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What if you could combine the ardor of spiritual seeking with the adventure of a challenging trek? What if you could walk the same path Pandavas were on in the Dwapara Yuga – Satopanth Swargarohini Yatra, the path of self-reflection and spiritual ascent they were on before their actual, literal ascent to heaven? The name Swargarohini speaks for itself. It is believed that the path truly leads one to the doorstep of heaven. Our first destination in the trek is Satopanth Tal which is situated at a distance of 26 km from Badrinath. The water in the lake is considered so holy that the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are said to bathe in it. The other holy spots we will cover in this trip include Chakra Tirtha, Vasudhara Falls, Lakshmi Vana and Mata Murti Mandir. Join us in this beautiful trek to enjoy the amazing vistas of Himalayas, the Chaukhamba Peaks, the Neelkanth Parvat, the Parvati Parvat, the Alakananda glacier, the Alakananda snout, the many waterfalls and the lush green forests whose beauty our words fail to justify.

Satopanth Swargarohini Trek
Tour Duration: 08 Nights / 09 Days
Destination: Badrinath - Satopanth - Swargarohini
Tour Price: On Request /-

Day 01: Arrival Haridwar

Arrival from your home to reach us at Haridwar. We will welcome you warmly and depart towards Srinagar in Uttarakhand. After check-in at the hotel we have reserved for you, we will have you attend a briefing session by the Tour Manager to let all your queries regarding the journey cleared. Overnight stay at Srinagar.

Day 02: Haridwar to Badrinath

We will depart towards Badrinath quite early in the morning. Enjoy the amazing views of Himalayan peaks, valleys and the holy Alaknanda River as we ride towards Badrinath. We will reach the holy Dham by evening. Let us tell you more of the glories of Badrinarayan and the spiritual importance of Satopanth Trek. Overnight stay in Badrinath.

Day 03: Lakshmi Vana

We will have an early darshan of Badrinarayan. After the blissful darshan of the Lord, attend the basic training our tour guide would provide you for the trekking ahead. We will then drive to the famed ‘India’s last village’ of Mana, which is also where the trek begins from. We will visit Mata Murti Mandir, the alleged site at which Draupadi fell. This is followed by the mesmerizing Vasudhara Falls and Anand Vana (the site at which Nakula fell). We will trek towards Lakshmi Vana, which will be our first stopover during the trek. Total trekking distance covered in the day: 9 km. Overnight stay at Lakshmi Vana.

Day 04: Chakra Tirtha

On the second day of the trek, we will be passing through grasslands. The air would be filled with the beautiful aroma of healing herbs. We will pass through Sahastradhara, whose name translates to thousand water springs. It is at Sahastradhara that Sahadeva fell and left his mortal body. We will have trekked for about 10 km as we reach the halt for the day at Chakra Tirtha. Overnight stay at Chakra Tirtha.

Day 05: Satopanth

We will begin our trek towards Satopanth Lake quite early in the morning. Although the path comes across as uneven, it will gift you some of the best scenery you would ever come across. Alkapuri, the kingdom of Kubera lies en route. Along with the darshan of alkapuri, also enjoy views of Bhagirathi peaks. It is said that Arjuna left his mortal body at Satopanth Lake. Once we reach this holiest of the holy water reservoirs upon earth, you can take a holy dip in its waters. The rest of the day can be spent in spiritual activities be it bhajan, meditation, mantra yoga etc. Trekking distance covered in third day: 3 km. Overnight stay at Satopanth Lake.

Day 06: Swargarohini

On the fourth day of the trek, we will move towards the alleged steps to Heaven, i.e Swargarohini. It is at Swargarohini that Bhima left his mortal body. As per the legends, King Yudhishthira entered Heaven alive. We will have the darshan from a distance. We will also visit Chandra and Suraj Kunda. We will return to Sahastradhara or Chakratirtha later. Overnight stay.

Day 07: Return to Badrinath

We will continue our trek towards Badrinath. As we reach Badrinath, we can rest at the hotel Overnight stay.

Day 08: Journey to Srinagar

We will bid adieu to the holy destination of Badrinath. We will drive you to Srinagar, as we reach Srinagar, we will have you check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay at Srinagar.

Day 09: Haridwar Departure

The Yatra concludes on the ninth day. We will all attend a feedback session. After sharing our experiences of this once-in-a-lifetime trek, we will drive you to Haridwar. Thank you letting us guides you in this wonderful trek. Hopefully, this has catalyzed your own unique spiritual journey.

Holy Places Covered During This Yatra:

Badrinath, Mana Village, Sahastradhara Falls, Mata Murti Mandir, Chandra Kunda, Satopanth Tal, Ananda, Lakshmi Vana, Vasudhara Falls, Chakra Tirtha, Surya Kunda, Satopanth Tal and Swargarohini.

Travel Tips

More information on Satopanth Swargarohini Trek, including all details about how to prepare well for it, would be provided a month before the actual commencement of the journey.
We have just provided a likely schedule. The actual schedule would be subject to alterations as deemed necessary by the Tour Manager.
Please do not consider the trek if you suffer from asthma or arthritis.
If you are not able to continue the trek, you would be safely escorted back to Badrinath. The additional boarding charges at Badrinath will have to be paid separately. Alternatively, you can hire pithus to carry you on the trek from Badrinath.
If the Yatra is delayed due to bad weather conditions or landslide, the extra charges for boarding and lodging will have to be borne by the guests themselves. If you plan to return, the ticket costs will also have to be borne separately.
If bad weather persists, we might cancel the trek since we prioritize your safety over everything else. We cannot be held responsible for such inadvertent halts/delays/cancellations of the trek. The extra charges of boarding and lodging at Badrinath will have to be paid separately by the guests.

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