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Kedarnath which is the second one Dham in Uttarakhand or you also can say in India where the number of visitors comes from across the world. Because of its fame the numbers of hotels are running for the visitors with the all facility. There are more than a few hotels in Kedarnath to decide from in Kedarnath. If you are searching for inexpensive hotels, are on budget hotels in Kedarnath or want to expend your holiday in a fashion way with some luxury deluxe Kedarnath hotels, and then there have the right lodging to serve up your needs. There are a variety of hotels in Kedarnath which choice from comfort hotels, average range hotels to financial system and budget ones. You can also find visitors houses, Dharamshala and Ashrams in Kedarnath. Most of the hotels are situated within simple arrive at to the foremost city center and are simply available. Well-liked pleasure trip are also close by the local temple of Kedarnath. Although you may not found very comfortable food and accommodation this destination is release for only 6 months.

Best Hotels to Stay in Kedarnath

1. Hotel Bikaner House

Hotel Bikaner House which is situated in Kedarnath that provides a cushion of superior relieve for tourists to the sacred place. This superior hotel gives to guests with an eventual stay familiarity, its mean you can say both in the way of extravagance and ease. It features state-of-the-art amenities for vacationer. Visitors prefer the hotel for the perfect service it carry and the world-class facilities that it presents. Right stylishly preferred visitor’s rooms, the hotel is next to not a bit.

2. Hotel Himachal House

Himachal House, which is placed in Kedarnath, is a superb hotel which is just 500 Km far from the temple where you can easily reach by trekking. This hotel president room with all modern facilities where you will get clean and fresh room with keep in mind about hygiene with attached bathroom where supply the both types of water hot and cold in 24 hr. Besides it they provide T.V with cable connection, Telephone and well linen for comfort and Electricity back-up.

3. Hotel Marwad House

Hotel Marwad house is a standard hotel among the all which is located near the temple which gives the visitors all kind of comfort with all facilities also its come under the budget. There room servicing sounds are just like your home where you get all facilities. They offer two and four seated room which is depend on visitors that which one they have to choose, and of course bathroom also attached with these rooms. The charges are very fair where you will get 24hrs room’s service, electricity support.

4. Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas

Punjab Sindh Awas is also a best hotel in Kedarnath that are the most relaxed and significance hanging about hotel. The rooms have homely spirit. There are two types of rooms class one is double and another is four seated room. All of rooms have bathrooms. The costs are tremendously reasonable where they provide you 24hrs room’s service, electricity backup.

5. Hotel Agarwal House

Agarwal House is breathtaking place to stopover here in the religious location of Kedarnath. This is an awfully low-cost up till now homely hotel with all the essential facilities for a relaxed hanging about. The hotel has rooms with attached bath with the supply of 24hr water. These hotel have 20 rooms which is made with all facilities for a family visitor can choose 2 seated room and for large or can say a group of visitors can choose 4 seated room. This hotel is generally chosen by visitors because of its location which is very near to temple. This is the best selection for those roaming on permanent budget.

6. Hotel Agra Bhawan

Agra Bhawan which is easily found in the holy place of Kedarnath. This hotel comes under the budget that provides all the comforts necessary for a relaxed keeping on. The rooms are very fresh and neat with beds and attached bath with 24hr water facilities. There is an alternative for double bed as well as 4 bed rooms. If we talking about its total room then this hotel have 25 rooms and each and every room give you outstanding view of the natural world. This hotel is shingle casual from the temple. The hotel employees are very polite and helpful.

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