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Gujarat is famous for having a very distinctive sense of style and fashion which involves colorful and bright Colours, Mirror work, and bright bold shades. Shopping in Gujarat can be the best way to experience the rich heritage which is contained in this whimsical tourist destination. This westernmost place is already a jewel for explorers and travelers with the presence of exquisite step wells, the highest statue in the world, the Great Rann Of Kutch – the center stage for hosting Rann Utsav and of course the spiritual centers of Somnath and Dwarkadheesh Temples and so much more. It is a wonderful mosaic of fun experiences which guarantees a soulful and an extremely fulfilling time which will prove to be helpful in your inner spiritual quest.

Even if you are not a shopaholic the variety of shopping items and souvenirs that you may get from here is impeccable. Here are a few places to fulfill all your shopping desires and shop till you drop while also getting to know the culture of this interesting place:

Shopping Places to Visit in Gujarat

1. Darbargadh

If you are interested in exploring the more traditional and cultural side of Gujarat then going on a shopping spree to this marketplace is a must. One can make a trip here to buy some traditional dress materials, Chaniya Cholis for Navratri, Sarees and other aesthetic accessories. People can also find good quality of traditional Gujaratis Dresses and lehengas at the most reasonable rates which will not require bargaining also. Other than clothing it is also a popular market place to shop for woodcraft and other such handicraft items which is also popular in market places of Surat and Kutch.

2. Sindhi Market

This is undoubtedly another one of the most popular marketing places in Gujarat. Displaying for sale a variety of Sarees, bedsheets, traditional and religious items, and even dress materials. Gujarat is famous for its thriving textile industries so the dress materials present here are very cheaply priced and a dream for everyone who loves to shop. Everything for your daily use can be easily purchased from a line of shops here making it a vital place for not only tourists but for local residents as well. One gets to see a whole picture of Gujarat and what kind of art it stands for which is filled with a variety of colors.

3. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is one shopping destination that caters to all types of shoppers and travelers. if you happen to check out this place early in the morning then you will be greeted with fresh vegetables and fruits on sale and all these freshly picked produce will be available at very cheap prices. It is also a hub for jewelry stores with lines and lanes of small and big shops dedicated to gold and silver jewelry among others. These items are usually very chunky and flashy which is a statement art and style of Gujarat. You will get to choose from a variety of shapes, colors and patterns which you will love and admire.

4. Lal Darwaja Market

If it is electronic goods you wish to shop for then this busy and crowded city center is the best place to do that. Widely available are cheap electronic goods and clothing items like dress materials and traditional wear. You can buy stuff like footwear, children’s clothing items, books, wallets and almost everything of various varieties. You may even find things here which will prove to be very useful for you in household works as well. One can easily shop here for a full day due to the presence of numerous food stalls serving delicious food and snacks. By evening this market place transforms into a lively fair like scenario giving you the opportunity to fulfill all your shopping needs.

5. Raipur Gate

Gujarat offers a multitude of opportunities for you to shop your heart out. At Raipur gate, you will be welcomed with throngs of shops selling a variety of intricate articles perfect to add some vibrancy and color at your home. You can also choose to shop at various malls and shopping centers available here for all sorts of different items. This place is also very famous for its traditional Gujaratis food items like Dhokla, Khandvi, Farsan, a plethora of vegetarian kebabs, etc. this is a wholesome way to spend your day with your loved ones i.e. by shopping and eating. Raipur gate has recently garnered a lot of attention for this reason in the recent past.

6. Law Garden

If it is shopping in Gujarat we are talking about then the conversation will remain incomplete without a mention about the famous law garden. The streets here visibly and very vibrantly bustle with a number of shopkeepers and vendors making it an irresistible place for tourists and travelers. the entire market is filled with a variety of jewelry items, accessories, and dresses for everyone at the cheapest available rates. The most unique part about this market is that it remains open till midnight. A real paradise for handbag collectors, Saree lovers and even whimsical and quirky wall hanging collectors. Where else in India can you shop till wee hours, truly a one of a kind experience.

7. Ramakda Market

Situated in Ahmedabad this market is the perfect place to visit especially if you are traveling with little kids. Although a lot of kids don’t like to go shopping they definitely will have a field day here shopping for a variety of toys since the entire market is flooded with them. Also available are some women’s accessories but mostly consisting of a variety of toys to choose from. One can also pick wooden toys, painted colorful Dandiyas, Christmas trees, Diwali lights and literally anything that sparks joy in your life. Give your kids the kind of shopping they deserve while also indulging in a memorable shopping expedition yourself.