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India, as we all know, is a Very diversified land of heritage, cultures, traditions, and beliefs that has managed to coexist in peace through centuries. Every state in India represents one vibrant cuisine or sweet dish which adds flavour to your holiday. Trying out new, locally prepared food items in the place you are visiting is a very unique experience in itself. Gujarat apart from being famous for all the obvious reasons like Gir National Park, Dwarkadheesh Mandir, the statue of unity, the great Rann Of Kutch and so many more attractions is also home to delicious cuisines and treats. Every step of your way, one will be presented with food created with a lot of love, care, and enthusiasm. If the tourist sightseeing locations in Gujarat are the landmarks then the food here is its soul which makes the holidaying here even more wholesome and fulfilling. One can literally taste the Gujaratis culture through its plethora of food items which can be seen from its streets to the best restaurants. Here are some of the foods and cuisines of Gujarat which you must try if you are planning a trip there which would also add a memorable hint to your travel plans:

Top 11 Traditional Food of Gujarat

1. Dhokla

This name should not come as a surprise and is the very first thing people think about when they hear Gujaratis food. Eaten as a breakfast or a healthy evening snack this sweet and sour spongy delicacy is prepared with the help of ground fermented rice and chickpeas that adds the health value to this dish. After steaming the batter it is garnished with fresh springs of coriander, cumin and mustard seeds and green and sweet chutney. A sub-genre of this dish is the famous Khaman Dhokla which is made entirely out of gram flour and looks much yellower and comes out a lot fluffier as compared to the regular Dhokla.

2. Khakra

This crunchy snack which looks like a north Indian Papad is not just a delicious thing to eat between meals and with tea but also makes for the perfect light breakfast option for Gujaratis. Gujarati people are popular for having their very own hand made Gujaratis Khakra recipes in every home. One can have this with either yogurt, chutney, spicy pickle or some other dip of your preference. There are numerous different flavours available for Khakra ranging from Methi to Pudina and Jeera which adds a tone of a spicy twist to this delicious snack. You may even try out this dish in between meals if you don’t want to disturb your appetite.

3. Thepla

One must be familiar with this deliciously healthy version of a simple flatbread which the Gujaratis enjoy every day as an important breakfast item. Just like most of the other cuisines of Gujarat, Thepla also comprises items like gram flour, wheat flour, spices, etc. while some people also choose to add a unique flavour by adding Dudhi and Methi. Although concentrated in this region Thepla can be found anywhere in India through different names and is best enjoyed accompanied with a spicy chutney, pickle, curd and other such accompaniments. This spicy healthy treat is easy to make and delicious in taste.

4. Undhiyu

This beautiful dish which is created through a mingling of different healthy ingredients and flavours is one of the much loved and probably the landmark dishes of Gujarat. Finding its origin in the city of Surat this food item is made out of a combination of different vegetables like Brinjals, unripe bananas, peas, potatoes, green beans and even yam which is cooked to perfection along with a host of different authentic spices. People not only savour this special Gujaratis dish during the time of weddings but also savour it around the time of the famous kite festival or Uttarayan. A defining feature of this winter special dish is the usage of palm sugar which gives it a sweet twist.

5. Gujaratis Kadhi

Kadhi Chawal is not only a popular north Indian food item but also makes for one of the most loved lunch meals in Gujarat as well. The buttermilk, gram flour, and yogurt together create a flavourful symphony of sour flavour which leaves a mark in your heart. Served hot, and very simple to prepare this delicacy can be eaten with steaming hot white rice and Rotis. Along with delicious, this dish is also used a medicinal purpose along for curing sore throat and fever. This meal can be found everywhere easily across the state of Gujarat and the spices that add flavour to it are hind, red and green chillies and even chopped ginger and mustard seeds.

6. Jalebi and Fafda

This combination of delicious crispy Fafda with sweet and crispy Jalebi is every Gujaratis family’s most beloved Sunday morning breakfast. While Fafda is a crunchy, chickpea flour snack on the other hand Jalebi, as we all know, is a circular sweet, crunchy deep-fried delicacy which is dipped in syrup before serving it hot. The combination of both these dishes creates the perfect blend of sweet, savoury and crunchy which can be savoured in every corner of this beautiful state. This delicious duo is served in different parts and in almost every nook and cranny of the state where one can spot never-ending lines, especially during holidays. Your visit to Gujarat remains incomplete if you fail to try out these delicious treats.

7. Lilva Kachori

Rainy day is the perfect time to have some delicious onion Pakoda and a steaming hot cup of chai. However, in Gujarat this snack is replaced by a crunchy Kachori which is filled up with delicious peas and Toor along with chillies, ginger, Hing and then finally deep-frying it. Eating it right out of the stove is the best way of savouring it and of course, it tastes the best with a freshly prepared green or coriander chutney. This crispy delicacy is best savoured immediately after preparation. Consumed the best with green coriander chutney and other such freshly prepared dips Lilva Kachori is something which every Gujarat tourist must try.

8. Handvo

On first looks this delicacy looks like a typical cake however this cake-like dish is savoury in nature and unlike a cake, it is prepared in a pressure cooker. The batter for this cuisine is prepared with the help of various lentils and rice which is fermented overnight. A seasoning of sesame seeds is then sprinkled after its preparation to add a different flavour. The best part is that this dish is deep-fried and is packed with healthy nutrients and can be enjoyed with tangy chutneys and dips accompanied with a hot cup of chai or coffee. Famous as the one-pan dish in various local Gujaratis households on a daily basis.

9. Sev Tameta Nu Shaak

This simple gravy free combination of sweet, tangy, spicy and salty combination of tomatoes and Sev and makes for the perfect snack dish. Cooked via the steam method this particular Gujaratis snack is especially famous for its texture, colour and of course the crunchy texture which is often relished with Parathas, Theplas, and humble Rotis or Phulkas. Often combined with the north Indian simple Chaat recipe this particular Gujaratis dish also includes small diced tomatoes and sautéed onions to make it more flavourful and healthier at the same time. A great addition to the rainy evenings and when the guests come over. Although a small dish it is fulfilling because of all the nutritional ingredients that goes into its making.

10. Khichu

Initially this particular dish was just a dough which was once utilised for creating Khichiya Papads and later on with time it eventually developed as an independent dish which is now loved and adored by Gujaratis all over the world. Found in various stalls across the state especially during the auspicious days of Navratri this dish is prepared out of rice flour which is added to boiling water combined with spicy flavours like chillies, cumin and sesame seeds which is finally steamed and garnished with delicious groundnut oil. This is a very commonly prepared dish which is extremely wholesome in nature and fills up your stomach. This is a warm dish mostly savoured during the cold winter days.

11. Gota

Pakodas are the heart of any Indian cuisine which are usually a much-loved rainy-day delicacy. Every state here in India has their very own version and style of Pakoras and Gota is the Gujaratis version of this famous snack. These delicious snacks are made out of gram flour which is combined with fenugreek leaves and salt and some water to create a batter which contains a tangy flavour. Created especially during the fun festival of Holi, this traditional Gota dish is very soft and delicious in texture that goes best with sweet or tangy chutney made out of dates and tamarind. If you like to indulge in some delicious flavours and still keep up with your appetite Gota is definitely the mid-meal snack for you.