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Kedarnath Dham – A Spiritual Awakening

Located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand this ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is known for being one of the most spiritual abodes dedicated to the lord. Every Shaivite and devout Hindu makes it a point to visit this temple at least once in their lifetime. The journey to the temple will take you across some of the most enchanting valleys and trails through the lush greenery of the mountain. Visiting Kedarnath will make you come in contact with the deep inescapable spirituality and devotion that encapsulates this entire region. There are numerous legends and stories’ surrounding the creation of Kedarnath Dham and Kedarnath has also found its mention in various holy Hindu books making it incredibly holy for the Hindu population. The temple was reestablished in the 8th century by Adi Shankaracharya in an attempt to reawaken the spirit of Hinduism across the nation.

If you are planning on visiting the holy Kedarnath Dham then the vital thing is to know when to visit, given below is the month – wise weather details for Kedarnath Dham which will help you in planning your trip in a better manner:

Month – Wise Kedarnath Weather

January – The weather remains freezing cold with snowfall and the maximum temperature goes 0 degree Celsius. The minimum temperature goes below zero during this time.

February – The weather does not change during this month accompanied with heavy and regular snowfalls. This month is also not suitable for tourist activities.

March – The snowfall stops but not completely during this month. The overall weather still remains extremely cold and freezing. To guarantee comfortable stay you will still require good quality winter wear.

April – The beginning of this month still experience relatively colder and freezing days as well as night. By the end of the month the temperature starts to gradually rise marking the oncoming of the changing weather but still snow can still be found on the ground.

May – Summer months completely set in and all the snow completely melts away by this month with the maximum temperature hitting 14 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature going to as low as 5 to 4 degree Celsius. This is considered to be the best time to visit.

June – The maximum temperature during this month goes up till 18 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature here goes down to as low as 9 degree Celsius. The overall weather becomes, warmer, comfortable and more pleasant to make your journey to the Dham.

July – The maximum temperature here during this time goes till 18 to 19 degree Celsius and minimum temperature recorded during this time is 10 degree Celsius. This is the warmest month of the year in Kedarnath and rain lashes down causing disruption. Tourist activities are to be avoided during this month.

August – Rains are persistent during this time of the month with the maximum temperature going till 18 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature going 10 degree Celsius. The region is encapsulated in a cool breeze and there are some random showers that take place. During this month also tourist activities should also be avoided.

September – The rainfall gradually decreases during this time and the maximum temperature during this month touches 15 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature can go to as low as 8 degree Celsius. The overall climate remains somewhat cold and people can continue on with their tourist activities and pilgrimage Yatra.

October – the temperature during this time goes back to being cool and freezing with the maximum temperature touching 12 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature goes down to 5 degree Celsius. The wind turns cold making Yatra journey extremely difficult.

November – The overall temperature of the region falls increasingly and the maximum temperature during this time falls to 4 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature goes to as low as 0 degree Celsius and even lower. The temple Kapat shuts down for Darshan for tourists and the idol of the presiding deity is shifted to Ukhimath.

December – The entire region remains blanketed in a thick blanket of snow and the climatic conditions are extremely in hospitable and not worthy of travelling. The temple also gets completely covered in snow.

Season – Wise Weather Condition

Summer Season – The summer months in Kedarnath lasts from April end to Mid – July, which is considered to be the best time to visit Kedarnath.

Monsoon Season – The rainy season lasts from mid – July to September beginning. Traveling is not advised for the said months since the entire region remains encapsulated in unexpected landslides and torrential rains.

Winter Season – Kedarnath Dham remains shut down during the prime winter months from late November to March. You can also visit the temple until the time it closes during the month of early November.

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