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The beautiful and historical Indian state of Gujarat makes for one of the most preferred travel destinations on the western coast. Consisting of not only ancient temples and sacred shrines it is also home to some of the most relaxing beaches and deeply rejuvenating experiences. Throughout the year this ancient kingdom of Lord Krishna remains a hot spot for tourists who come here to witness the jewels it holds that ranges from iconic heritage buildings and the unique Rann Utsav to the biggest statue in the world i.e. statue of unity and so much more. However, before making your way there you must know exactly when to go. This will help you in eliminating any sort of uncertainties and will make your holiday very memorable.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Gujarat?

The most ideal time for you to plan a trip to Gujarat is during the winter months of September to March / April. The landscape here mainly consists of a large dry region accompanied with a limited coastal line which is primarily used for trading purposes. Monsoon months should be avoided at all costs since this is the time when the region remains prone to flooding situations and the random rain showers would definitely cause a hindrance to your plans.

These months of the year is also preferred due to pleasant weather conditions. This is also the time when most of the festivals take place including the iconic and unique festival of Rann Utsav. From the weather to sightseeing on the hill stations of Saputara, the climatic conditions are perfect for travel. This scenic place also serves as the best relief from heat for its neighboring population as well during the scorching summer season.

Seasons in Gujarat:

Summer Season

The months of March to June make for the summer season in Gujarat. During these months the weather is very hot and humid and arid climate. The temperature observed on an average during day time touches 41 to 42 degree Celsius and the temperature after sun down dips to 28 degree Celsius. This is undoubtedly one of the most dry and hot state of India. However, if Gujarat is still on your list for summer vacation then you can choose to holiday in the south of the state since this part remains relatively cooler than the rest of the state. One can even choose to go to the various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries during these months of the year along with visiting the hill station of Saputara for finding respite from the heat wave.

Monsoon Season

The months of June to September form the monsoon months. Because of the terrain and make of the landscape of the state of Gujarat, the rainfall is very varied. As compared to the southern region the northern part remains drier and aridly humid whereas, places like Kutch and Saurashtra receives almost no rainfall. Although during the peak season of monsoon places like Jamnagar, Ahmedabad and Kutch get their fair share of rainfall. The temperature during this time hovers around 35 degree Celsius or lower. Travelling here during this time is not recommended as the region remains susceptible to uncertain and sudden changes in weather. The sea is also rough around this time which means you won’t be able to have a peaceful and relaxing time by the beach and on the other hand you will also face water shortage situations making your trip take a turn for the worse.

Winter Season

October to February or even till April is the most ideal time for a visit here. The weather is pleasant, clear and favorable for travel plans. The temperature remains in between the comfortable range of 12 to 29 degree Celsius. This is also the time when tourist influx is at its maximum and people easily go for sightseeing expeditions around this time consisting of famous places, Heritage Havelis, National Parks, step wells, pilgrimage temples and so much more. The possibilities for travelling during winter season are truly endless. This is also the time of color and vibrancy in Gujarat since most of the major festivals like Rann Utsav and Navratri takes place. One can easily plan their holiday to Gujarat around this time and spend some memorable time and much needed break in peace.

Month – Wise Temperature Breakdown:

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature 15 to 29 18 to 32 21 to 35 25 to 38 28 to 39 28 to 37 27 to 32 26 to 30 25 to 32 23 to 33 18 to 30 17 to 27