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Gujarat is a land dotted with many wondrous tourist destinations. If you want to enjoy a fantastic holiday at Gujarat, you must know thoroughly about the ideal travel season. This article will introduce you to the ‘best time to visit Gujarat’.

Gujarat is located on the west part of India, and experiences a tropical dry climate. Needless to say, the region is mostly dominated by long spells of arid summer months, though it manages to have a share of monsoon and winter respectively. The land is known for its vigor, color, and vibrant lifestyle. But it wouldn’t be wise to choose the summer season to experience Gujarat in its true finery. So, what is the best time to visit Gujarat? Well, Gujarat is a fairly large state with a total area of about 196,024sq km. However, the areas are so disparate and distinct, that the climatic conditions also differ distinctively.

An Overview of the Average Temperatures (season wise) in Gujarat



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Best Time to Visit
The ideal time to take a tour of Gujarat is the winter season commencing from November and extending till February to early March. October is taken as the transition month from the monsoon to the winters. Hence, it is one of the best time to plan a vacation during this month. So, if a visit to Gujarat seems to be on the list, the favorable time to pick is October to March.

Major Attractions:-
During October, Gujarat busies itself in organizing the famed Navaratri, which is an elaborate celebration of Shakti. It continues for a good nine days, wherein colors, food, dance, and frolic are guaranteed.

During November and December, the city is lit in the exuberance of Diwali, the festival of lights, followed by Christmas and New Year bash.

With January, comes up the finest colors of Gujarat. There are ceaseless celebrations and fairs that are organized during this month and some of which also spill into February. The most remarkable occasion to see the beauty of the state is the time of Kite Festival, and Maha Shiv Ratri, when celebrations soar high up in the skies.

Apart from the Winter…
If at all one needs to be in Gujarat at other time of the year, barring the winter, there shouldn’t be much disappointment. This is because, the climatic conditions may not be fair enough, but the reasons are certainly so.

Pouring with monsoons, comes the Monsoon Festival which is an initiative of the state Tourism Department not only to attract tourists during this off-beat part of the year, but also to celebrate the crux of mythology. This festival is organized in the Saputara Forests wherein, according to the legends, Lord Rama spent his years of exile. The occasion is marked with elaborate fun activities.

My be in the Summers…
Though the state of Gujarat remains in the stretches of deserts and coastal areas, the state has to its account a handful of hill stations which can of course provide relief from the scorching heat of the blazing sun and dry deserts. Also, the beaches in the state aren’t at all a bad option to spend the summer holidays.

So, if one is struck by the untimely wanderlust, and the direction is of Gujarat, fear not! The options are ripe and full, the best however being the winter.