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Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is not only a popular place for pilgrimage and spirituality but it has also become one of the top tourist destinations in the world catering not only to domestic but as well as international tourists and explorers. This unique hill state of India is adored and admired by one and all and ever since the Vedic ages it has been one of the most significant places in India to go, relax and feel a lot closer to nature. The inhabitants of Uttarakhand or the Pahadi Population, generally earn their living through farming and agricultural activities. Along with this, they keep their traditions and heritage alive by creating quirky and whimsical items like clothing, wall hangings, paintings, artefacts, crafts, handicrafts, food items and so much more to sustain a living. This makes shopping in Devbhoomi a real treat for a shopper and even if you are not a shopper, the teeming market places, warm and welcoming locals and a vibe of positivity in the air will truly leave a lasting mark in your hearts.

The markets and shopping areas in Uttarakhand have a charming vibe of its own which should be experienced during a holiday there. Given below are some of the best places to shop for a lot of stuff and take back home or gift it to someone special:

Shopping in Haridwar

The famous spiritual and religious town of Haridwar which also forms one of the most sacred parts of the 2 of the holiest cities of India along with Rishikesh is a hub for spirituality and yoga in the world. Due to the presence of the holy river Ganga here it is mostly visited by pilgrims and people with a spiritual bent of mind. Here you will mostly find things of spiritual or religious interest like precious and semi-precious stones, jewellery, idols and statues of gods and goddess and Gangaajal which is bought by everyone. Rudraksha Mala is another item which is popular for purchase among the visitors.

Famous Market Places: Moti Bazaar, Bada Bazaar, Jwala Bazaar etc.

Shopping in Dehradun:

Uttarakhand is much more than a beautiful hill station, it offers a fun time for shoppers and people who love to indulge in shopping activities. Dehradun is one such place which has a lot of malls and market places from where not only can you easily shop for various locally produced organic items, but also get your hands on some really good electronic items, cosmetics and clothing attire. Popular items to shop for in Dehradun mainly includes warm shawls, some jewellery, brassware, handicrafts items etc. if you are a shopping fanatic and love to not only go sightseeing but also indulge in shopping experiences then Dehradun in Uttarakhand is the thing to do.

Famous Market Places: Astley Halls, Paltan Bazaar, Tibetan Market etc.

Shopping in Nainital:

Nainital is one place in Uttarakhand where shopping sure is a treat. From the moment you enter Nainital, near the Naini Lake is a huge market place which will definitely be a delightful experience if you happen to even spend a day in Nainital. Some of the most commonly occurring items on sale include things like wooden handloom items, handicrafts stuff made in the traditional manner, stylish bags etc. one must make it a point to visit the market place close to the Naini Devi Temple where you can even bargain freely for getting the best price. Here the shopping is a fun activity since you may even indulge in a delicious food trail of all the delicacies popular in Uttarakhand.

Famous Market Places: Bada Bazar, Tibetan Market, Mall Road, Naini Lake etc.

Shopping in Almora:

It is a little-known fact that Almora is a very quirky little place to go shopping. It is visited by a number of tourists from all over the world on a lookout for some peace and spirituality through yoga and meditation. There are numerous ashrams and meditation centres which have always been the centre for attraction for a lot of explorers. It is understood that in the market places of Almora you will find a number of jewellery of precious and semi – Precious Stones, Handicrafts, Artefacts, Angra Cloth items, Copperware, local and traditionally made items, warm and woollen shawls etc. Apart from this Khadi item which is admired by every tourist is also widely available here.

Famous Market Places: Johri Bazaar, Laal Bazaar, Tamta Market, Mall Road etc.

Shopping in Mussoorie:

Mussoorie is one of the most popular destinations in India for travelling and adventure. It is primarily admired by family vacationers and people going with groups of friends. The colonial feel of this place is still present and coupled with the scenic surroundings it definitely works in enticing the travellers. If you visit Mussoorie without anything you can fill up your whole suitcase by shopping from here. You can buy good quality of woollen clothes here, home décor items, lamps, wooden artefacts, other apparels, jewellery pieces and so much more. Shopping here is a real treat and should definitely be done one evening. Along with the ethereal beauty shopping here is also a unique experience.

Famous Market Places: Library Bazaar, Mall Road, Tibetan Market, Classic Emporium, Library Market etc.

Shopping in Bhimtal:

The lake of Bhimtal is among one of the most visited places to visit during a visit there by everyone. It is especially a great place to relax, observe some peace and solitude and forget the city behind. Although a relatively offbeat destination the place is home to a wonderful selection of market places. There are numerous popular shopping places in Bhimtal which are bound to fill you with amazement and admiration. The markets here are filled with a lot of organic products, impeccable wooden artefacts, handicrafts items and so much more. You can buy these things for yourself and as a souvenir for your loved ones as well.

Famous Market Places: Mall Road, Infinity Mall, Slip Emporium Bhimtal, Tallital Market Place, Capital Shopping Complex etc.

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