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The main attraction in Badrinath is the iconic temple of Badri Vishal dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Being an important part of the Char Dham Yatra, Badrinath receives lakhs of tourists every year looking to complete their holy pilgrimage. There is more to Badrinath than just spirituality and religion. It is a wholesome holiday destination that showcases the amazing combination of spirituality, awesome mountain magnificence, and unparalleled adventure activities. If you are looking for a holiday in Badrinath which is a perfect combo of spirituality and adventure, then here are some tourist attractions in Badrinath for the wanderlust soul:

Tourist Attractions around Badri Vishal Temple

If you have planned a visit to the temple of Badrinath, then these are some places located very close to the temple that you can include in your itinerary:

Mana Village – Famous as the last village of India near the Indo-Tibetan border, Mana is a mystical place that is laced with a feeling of utmost natural beauty and unparalleled tranquility. Located just about 3 kms away from the main temple, a lot of tourists make this place a must-visit during their holiday in Badrinath. The place also holds a lot of mythological and historical importance and has found its mention in the holy epic book of Mahabharata. According to the writing, the Pandava brothers along with their wife Draupadi are said to have rested for a couple of months before heading out to Kedarnath, looking for forgiveness from Lord Shiva.

Vyas Gufa – Ever wondered where the great epic Mahabharata was written? Vyas Gufa is an ancient cave located just a couple of minutes’ walk away from Badrinath Dham Temple. This is the place where Ved Vyas had composed the epic Mahabharata. Right close to this Vyas Gufa is the Ganesh Gufa where Lord Ganesh had written down everything without stopping as that was the only requirement needed by Vyas for anyone looking to write down the great epic of Mahabharata. If Mana Village visit is already in your trip plan, then Vyas Gufa can easily be incorporated into your list of places to visit. The place incites a deep feeling of meaningfulness, peace, and utmost tranquility that inspires many to sit down here and meditate.

Vasudhara Falls – Uttarakhand is dotted with numerous big and small waterfalls everywhere. The same is the case with Badrinath Dham. Vasudhara falls is located at a distance of about 9 kms from the main temple and holds a very powerful place in the hearts and belief system of Hindus. The term Vasundhara is a combination of 2 words where Vasu means Lord Vishnu and Dhara means a pathway so collectively it means the path of Lord Vishnu. Gushing down from a whopping height of over 400 feet, this waterfall system is said to have sacred properties. It is a common folk belief that the water will not fall on the sinners and people whose heart is impure. Despite religious belief, the region is known for sweeping views of the Badrinath valley below.

Bheem Pul – The history of Bheem Pul is just as dynamic as its location. Located on top of the point where the gushing Saraswati River meets the holy Alaknanda River, Bheem Pul is a natural bridge like no other. As per the epic Mahabharata, the Pandava brothers along with Draupadi had made their way near Bheem Pul on their journey to look out for Lord Shiva and ask for forgiveness. The journey required them to cross the river Saraswati; however, Draupadi was unable to do so. Bheem decided to move a massive piece of mountain rock and place it in between the ravine creating a natural bridge for Draupadi to walk across easily. The Pul is located in Mana Village near Badrinath and can easily be incorporated into your holiday trip plan to Badrinath.

Tourist Attractions near Badri Vishal Temple

If you are looking to add some extra hints of adventure and explore more of the district Chamoli, then check out these incredible spots located very close to Badrinath:

Valley Of Flowers – Valley of flowers of the VOF is an iconic UNESCO world heritage site that is the crowning jewel of Garhwal. Hiding in plain sight, the valley was discovered by an explorer, mountaineer and a biologist, Frank Smythe on his way back from mount Kamet. The awe-inspiring collection of colourful flowers discovered here cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. The VOF national park is a highly protected and well-preserved area in Chamoli that is made out of a collection of meadows and endemic alpine flowers. Walking through the park will be a soulful experience and it is best to go there during the late monsoon season to watch Mother Nature unfold her beauty in complete glory.

Satopanth Trek – Satopanth trek is food for the adventurous soul. The name of the trek is derived from the name of the destination for the trek which is the emerald-colored triangular-shaped high altitude lake. Adorned on all sides by snowy peaks, rocky terrain and the ever-fascinating geography, the trek to Satopanth Tal has become extremely popular as a popular trek in Uttarakhand. The lake in itself holds religious significance and the environment around it is shrouded with mystic charm and unparalleled peace. The route for the trek is as follows: Rishikesh – Badrinath – Lakshmi Van – Chakratirth – Satopanth.

Gorson Bugyal – If you walk through the jungle areas in Uttarakhand you will be directed upwards towards a meadow or a Bugyal overlooking the forests. Gorson Bugyal is one such alpine meadow that is also known for being a famous skiing destination in Uttarakhand. In recent years, treks, hikes and camping expeditions to these Bugyals in Uttarakhand have grown tenfold. Gorson Bugyal can be included in your Badrinath Tour Itinerary as it is located 19 kms away from Joshimath. It is worth going due to the stunning unmatched views you will get to enjoy by the end of it. The trek passes through lush valleys, apple orchards and forests of deodar and oaks. It is also a famous winter holiday destination since the entire meadow gets doused in fresh snowmaking camping here is a real delight!

Adding even some of the places from the list in your tour package for Badrinath will make your holiday much more memorable. Mind you that some of these places may seem difficult to cover while travelling with family, but that is not the case. Due to the rising trends in tourism in Uttarakhand, the stay and connectivity options have gotten much better. So go ahead and enjoy with a holiday with your family friends.

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