Surrounded by scenic and breathtaking views on all sides, crowned by the snowcapped peaks and of course the warm and welcoming smiles of the locals will make your whole experience here totally worth it. It is not just a place for adventure seekers and peace lovers, it is also a place for anyone who is not necessarily into an adventure. If you wish to spend your holidays in peace and serenity amidst the wonderful and lush nature then Manali has all of that and more!

Over time this ancient hill town has seen many ages. From the arrival of the early Sages and philosophers to the influence of the British and the commercialization of Manali, the Manali we see today is a culmination of everything that happened in the past that helped shape and create its present. A visit to Manali is a rite of passage to enter the beautiful and quirky hill town! But hold on! Before you go on to start planning your holiday be sure to check out these travel tips in order to ensure your holiday is memorable.

Best Time to Visit Manali

The Himalayan hill station of Manali is situated at a height of over 3,000 to 4,000 meters above sea level. This means that it goes without saying you should be very careful of the time you plan on exploring Manali. The best and the safest time to visit Manali are during the summer season of March to June. The temperature during this time swings between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius on average. The weather remains pleasant, calm with wide blue open skies and clean air. If you are up for it and if the biting cold is not a problem for you then the winter months of September to February should be the best for you and you could even make the most of the hotel prices and discounts as this is considered to be the offseason for tourism in Manali.

Packing for Manali

Packing for a vacation is a job in itself. But if you pack smartly and does your research right you will not only save space in your luggage but will also be able to travel with ease and comfort. For a fun-filled vacation in Manali be sure to pack for the season. If traveling in wintertime, then pack up things like thermal inners, comfortable Woollen Socks, gloves, beanies, and mufflers along with your jackets, hoodies, and pullovers. For summertime travels in Manali, you still should pack some warm clothing and jackets, especially for nighttime. This is because, in the summertime, the mornings are very warm and pleasant; however, by the sunset, it becomes much colder. No matter what the time of your travel is, you should always be armed with some good quality Woollens.

Save Money by Staying At HPTDC Hotels

This may prove to be one of the best money-saving tips for a vacation in Manali. HPTDC or Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation Limited has opened up much heritage and iconic hotels to serve the tourists visiting Manali. The best advantage of staying at HPTDC hotels is that they are located at very good and accessible locations. They offer rooms at fair and affordable prices which also offer food services and even off-season discounts.

Avoid Buying Food at the Mall Road

Manali and Mall road remains synonymous with each other. People will have you believe that your Manali trip remains incomplete without visiting the mall road during your trip. The food available at the cafes and restaurants is highly overpriced and not worth the money at all. You will be wasting money if you happen to eat at any of the restaurants here. Instead, you can eat anywhere outside this part of Manali and get some great deals on delicious food. If you suffer from certain food allergies then you should make sure to avoid eating from cheap dhabas or street vendors. Avoid eating cut-up fruits and replace them with whole fruit since cut-up fruits are prone to accumulating more virus and bacteria.

Book Hotel Smartly

If you want to take the easier route without any hassle then you should book a package for a Kullu Manali trip from some reliable tour operator. Other than that you can book a government-operated accommodation option or some air bnb that may suit your travel needs more. It is best to book your hotel rooms ASAP, especially if you are planning to travel to Manali during the summer months since that is the peak tourism season in Manali and the rooms get booked very quickly. Make sure to call the hotel and ask if they have the amenities they promised like running a hot water facility, heater, and bedding facility, and if they have a restaurant facility for food or not.

Always Keep Emergency Contact with You

It never hurts to keep all your important travel contacts and the numbers of your family members written in a small note in your wallet. Share your hotel information and other important details like your itinerary draft and the name and address or some working number of the hotel with your family members in case they are worried about your whereabouts. For your reference here are some important numbers as a reference: Police: 100; Ambulance: 102

District Control Room: 1077; Emergency Contact Number [Integrated Police/ Fire Station/ Medical Services]: 108; Tourist Information Office (Shimla): 0177-2658302, 0177-2652561; Tourism Information Office (Manali): 01902-253531.

Health Safety Tips

If you think that you are sensitive to eating new food then avoid eating at roadside stalls and street vendors. Make sure that you carry your own water bottle or only buy properly sealed bottles from a good shop. There is a huge contaminated water problem in Manali and drinking it will cause stomach problems. For extra safety, you can even buy water purifying tablets. Carry a personal medication pouch with all the necessary medication you think that you will be needling like crocin, pain killers, band-aid, sanitizers, antiseptic creams, anti-motion sickness, and anti-diarrhea medicine. It would be wise to take advice from a healthcare professional for an extra and sure opinion.

These are some of the crucial travel tips for Manali that more often than not goes unnoticed. It is vital to keep these things in mind before heading out to the gorgeous hill station of Manali.

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