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Gujarat is a destination where a traveler will get to experience a kaleidoscope of places and activities. An ideal place to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones while watching the authentic traditional Gujarati culture at ran of Kutch or going on a thrilling jeep safari ride to the only home of the unique breed of Asiatic lions. Learn more about the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi or have a spiritual of your own by visiting the holy pilgrimage temples of Somnath Jyotirlinga and Dwarkadhish. For everyone who appreciates an offbeat travel Gujarat offers the island of Diu and the first-ever marine national park of India and of course the architectural marvel showcased in its Stepwells. There is so much more to do here other than the ones mentioned in any list, go there to find out for yourself the treasures it holds.

Mentioned below are a set of travel tips to ease your holiday in Gujarat:

Travel Tips to Gujarat

How to Reach

Gujarat, being one of the most popular holiday destinations and a metropolitan centre of trade and textile manufacture is well connected with a network of various modes of transportation which include:

By Road: State-run local buses connect a number of different cities and villages to each other. To reach Ahmedabad one can get local buses from Vadodara, Bhuj, Porbandar, Gandhinagar, etc. one can easily reach Ahmedabad from Bhuj for a matter of 6 hours and 4 hours from Vadodara. The bus tickets are nominal and people can even choose to get your own car for rent from Ahmedabad or by contacting a car rental company. Gujarat makes for a very good option to go on a fun road trip for nearby cities and these roads are very smooth and well maintained.

By Train: Trains also ply in different places around Gujarat whose information can be seen on the IRCTC official website. From outside Gujarat, the trains cater to a plethora of cities going into different parts of India. People can come to Gujarat easily via a train journey and travel in locally available options.

By Air: Gujarat has a whopping number of 17 different airports all across the state. There are numerous airline companies connecting to different parts of the country to Gujarat. Located in Ahmedabad is the International Airport of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport. Other airports include Surat Airport, Kandla Airport, Vadodara Airport, Keshod Airport, Deesa Airport, etc. you can choose where you wish to travel and see the nearest airport to that place.

What and Where to Eat in Gujarat

Just like everywhere in India, the state of Gujarat has a very different type of food availability. Here are some tips for food availability in Gujarat:

There are numerous restaurants and eating joints available for different ranges of price. To be on the safest side opt for a Gujaratis Thali which is very fulfilling and available at the cheapest rates while giving you the real taste of Gujarat.

  • Street food available here is very safe to eat and is worth it. Available at an extremely reasonable rate these street foods like Dabeli, Khandwa, Vada Pav, etc. should definitely be tried.
  • One can easily avoid eating at very high ends restaurants since their prices will be exponentially high. Whereas exploring the local eateries will give you fulfilling meals at the most reasonable rates.

These are a few things one must take care of while travelling in Gujarat.

Where to Stay In Gujarat?

Being one of the major hubs for tourism Gujarat caters to people from all segments of life.

  • You can choose to stay at a place which suits your budget best ranging from resorts to luxury stay at hotels.
  • Dorm room facilities are also easily available at good hotels at a very nominal charge. Check out the online hotel booking online portals.
  • Guesthouses are also available in large numbers in Bhuj due to its location being close to the Great Rann of Kutch. The royal guest house offers good private rooms at good prices.

One can easily go there an book a hotel or do it online before going for a holiday in Gujarat.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • One must visit Gujarat during the favourable pleasant season which lasts from September to April. The months from May to August is not favorable due to unbearable heat and rainfall which may prove to foil your plans of sightseeing.
  • Carry a medical kit with tablets and medication for headaches, stomach upset, motion sickness, anti-fever, etc. glucose powder is a must addition in your medical kit along with Dettol, bandages, band-aids, and cotton.
  • In case of clothing remember that Gujarat is a very traditional place where you should respect the local tradition so do not wear anything inappropriate. You can wear jeans, T-Shirt, long skirts, Kurtas, tops, etc.
  • Since most of the sightseeing in Gujarat is to be done on foot and cover a lot of area on foot remembers to wear a good pair of quality walking shoes. This will make it easier and long-lasting for you to go the distance.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer, sunscreen, body spray, tissues, etc. with you since you may never know when you will need it.
  • While hiring a guide for some sightseeing make sure to check the identity card of the guide in question to confirm if he is an authorized person for this purpose. Better yet, ask for guide recommendations at your hotel reception.
  • Carry all the important documentation of your valid identity proof like Aadhaar Card, voter ID card or a passport since your hotel will require to see your identification.
  • Instead of a package choose to book for local experiences for a much more authentic time in Gujarat. Have a closer look at the traditional life and cultural heritage of Gujarat.

By following all these rules and tips mentioned above a safe, secure and a memorable fun trip of Gujarat will be guaranteed.